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This story is a sequel to The Long Road Home

A certain pony wakes up in Whitetail Wood, and discovers memories of another life, she struggles to understand the how and why of it all, fortunately, a certain Princess of the Night takes notice and helps her to discover the truth.

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Oh god.
My brain is so full of wtf right nwo

I think "Eternity" is something Vinyl is going to be intimately acquainted with fairly soon.......

I. She. Wat
Just Wat

Hell yes afterlife of Scratch and Dash. This legitimately brought a smile to my face right after consigning to this story being a tragedy. I am happy with this outcome I think.

wow 2 chapters without anyone dieing or something bad happening?

the end will be a killer then :pinkiecrazy:

Remember when Monty told her that the bomb would be a second chance for everypony? Either we're in the afterlife or the bomb had a wibble-wobbly warhead of timey-wimey stuff. :pinkiesmile:

i have no idea whats going on XD

:fluttershbad: GAH!! Not Surprise!!!

Starting to think this might be that second chance Monty referred to...



Ah goddamnit XD Right when I was getting ready for a saccharine sweet ending. I didn't really expect it to actually be roses and sweets but I can safely say I didn't expect a SURPRISE! Or maybe I did, she is too fun to write out like last chapter.


That's assuming the afterlife is really an afterlife. And that Surprise's consciousness isn't tied to her body.

Do you like how helpful my words are? :pinkiehappy:

Since it seems that the series we see on the Hub seems to be a Flashpoint version of this series, it's sort of only going to make sense that we're going to be meeting up with the other hold-over from the previous timeline. I just wonder if Surprise occupies her twisted mind by trolling a mailmare with strabismus.

Okay....Surprise has been sent on her way to await instructions that will never probably come, Derpy has no more idea of what's been happening than anypony else and Vinyl and Twi have found something interesting to gaze at....I can't wait for Chapter 5 to see what it is.

Derpy x Scratch shipping?

Something that hasn't been done before i bet :rainbowhuh: we will see some of that now probably :trollestia:


now i will wonder what it is, hell could be the warhead of the bomb

also makes me wonder what will happen with the romance of Nightley and Twilight now that hes not one the Nightmare siblings ,and what about Trixies redemption :trixieshiftleft: and all the other things that happened because of the Nightmare/Overide influence

Also in case some want some background and story related info you should go to Whellers profile and click on the "blog" button to see Bios of some of the Kangaroos

Got a feeling it was some sort of key object from the previous reality

Okay.....we've got the Tragedy part out of the way as well as the Dark; now all we need is for Luna to explain where all the wibbles wobbled. Also, it's interesting to see what Tebbs became in this new paradigm.

:ajsleepy::ajbemused: really wheller? Something good has to start happening in this story or I'm gonna explode.


I write dark, it's what I do. It's interesting to take a world that we know as bright, colourful and cheery and turn it inside out. The real world isn't all sunshine and smiles. That's one of my big themes. IF YOU HAVE NOT PICKED UP ON THIS YET: shame on you.

Wheller's three big themes:
1) World isn't as wonderful as we are lead to believe when we're young.
2) Isolationism leads to ruin.
3) greed and selfish actions dominate society.

That is what I write about.

cuuuute :raritywink:

Interesting, I'm really starting to wonder if everybody still remembers, and they're just playing a huge joke on vinyl. Of course that doesn't make any sense, but that's all I have to go on right now.

It does look as if the players still sort of remember that which was; it might be that they think of it as a sort of alternate world wherein everything that could go wrong did.


Or: Vinyl is over-thinking Whirlwind's statement. He was pretty ambiguous after all.

While this has certain similarities to the old timeline, at least Derpy has found a mild measure of (probably temporary) happiness.

Ah. As River Song might say..."Spoilers!":pinkiehappy:

Ok Wheller, you're pulling at my heart strings again, in a good way this time! I may just forgive you for killing off my dashie :rainbowwild:


Hey! She got better. :pinkiehappy:

Sweet sweet plot answers :pinkiehappy:

Exactly what I was thinking. Excellent! I still wonder why vinyl scratch and luna are the only ones that retained their memory. One on hand, I would expect Luna to remember because she was one of the brothers and sisters. But that doesn't explain why overdrive and the brothers nightmare don't have their memories. On the other hand, It makes sense that vinyl scratch has her memory because she's the one that set off the bomb, and I'd assume that would have some sort of effect in that regard. But that doesn't explain why Luna would have her memory. And what about surprise? She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, which meant she had her memory as well, unless her psychotic tendencies are not only in her mind, but in every other facet of her body as well. Hopefully this gets cleared up in a later chapter. Some questions answered, still more remaining.


I'm somewhat certain that Luna said that Overdrive and the Siblings are well aware of the second chance, but they must have gotten a look in retrospect and seen how thoroughly fucked the situation was, so they're on good behavior in this reality

Well that leaves celestia, shes around still and well if she remembers i hope its because she had regrets for not helping Twilight.

Surprise was willingly controlled by Override so maybe thats why shes still crazy,because she wants it that way.

So now that we've got the explanations out of the way, let's get that thing buried so that things don't wibble-wobble back to the previous state. Also, Vinyl Scratch seems to have become Homura Akemi.

I will confirm:

Being an Alicorn has nothing to do with their memories. Alicorns are unnatural and impossible creatures, forms taken by the leadership of Equestria as they are natural symbols of authority. Luna remembers the old world, Celestia, Whirlwind, and Nightly do not.

Whirlwind and Nightly are sort of in limbo, in a sense, they are Overdrive and the Siblings Nightmare, and in a sense they're not. They are the reincarnation of their consciousness, but at the same time they're their own ponies.

Surprise too, is in limbo, her unique background and the gifts that Overdrive bestowed upon her leaves her straddling both worlds at once. You thought she was crazy before? She's barely able to put together a coherent thought.

Do you like it when I give you straight answers? :pinkiehappy:

Don't get used to it. :rainbowwild: I'm being nice and giving you all answers that I can't really answer in the story without going away from Vinyl Scratch's view. Which would be against the point,

*Slow Clap*
I think it would take every emoticon in the right tray to express how I felt throughout the story, This was brilliant
Thank you Wheller

Congratulations, dont know if a epilogue follows or not but congratulations nevertheless

This was a emotional rollercoaster,or like a very bumpy ride where at the end your glad you went through with it :pinkiehappy:

Im glad i kept reading every chapter.

Just will miss having to read something awesome every day.

Hm, interesting place to end it, but I suppose knowing you you could keep it going for months longer if you really wanted to. Nevertheless, I'm happy where this turned out, major plot cliffhanger aside. For ending it where you did, you put it together very well. Congratulations on writing such an amazing story. I know I'll be following you to wherever the next story takes you.

Well, it's been a long, strange trip but it ends on an almost upbeat note. All that's left now is reading the where are they now bios.

i suddenly find myself wanting more, but not wanting more at the same time.

I'm with Vinyl on this one.



... :rainbowhuh:

fffffffffffff- :trixieshiftleft:



Crap-sacharrine would be the term you're looking for.

Anywho, Isolationism doesn't always lead to ruin. I mean look at Fuedal Japan and Czarist Russia.

*remembers what he learned about the late 19th-early 20th centuries*



I see I'm not the only one familiar with TvTropes.

I don't like grim stories at all but I found myself liking this one I read every chapter from "the kindness of strangers" to this and it was good, well done well done indeed.:twilightsmile:

"then what was this place? How was she here? And maybe most importantly, what the hell were the Bonds of Eternity?"
^What im thinking.


My emotions at this insane freak of unnatural nature.

:facehoof: Hasnt vinyl learned not to open boxes yet? Not even the slightest resistance?:ajbemused:

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