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This story is a sequel to Sleeping in the Light

A prequel to: The Parliament of Dreams

95 years in the future, where Equestria is a parliamentary republic and cutie marks don't exist. There is a small nation known as the Federation of Salaya, situated in chain of islands in the South Sea. It's a peaceful, idealistic setting with sun, surf, and most importantly, Insurgency. A series of bad judgement calls strands three ponies of the Equestrian Republican Army's Fillydelphia Regiment in the middle of dense jungle. Cut off from the rest of their forces and running low on ammunition with only a nervous and inept officer to lead them, they're fighting for their lives.

In the words of Lance Corporal Summer Lightfall: 'We're screwed'.

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Oooo THIS ought to be a good read!

Field Marshal TG&P Trixie's granddaughter. LOL

Are you going to be making references to characters and events from the Parliament of Dreams?


Cool. Some grammar mistakes, though.:ajsmug:

Goody. In twenty years, the locals will be making toys for export despite still being nominally communist.

Whats KV in KV-74 mean? Just curious.

you just love giving us more tuff to stock up on to read dont you?


Carbine Rifle. Or in the actual language of the Præsidium: Карабин Винтовка 'Karabin Vintovka'.

Ah, that makes sense. Anyway, i'm guessing they get saved call of duty style in order to progress the story.
(how CoD saves you: Expend all your ammo, have someone killed[optional], as 100 enemy soldiers are about to kill you, a friendly helicopter kills all of them in 3 seconds.)

Am tracking.

Scared me,
thought that you'd somehow finished "Sleeping in the Light".
Read it if I get a chance/opportunity.


There, I read it... Now, Łęt mē śłêēp

That only makes it a better read


It's 1430 here. GMT+8 Western Australia Time.

While I enjoy how this story is going so far, is this gonna relegate Sleeping in the Light to a back seat.


No it is not. I will be alternating between this and Sleeping in the Light.

*starts clapping slowly, but begins to speed up*

Very interesting... continue...

*sigh*. . .I just don't get why you posted this as a seperate story man. . .I just don't. . .


Because it doesn't fit with Sleeping in the Light.

it seems like it could to me. . .oh well. . .not my story. . .I'll just sit in the corner and read.

Awesome! I love your stories. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Well, I was wondering why Sleeping in the light hadn't updated... damn you and these multi-in progress stories! (Good stuff, though - as per usual).

um yeh. we'll see if this is good. i like it so far. but we will see if it deserves my fav.

Awesome ME2 reference at the end, and the story is coming along wonderfully.

I look forward to future updates.

As a rule, tech will fail.
As proven/validated in this fic.
Nicely done:moustache:

"One student at the Cheerilee Academy had an IQ bigger than half the members of parliament combined"

That would be like.... In the thousands wouldn't it? Even if their IQs were 50 in parliament, that still be ridiculous...

Summer screwed herself now cant wait for the next chapter

Oh, wow I just got that ME2 reference, well played.

I don't know things diskcbeindkwotbdocowlœ°bè1&(@3!

Cromwell posts two chapters in two days? :pinkiegasp:

This will be normal again. :pinkiehappy:

'I'm already awake decoys! Now shut your mouths before I come over there and shut them for you!' Drill Sergeant Gunmetal's voice said from seemingly nowhere.
Everyone in the room fell silent, and no one said anything for the rest of the night.
Joker smiled and finally went to sleep; his impersonation of the Drill Sergeant's voice had worked perfectly.

I had something very similar happen during my own basic, except we recruits knew that we had a "Joker" that could do a spot-on impersonation.
So when the above quote came to pass: we yelled at him to stuff it, brilliant right? Nope, while it was accurate that it was "Joker" that had spoken our DS/DI was in the building.
The next couple days was not fun:rainbowlaugh:

Nice joke about the Præsidium too.

That is a hilarious pic!

Oh, Shortfuse Skydancer you died so young... *sigh* :raritydespair:

Great to see that she's getting a foot back in the door as it were.

This is the one that died landing the giant falling spaceship thing right? DAMNIT SUMMER THAT 100 might have KILLED HER

good chapter again

All these feels in this story.. It is delicious. :pinkiesmile:

Interesting to see characters that we the readers know. Especially some of those characters back stories.

good chapter again

Wow. Just wow. With someone that dim calling the shots, it's a wonder no one aside from the Changelings thought to invade the place.

Love when cops are like that, sadly few are.

Is the fact that Aurora is good at school and can't make friends forshadowing something

I'm gonna say yes and that she may be 'recruited' by FutureTec

Well, at least we know what happened to those two. Funny how she went over to the Reds instead of joining the reactionaries in the hills.


Please stop.

And this goes for everyone. If you don't have anything to say other than 'Good chapter', then don't say anything. Please and thank you.

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