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Comment posted by Shrek the Ogre deleted Dec 11th, 2012

Whoops. Dammit. Yes, I can explain. Will I? Nope.

More like RAPE the spoils!:pinkiecrazy:

It is an anagram. And since the title has to be safe for work... I got all clever.

Sup Reg.

1782656 Titles don't have to be SFW... especially not mature stories which would only be viewed by people who were prepared for this.

Oh really? This is news to me. Well... I'm still not changing the name. I want to still live under the illusion that I am clever.

Alt. Title: Rape The Useless

That's not a fun name.

OK, I mean "useless" as in Sombra and I had no idea this was a rape-fic until AFTER I read the description. So there's my explanation.

Nice start so far. I wanna see all of the Mane 6 and Cadance get raped and knocked up by Sombra

Only in fanfiction, can you say that without getting destroyed.

Awesome clopfic, do want moar raep and tortures!
And, btw, i think Shining Armor must be tortured to death. In front of the Princess Cadence, yeah.

1787202 no bad idea! :flutterrage:....... :twilightblush: sorry but i think cadence should be raped in frount of shining armor :moustache:

Maybe dear Author somehow combine our... ideas :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


I like this. Make sure there's plenty of anal. Surprise buttsecks is the shit.

Noted. This is my first clop fic. At least I'm getting somewhere.

Wow, finally a King Sombra clop fic. And it was amazing

Will there be a new chapter :pinkiehappy:

Is that the right phrasing? xD

Is amazing the right word?

So what is the heir's name going to be?

Well, I'm curious what happens next. Will follow for now.

1788511 Hmmmmm.... I wonder.......... Please if you get this person who wrote this story conbine our ideas and put it in

Fucked if I know what his name is going to be. Those ideas are interesting to say the least. I will keep them in mind.

Very very good!


Very GOOD!


The hell is that sign thingy?

Wow, that's... pretty fucking dark. I'm interested, though.

Very well written. You can take this plot in so many directions from this point...


아주좋아! = VERY GOOD! in korean language.

This made me think of a fanfic idea with the whole family of elements thing, kinda like a Greek/Roman myths where the six children defeat their evil father like how Zeus and the gods defeated cronos

Sombra sure did. Get it?


AHA HA HA! :moustache:

I see what you did there. :coolphoto:

Don't read it Flan.

I won't!
It looks scary and stuff :fluttercry:

Only one word i have on my mind : MORE

This is incredibly dark.........keep going.

Also appropriate song is appropriate:

you have passed the barely evil enough for my tastes thou continue thy story

Please don't have the other's get raped and impregnated. Twilight agreed to do it so that the rest of her friends wouldn't get raped too.

You write dialogue incorrectly.

...Imagine that, my own family of Elements.” He said

You write it like that, but it's 'sposed to be:
Imagine that, my own family of Elements,” he said.

Dialogue always trips me up. Thank you.

Dark indeed, but bucking awesome!

Faving to see how you handle everypony's mental health degrading, etc. Should be fun!

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