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This story is a sequel to Tomorrow is Always a New Day

For each their own reasons, a group of ponies (plus one kangaroo) band together in order to travel to the distant city of Manehattan, a two months round trip journey. However when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the group of practically strangers must band together in a desperate fight to survive.

The fifth in a series started by The Kindness of Strangers

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This promises to be interesting; the South Islander is probably the only one of them who's got any real experience with normal weather so I'd expect him to take a bit of a leadership role.

My guess is that they aren't going to need that message in a bottle; granted, the ponies might not like the education in reality they're about to receive while they're getting it but they'll all be better for it.

Well, that explains what went wrong with the Winter Wrap-up; good to know that at least somepony has the sense to realize that things aren't as they seem.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy.....that would probably explain Trixie's future behavior. Since she's only got a few years, she's got in her head that she might as well die heroically.


Another thing that this chapter explains is why Derpy was trying to get Trixie to not yell LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOY JENKINS!!!!! and make a great big sacrifice of herself in that thing she saw back in 'Putting the pieces back together'; simply put, she wants her friend to live as long as possible.


That's seriously oversimplifying it. Derpy's got a good heart, and would want to help anyone in need.

Not to mention that neither Trixie or Derpy actually know what to think about the Black Smoke, They've only seen it do something bad once, and they're not even sure about the events that lead up to it.

Everything else they've seen the black smoke do has helped them.

Okay, so someone is once again using Derpy as a courier for something stupid and destructive. At least Lyra and Bon-Bon have stepped up their game too.

I await the next series so I can see what these Entities the ponies call smoke monsters want and why they want it; it's sort of as if they're foreshadowings of the real Season Two big bad, Discord.


Point taken; all they do know is that they don't have a clue as to what's really going on.

This is a nice-ish chapter....as long as we leave out the part wherein somepony is so confident in her abilities that she doesn't think that her kingdom needs an army or any other means of defending itself. You take the Sisters out and Equestria is ripe for the taking.

Oh, bother.....just what we do not need: "Black Lantern" Gilda.

so the three black ponies nade gilda insane they mock my kind night dwellers are nvr cowerdly they are ony catious

ummm tourtureing luna? not a good thing being basic represntations of chaos in equestria not considerd right

Half way there. :facehoof:


Oh, Luna DAMN it! Overdrive is only MOSTLY dead. Buck it, Monty, this would never have happened if you hadn't hung yourself...


Towards the end it seems like Willy has forgoten the whole 'spill the beans' session everyone had.

2373 their is somepony in Cloudsdale that isn't being a very nice pony.

I don't know why I hit reply so just ignore the reply part of my comment.

this is not good not good at all.


The gang's all rounded up... So who's going to die? :unsuresweetie:

The fact that you're from Australia wouldn't have anything to do with all these references to Australia, would they? :pinkiesmile:

Ominous grey unicorn is ominous... :unsuresweetie:

“Good news everypony!” Vinyl reported with a grin. “Crisis averted!”

Famous last words :/

It isn't bad enough that those crazy Chaos cultists are out running around, is it? No, we just have to bring Overdrive back, don't we?

Here comes Gilda!!!!!

Dammit!! I'm supposed to be doing stuff today as it's my day off!!!

Damn addicting pony stories!!!

"Vinyl grinned; their enthusiasm reminded her of her."
"Vinyl grinned; their enthusiasm reminded her of herself."* Sorry... :twilightblush:

1919569 I think you mean, HEEEERE'S GILDA!!!:pinkiecrazy:

“My my! Benjamin Willoughby! There’s a voice I thought I would never hear again... and for your information, the grass is still covered in gods damned snow!” the voice replied, causing Willoughby to chuckle.

Shouldn't it be spirits damned or serpent damned or gecko damned considering that kangaroos are native which would make them closer to aboriginals than to us white Aussies? I always thought that a dingo version of diamond dogs would be closer to us because like us dingos were introduced to Australia and then adapted to live here while kangaroos have been here long enough that there are fossils of their ancestors as mega fauna

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