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Forces are moving in Equestria. And when a strange one reunites long lost friends, they must prepare themselves for the coming battle.

The final story in the Bonds of Eternity Series.

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I have a feeling something of significance is about to happen...

Well, now that the gang's back together, something interesting is going to happen.....perhaps their mysterious benefactor has a power-hungry nitwit Luddite daughter with delusions of godhead to manage.

Awesome awesome cool yay my mind can't comprehend the awesome wow awesome. Will there be a series after Bonds of Eternity?


Yes, there will.

Oh Luna, nothing good is going to come of this. Not that that's really saying much, since nothing good ever really comes of anything in your stories. though my question is, will this series have the big boom ending it seems to be leading to, or will it be "go out with a whimper," so you have room for a sequel?

George Lucas will call you to ask for tips on how to make more Star Wars dude. :rainbowlaugh:

Wonder how Derpy/Ditzy will react now that she knows the "truth" from the old world, along with what she knows from here.

Don't you dare let Lyra and Bon-Bon hurt Fluttershy :fluttershyouch:

Also, lol, Nephites are Mormons, and they sound just as crazy here as they do in real life.

more shitsortm? dont mind if i do!:scootangel:

Surprise is by far the most interesting pony now, back in the old world Vinyl was my favourite but now Surprise is the best pony.

Okay, now......so they're coming to compare notes with Twilight about the Old World. Cool.

Wheller you are awesome... Dare I say better then halo? Ok you are since mlp is as good as halo you made an awesome fic so Its better. Make chapters faster! And why am I typing all this?

Randomness aside, this is an awesome series and I hope you never stop. Why ditzy go christia....I mean nephite?

Wow...I was not expecting surprise to be like that, you sir deserve a cookie, and a brain that lets you type at 600 words a minute.

... hmm... bonds of eternity on a crazed Celestia, perhaps? It'll be entertaining to see the two groups deal with calming down Surprise, at least.

Also, I'm worried by the distinct lack of death so far in this series.


Lack of death? Mate, Vinyl Scratch killed five Hopeton ponies in the Divide, and then Surprise killed the rest of them.

Legion killed Métis Retslaf.

But in any case. Somepony is going to die, and it's the last one you lot are going to expect.

Augh god what's Emerald and Legion cooking up :fluttershbad:

Although none of them especially like it, I think that they're going to need Vinyl to be stupid again. Well, just so long as that stupidity doesn't involve awakening the Old World memories of the two bearers with the most to lose from it.:applejackconfused::fluttercry:
Rarity just plain doesn't seem to have been important enough to any of Gaia and Aether's children to be made an aggressive pawn of so she can be restored to her pre-wibblewobble self but the other two don't need to remember Bigotjack and Murdershy.

I'd say this won't end well, but that would be redundant.

Mudershy...:fluttershyouch: damn that was scary.
Yeah let's not go down that path again.

And let's also not break the New World Fluttershy by forcing her to remember her. Rainbow Dash might be strong enough to remember getting killed and AJ might be able to withstand the memory of what she did to Apple Bloom but Fluttershy impresses me as being.........fragile.

You say Bonds of Eternity *series*... Maybe I'm just bad at this, but I haven't found any other stories after searching with those words. Could you mayhaps list the other stories in the series, in order?

...huh? i r confused....again.

Holy crap!! Surprise has just learned that she doesn't really fit into this new world and it's messed her up some good.


New World Surprise committed suicide in year 4002 of Gaia's reign.

Did nobody wonder how Surprise was immortal this time around when there was no Overdrive to make her immortal? Surprise is wrong.., very very wrong...:pinkiecrazy:

HA i knew that if the male ones didnt exist that there wouldn't be a reason for Surprise (like in the old world) to exist.

maybe she was at the lake of origin (in it and so survived the change of the world), we will have to wait and see. :rainbowderp:

And so Legion and Emerald begin sowing the seeds of mistrust and uncertainty.

They're listed in the first chapter.

Not to mention Luna making her own plans to compensate for what they're doing (while also reminding us of the next journey along the Long Road). That being said, we know the author well enough that Syra's fate would have been revealed at the worst possible time.....as would Ditzy and Vinyl's romance.:pinkiehappy:


Well the consequences for It DID have to come SOMETIME. So why not the worst time? :pinkiehappy:

Indeed why not? Also, we knew that Vinyl's thing with Ditzy would be similar.
Also, nice touch by having Willoughby and Luna set up Great Big Story Number Three.

I don't see why people look down on Vinyls plans, they tend to work out pretty good.

Oh, right. I'd almost forgotten that Sugarcube Corner was right on top of the missile silo. As for old friends meeting, it's sort of no wonder that Emerald divided the Bond of Fraternity when she did. She doesn't need them keeping her from killing Celestia.


So all the time she was planning this,and her alliance with Luna she just tried to get info about Celestia from her. hmm

will be interesting to see who dies this time.

Oh phuck, why Surprise why :raritydespair:

Damn ,what a end...

and just when i started liking Surprise :twilightangry2:

hope that at least Rainbow makes it...

and wonder what happened to Celestia, surely this isnt it and she wasnt mentioned yet.


Story isn't over yet. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, at least Surprise did something useful before she went. Also, Tom the Boulder for the win!!!


Same here; it'd suck if she died twice because, as Wheller said, there isn't going to be a third chance. At least Fluttershy, Rarity and AJ don't have THEIR old world memories. :applejackconfused:

Did you... Did you just kill Surprise? On christmas? (it is where I live)


:fluttercry::flutterrage: surpriseee !!!:fluttercry:



SO, Emerald is out of the picture and Surprise is alive again. Next on the agenda is revealing who the third series' big bad will be.

*Puts down revolver*

You are forgiven for killing Surprise. Though I know you and your tendency to blow up the world every few chapters. The gun stays loaded.

Wheller, you are an evil, evil man. :facehoof:

Couldn't have put it better myself, really. :pinkiesmile:

Hmm next Twilight will probably overthrow Celestia and Luna huh...

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