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This story is a sequel to Paradiso

Vinyl Scratch a successful Unicorn DJ from Manehattan, however this hasn't always been the case. Vinyl laments on her past, while in the mean time, a Dark force begins to move in the heart of Everfree Forest.

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Why do I feel as if Vinyl's history will somehow or other find a parallel with whatever the South Islanders are doing in the Everfree?

I wonder what exactly it is that No. 38/42 Commando are commenting on; they already know about the tank crew so it could be a little something that the Gryphons are about to put into play.

That being said, it still seems as if Vinyl Scratch's past will somehow affect the outcome of whatever is about to happen.

took me a long time now but i realize what is wrong with all this.

Twilight not telling the Princess anything about this new kangaroos ,black ops landing in the middle of Equestria ,near the Capital.

That would be something like a declaration of war if not sanctioned by Equestria.

Plus them getting Equestria involved in the damn war they dont want to be part of.


Indeed it would be. Fortunately for 38/42, the number of ponies that know about them is limited to Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Vinyl Scratch.

Cutting may have talked to Applejack, but she couldn't tell the difference between him and Tebbs.

No. 38 came to investigate the possibility of Gryphons running around in Equestria, and report back to command with a recommendation about what to do about it. Well. Cutting, Willoughby, Vinyl, and the CMCs proved that the possibility was reality...

Okay, now.....Pinkie Pie has issues to work out (and I hope that she does), Vinyl's past might be coming back to haunt her and 38/42 Commando might be about to do something that will come back to haunt everyone.

And the war that one or more of the Entities want is pretty much a sure thing, isn't it? It might not happen exactly as it did in "Imperfect" but it does seem to be about to happen.

And now we're getting to the root of the problem: Equestria is run by a load-bearing boss. If something happens to her, her arrogant refusal to let her little ponies know about the real world will more or less guarantee their extermination; since the other entities need their emotions to feed off of, they're taking steps to undo the damage she's done.

The "record" ain't the only thing that's broken here; somepony is awfully down on herself for a questionable reason. I myself tend to suspect that what Pinkamena really fears is that Vinyl is right; were she to end up being loved and respected for who she really is, having to pretend to be upbeat and childlike all those years is going seem like as big a waste of time as someone else's spending years with a monkey on her back.


AJ's inability to tell kangaroos apart is yet another symptom of her living in an isolationist society; were things so constructed as to allow for entangling alliances and a free and open exchange of ideas and people, she might do better at transracial facial recognition.


It's merely because the ponies of Equestria are unfamiliar with kangaroos, so they all look the same, they suffer from a slight case of xenophobia, as evident of their attitude towards Zecora.

Kangaroos however, are not unfamiliar with ponies for other other reason.

So Twi managed to get Celestia to actually admit that there's an outside world to be treated with; given that she has no idea that Luna isn't really crazy, I'm not sure that this is a positive thing.

As for Vinyl Scratch, she seems to be selling herself short because she has no idea of the hell Pinkie went through and how similar they are in not forgiving themselves.


You do need to consider, however, that Celestia, Luna, Overdrive, and the Siblings Nightmare are all on the same level.

As for Vinyl, she's quite perceptive while sober. It's clear that Pinkie Pie is in pain. She knows from experience what that is like. All she wants is to be the good friend to make up for her past.

Things do seem to be shaping up the same way they did in "Imperfect", don't they? We have Twi, Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch on the one hoof, AJ, Rarity and Fluttershy on the other and Pinkamena as an X factor. I just hope that the Trio have decide that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are of more use to them alive in the real time line. I also hope that Luna convinces them that she's not as insane as she looks and acts; that's because I fear that she might 'accidentally' be made to touch off the war.


I do remember that the other four entities refer to the sisters as 'Sun' and 'Moon'; I also know I'll have to wait to see exactly what they get out of keeping the ponies isolated from the outside world.


Luna has been tortured by the Siblings Nightmare for the last five month, how sane is she is the question you need to be asking.

The answer would seem to be not very sane at all any longer. Since it looks to me that the Trio need to have the sisters at odds and since the older one seems to be putty in their hooves, they might just get that war they want after all.

So now we have a better idea of why Sun is keeping her children 'safe': that hyperdeveloped mother instinct I keep talking about. We also know that Equestria is about the only major power locked in the global war that the Gryphons and kangaroos are fighting. As for the Kazaki, would THEY be who you're talking about when you said that the CSI are familiar with ponykind? I know that they have ponies as citizens but am not sure where they're from.

Damn you Twilight!!!!

Wibbly Wobbly indeed, the events maybe stay the same or similar but the outcome and cause can be different.

Love how this is a big project by now.


No. While the Cossacks are Ponies, they're not the only other pony civilisation in the world. Think back to the book that Sergeant Tebbs gave to Twilight at the end of Tomorrow is Always a New Day. A Complete History of the Kingdom of United Welara, 1170 SE Edition.

Take into consideration the Iorn Hoof of Cromwell, which is the cruiser tank parked in the Everfree forest. During The Kindness of Strangers, Princess Celestia made an offhoof reference to an Oberlander Cromwell.

The tank, the book, and Oberlander Cromwell are all related to Equestria in some way. I'll say no more than that.


Indeed. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that what I have written is longer than Antipodes and Fallout: Equestria put together. :derpyderp2:

And written in half the time too. I have an unhealthy obsession :pinkiehappy:


That is not to say that I'm bashing PK and Kkat's work ethic. I just happen to spend all my free time writing.


Don't worry, I spend all my free time thinking of things a want to write a fanfic about and never doing it.

I get the picture....mind you, Luna's offhand reference to the branch of pony civilization she and Celestia supervise being the one that invented gunpowder helps paint it, if you'll pardon my stretching an analogy.

Well, at least one Entity with the will to dare and to do is looking out for the ponies of Equestria; after all, they're of no use to her dead. I have no idea why Sun is so passive and otherworldly but it's not doing her subjects much good. The Gryphons would have been goaded by their Hitler-like leader to attack anyway but at least this way, Equestria can fight back.

Were a kangaroo version of NCIS's Jethro Gibbs present when Big Mac said 'something' had gotten into Applejack, his response would have to be "Ya think?"; I don't how her trying to get everypony to hide like frightened foals benefits the Entity (or Entities) controlling her but it doesn't benefit her much. Also, I respect Trixie's decision to not tell any of the Mane Six what's actually wrong with her; she doesn't want or need their pity.


The Siblings Nightmare aren't so much controlling Applejack, so much as they're influencing her way of thinking into putting her at odds with Twilight Sparkle. The idea that they should be hiding comes from Applejack herself, not wanting to get involved with the trouble that the Kangaroos of South Island brought with them.

Which stems, I should think, from the same innate xenophobia that made her panic like an idiot when she first met Zecora. I've noticed that most Equestrians tend to be isolationists and wary of change (mostly by Sun's design and partially due to the equine instinct to flee danger) but AJ takes it to a bit of an extreme. Said terror of the unfamiliar is something the Trio can exploit to their advantage.

Well, if Twilight thought that this needed cleaning up after, she should wait until they're properly at war with the Gryphons; the mess that'll make will make this minor tank battle look like a gymkhana.

Oh, my.....that does explain a lot about Scootaloo, come to think of it.

omg poor scootaloo :scootangel:

You sir have quickly risen to the top of my favorite story artists on here. I say artist because you have crafted a masterpiece that I would have sorely loved to see brought to the screen and you have made an epic Vinyl Scratch. She has a back story that has believable strife, character with flaws and strengths that flow with her and just overall... Speechless. I do hope that you keep crafting this alternate Sliders dimension of ponies unheeded by the actual canon. Just keep at it, you could easily turn this into a full fledged novel at this rate, I believe you already have enough pages for a complete book. If ever there were a way to do this like Lucas has handled Star Wars I would buy your book in a heartbeat.


Thank you! Vinyl Scratch is my favourite to write about, and she'd be my favourite pony if she appeared in the show for longer than six seconds.

As for continuity, this series is nearing the end.

FINALLY we find out where Spike vanished to. ...oddly, I don't remember a dragon attacking Ponyville. Did I skim over a chapter by mistake? :rainbowhuh:


It's talking about the dragon that killed Monty Ulan during his first death.

Oh, right. :facehoof: This is what I get for binge reading. Some of the details begin to bleed together.

17451 it was in "the kindness of strangers" it killed monty (the first time he died) and that's how overdrive was freed.

this chapter started out as vinyl and pinkie, then filly vinyl, then the kangaroos. it got a little confusing.

I love how you make Vinyl! As one of my first comment on i think the first chapter of the first book with the whole not capturing characters well, well... you're doing a great job! even with the background ponies who we dont actually know a lot about. You make their back stories really believable. Not just some random tragic thing that happened to them. This is an amazing story.


And This is where we can draw the parallels to US isolationism before WWII, with the notable exception of FDR supporting the idea of war. :derpytongue2:

Dreams of beatings... :pinkiecrazy:

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