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This story is a sequel to Putting the Pieces Back Together

Princess Luna is sent to Ponyville to make friends, however, she has the nagging feeling that things aren't going like they are supposed to.

The third tale in the series started by The Kindness of Strangers.

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Confound these Chaos Cultists, they drive a teatotaler to drink! :pinkiesick:

“Yes. Yes you do,” Nightcaller said as he trotted towards her. “And then you forgot.”

-Doctor Who storyline! This whole thing!:scootangel: Except, I'm guessing that the Interesting trio here isn't out to cure the aliments of Luna...

Creepy memory loss is creepy... :unsuresweetie:

Overdrive didn't seem so great, but then again, these Chaos cultists aren't so great either... :unsuresweetie:

Poor Luna... And this is why I don't like mental facilities.

And now... Off to find the next book of the series. Good luck to me.

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