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This story is a sequel to Imperfect

After Sweetie Bell is accidentally hurt by a strange object in Whitetail Wood. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo begin to investigate on there own, despite Applejack's repeated warnings to leave it alone.

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Okay....they've come across whatever happened at the end of 'Imperfect' and, since they're innocent children who belong to an isolationist culture, have no idea what happened or what sort of threat Nightshadow represents. Heck, I bet they don't even know that someone used the guilt the possibility of their deaths instilled/is instilling/will instill in somepony as a means of controlling her.

I'd wondered when these three might start to realize why their relatives fear the outside world they are kept from knowing about; too bad for all concerned that, just as 19th century America couldn't keep it out forever, Equestria has got to accept entangling alliances and be part of the real world.

The CMC's need to not believe that having a brand that defines what they can be is, while typical of them, probably going to be the last thing on their minds after the end of this; while "Imperfect" showed them as being unaware of the big picture, the mess created by the ending of the last story in the series will possibly open their eyes a little.

Would I be wrong to assume that second unit of South Islanders heading towards the Everfree might just be the kangaroos indirectly responsible for the fire that's about to happen?


Nah mate, the fire in Everfree already happened. It was started by the No. 38 commando when they burned their glider. Which drove the Grey Smoke out into Ponyville. But it was different from how Rainbow Dash remembered it. It wasn't the same time that The Doctor and Derpy saw after a trip in the Tardis.

So basically something happened to change it.


Owing, of course, to the wibbly-wobble that is timey-wimeyness. After all, I haven't a clue as to what became of Vinyl Scratch after Imperfect wrapped up so her appearance in the flashforwards might be as true to what will happen as the fate of these three children.

- Interesting that they share not knowing who God is with the rest of ponykind.

- More interesting still that their readiness to lie horrifies a soldier.

- Most interesting that Sweetie Belle has become more or less Gregory House.

Ahh....so that's what happened to Willoughby and Vinyl Scratch; they were pinned down by the opposition; while I'm relieved to see them, the fear that RD and Derpy will have to destroy the weather control engines more or less when she foresaw is still with me.

Also good call on the chat on gun safety; they've learned the hard way to not point a firearm at anything that they are not willing to destroy.

- Well, if seeing a minor scuffle in a larger war didn't do the 'scourging them out of Eden' trick, talking to one of the Trio will certainly do for the two remaining members of the CMC.

hmmm ,could it be that Doctor Nightcaller "healing" them they decide to camp out the night they are supposed to die... :fluttershysad:


Nah, the CMCs decided that they were going to camp out practically every night when Winter was over. Nightcaller or anything else like him won't kill anypony without a damned good reason, because they need ponies alive to feed of their basic emotions. Nightcaller and his brothers are the living embodiment of Chaos. Well there can be no chaos if everypony is dead.


- It's probably also why whoever sabotaged that parcel way back in "The Kindness of Strangers" only packed in enough explosives to wound Derpy and not kill her outright and why the Sugarcube Corner blast only put the Mane Six in hospital for a while. After all, none of them are of no use to him (or them) dead.


Pretty much, Overdrive's magical bomb was meant to create a little chaos so that he could put himself in a position of authority as Baron of Ponyville.

Sugarcube Corner on the otherhoof was destroyed by Pinkie Pie when she turned on the half finished Tesla coils. They overloaded and sent the place up.

...ok, I call Fridge Logic. Where the buck is Spike, and why hasn't Twi and Dash told the Princess about the Nightmare Tripplets yet? :twilightoops:


Sid: He makes an excellent point!

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