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This story is a sequel to Midnight in the Heart of Equestria

Change is coming to Equestria. After Gryphons move into the Hoofson Bay Area (deemed neutral territory by prior treaty) Princess Celestia sends a trusted ambassador to negotiate, however when the ambassador goes missing, things begin to spiral out of control.

The fourth in a series of stories starting from The Kindness of Strangers

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Twi's not actually knowing what Pinkie Pie does when she's not around is well within character. She means well but she's a bookish, sheltered sort and, unless I'm wide off the mark again, this is going to cost her a lot again. Ah, well; at least the secondary characters are there to put the pieces back together after the next catastrophe.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. It would seem that we perhaps have some sort of clue as to what set the Everfree on fire.

Twi seems to have a bit of a memory problem; that's because something else exploded before Sugarcube Corner did and somepony else spent three or for weeks in a doctor-induced coma before the Mane Six got nailed. If I didn't already know that she has a greyish periwinkle Pegasus-shaped blind spot, I'd be a bit cheesed off by this lapse of memory.


I wouldn't say she forgot about it, just that it didn't happen to her. She didn't see the Ponyville Post Office blow up. She heard it and saw the aftermath of it.

The explosion of Sugarcube Corner is far more memorable, because she was, less than 10 metres from it when it went up. That's going to be a lot more memorable.


Point taken; I do remember that watching the after-effects messed her up enough to skip town. In any event, the mess she's heading into and the mess about to descend on Ponyville might just make that exercise in interfering with the postal service look less like a horror beyond description and more like "It was at that point in time that I realized that the world is a less sunny place than I thought it was when I was a filly."

Is this story like a sequel to a different story because the first chapter made it seem like that.


Its like the 4th sequel to the first story of Whelp, called "Kindness to Strangers" ,read it over on Fanfiction.net first when i saw it,its bloody but good written and im glad i read the other parts, they are not so bloody so far and at least i find that better heh. :trollestia:


Wheller ,not whelp sorry :fluttershyouch: and 3rd sequel, total stories are 4 ,here you can find all 4 : http://www.fimfiction.com/user/Wheller

And Roy Melbourne is right to say so; as you said on FF.Net, he was baffled by Twi's belief that Celestia and Luna raised the Sun and Moon. What's about to happen here is that these three are about to have their muzzles rubbed in the fact that Equestria has been deliberately closed off from the rest of the planet because Mother wants to protect her little ponies from harmful things like knowledge and hardship.

OH, dear; someone's need to atone for her errant ways is going to collide with gryphon imperialism in an ugly manner. This is going to make the discovery of what the world is really like even more painful, isn't it?

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...............Dash's vision quest seems to be taking a turn to crazyland. Good thing that paranoia is going to have to be her new best friend if she and the others want to survive in the new, more dangerous world that's outside Mother's loving embrace.

Interesting....not only does Twi have to deal with the fact that not every culture uses the Equestrian alphabet, she's caught flatfooted by dealing with a war Mother kept her little ponies from knowing a blasted thing about.

And they've just been traumatized a little bit more by watching a minor tank battle. Well, minor to the gryphons and kangaroos...to people kept hidden away by an alicorn with a Messiah complex in what's probably an analog to the Japan before the black ships, it's a baffling scene from a horrifying and inexplicable Hell.

Oh, dear; putting Gilda in between the Scylla of a court martial and the Charybdis of these three is a slightly horrifying way to end this segment of the greater saga.

Interesting; the kangaroos and ponies use the same alphabet to write what might as well be called Basic or Standard or the like. Twi might find it hard to swallow what the people outside Equine Tokugawa-era Japan think of her civilization but at least she can find out what that thing is.


Whenever you use the term "Mother", for some reason it reminds me of the Pink Floyd song "Mother". Maybe because it fits so well? :pinkiehappy:

Also, question for the author.

Is the "Winter Rats" thing a reference to the World War 2 Desert Rats at all? just curious (huge WW2 nut and such).


Yes, as a matter of fact it is. Though you wouldn't see a South Islander using the term, It's supposed to be a derogatory nickname that the Gryphons gave to the South Island XX Corps.

in truth that would actully harm them in many ways (also this is solarsoldier ive completly lost any want of that name now i have only 2 or 3 others lol )

your awsome poodicus and i agree sheltering people vis the worst course of action

black ships?

So... In the time since Griffin the Brush Off, probbably less than a year ago, Gilda left Equestria for the Homeland, joined the army, and is now Hell for Leather to kill ponies, all becouse she feels scorned over Rainbow Dash dumping her for Pinkie Pie, DESPITE the fact that RD is strait and didn't even KNOW that they were even IN a relationship? Am I reading this right?:rainbowhuh:


Don't sweat it. She forgot that Luna was Celestia's sister in the first episode.

Also, in this chapter you seem to forget that Rainbow Dash has been friends with Fluttershy for YEARS. I don't think she'd up and forget about a large portion of her life like that.


Didn't forget, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have been friends for years, but they just weren't GOOD friends until after Twilight game along.

I like how your including all the ponies like Bon-Bon and Vinyl not just the main ones that are in everyponies stories.

16924 no because if I remember right Wheller said the twi has been in ponyville for two years but other then that I think your right.

Vinyl's past made me think of this: http://youtu.be/BSKBMsZQZ5c

I love all the things in these stories that are (now) inconsistent with canon...
No fault of yours, it's just interesting to see things that you've mentioned that have now been made canon in some other way.

Noooo! Twilight, not Nightshadow! :unsuresweetie:

These 3 Chaos cultists bother me to no end... Which is to say they are well-written villains :twilightsheepish:

Convenient Vinyl is too convenient? :unsuresweetie:

Wait, what? O_o

Well this got really interesting.

Welp, another solid fic from Wheller. And it looks like in addition to crazy Chaos cultists, we have a war on our hands. Should be exciting. :twilightsmile:

I hope I'm getting close to some answers Mr Wheller!!!

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