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Twilight & co. have returned home, only to discover that Ponyville is not the little town that they left behind. Having been renovated by mysterious conglomerate to usher Equestria into the modern age. and are called in to meet with the company's bosses.

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Great. Emerald's back and better than ever.........

*conspiracy theory time* Raindrops is actually a Mechanist cult leader who planted the Book at Twilight to get her and her friends out of
the picture until she can make a new Hub for herself here. :twilightoops:

The question is,considering how near Canterlot is (*shrugs* if you can see Canterlot from Ponyville then you can see Ponyville from Canterlot),how didnt anyone see the asphalt being made,buildings torn down and such.

.....CALLED IT! along with the other readers of course:twilightblush:

Their going to die a horrible horrible death and im going to enjoy it arent i...

CMC vs. Celestia

OH, sweet. Cutie Mark Crusaders Harbingers of Destruction. Yay. :fluttershbad::fluttercry: There's no cutie mark for getting a town destroyed by a paranoid lunatic with an agenda.

It's the end of the world as they know it, again.

... I don't even have words for this...

The Cutie Mark Crusaders... three 12 year olds... not only conered the market in advanced tech in Equestria, but are probably making so much money, they are burning it because they don't know what to do with it all...


What the flying fuck? :twilightoops:
This shit is just out of left field :facehoof:

I'd like to meet this Sprocket myself. Also, I'm more worried about how this story is going to earn its title than I am about the fragile ego of a stubborn idiot who still hasn't addressed the problem of being totally illiterate, being unable to make change and having zero business sense.

Ahhhh Fallout 2 ,that was a moment , getting the whole village killed over a prank call.

And who says the cultists arent still hostile, just waiting for the right time to take over.

I'm still wondering what the CMC want with the gang; questions took up all their time

Finally caught up! :yay:

Wheller, why is your writing this good? I've lost several days to the addictivness of your series.

Well, Celestia can at least count on one pony to be on Team Phobic Reactionary Moron. It's time to say hello to Ludditeshy. :rainbowlaugh: Also, I think I know how those fields are going to be set on fire and who'll help Sun do it.

232621 i know right?!:raritystarry:

Well, at least one member of the Apple family isn't a dimwitted, stubborn fool with a stick up his plot. Also, I like how you worked the series into your 'verse.

Good point there actually, if the bet was over the cider production then what was all the nonsense about losing the farm as a whole :rainbowderp:

Okay.....Rarity is too cool for the principality, Sweetie Belle is a cheerful little gun runner and Twilight is frightened to death of something she'll never remember. Cool!!!


Oh, crap!!! Apple Bloom remembers getting crippled in the Old World!!!!!!!! This means that we have to keep AJ ignorant so she doesn't try to kill herself again.
Also, the Precursors are doing a great impersonation of the Guardians of Oa.

I knew those three remembered. Now let's see what scoot has to say about vinyl

Dun, dun, Duunnnnn!!!

Foreshadowing anyone?

Now I'm struggling to remember what was Rarity's quirk back in the old world so I can figure why Sweetie was on edge about her asking for ammunition. :facehoof:

Same here actually. Anypony with a better memory than us mind giving a brief recap? :twilightblush:


Rarity was passive and sycophantic towards anything that Applejack said in the Old World under the influence of the Siblings Nightmare.

I think you guys might not be looking at the right pony with this, but I'm not sure. :unsuresweetie:

Okaaaaaaaaay. We're getting a reminder that Whirlwind is still somewhat pissed off about his time as Legion as well as more of Apple Bloom's backstory. The reminder that she remembers the Old World can probably come later.

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The birth of a potential disaster :pinkiecrazy:

Cutie Mark Crusaders Corporate Boneheads. Yay???

umm... first? great episode(?) I really wanna know who is attacking FutureTec now. But I can wait :pinkiehappy:

They should be more worried about Rarity then the potential intruders...

Great. Either Archimedes is going to make an idiot of himself or Celestia is going to destroy Ponyville in order to save it.

Archimedes? *coo coo* get out of zere

Now I understand about the mare on S.A.A being special to Amarilla. Thinks are starting to make sense!!!

I love how the thumbnail is literally a mechanicus pone with a .50 cal pasted on a noodle.

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