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This story is a sequel to Broken Record

Scootaloo is a young filly alone in the world, however, she soon discovers that there is another pony in Ponyville who grew up like her.

Apple Bloom & Sweetie Belle, while having loving families, have their home lives tossed about when Applejack becomes more aggressive and xenophobic, and Rarity becomes passive and sycophantic.

Pinkie Pie returns home and confronts the family that kicked her out for wanting to party instead of work.

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Well, I'd wondered about her home life and I got what I asked for; I have no idea what you intend for the rest of this but it does seem as if the common life experiences of the two principal characters might build into something approaching, if not a family, at least something better than what she's facing now.

Another interesting one, this time child abuse huh, well hope all of it has a happy ending.

Btw remember your comment about this being bigger then Fallout Equestria.

Chapter wise yes,but word wise no way, Fallout is the biggest thing i know lol, when done it will be bigger then your average book. :derpytongue2:


I estimated, assuming the average FO:E chapter is about 2000 words. Then my stuff is longer. Haven't actually been able to count the exact number yet.

FO:E's latest pages have around 90 pages in word,with a font of 12 used, i checked chapter 37 and it has 97 that way lol

I may just be off base her but I do believe that I know what the kangaroos brought with them that Applejack doesn't like: the unsettling fact that the world is ever so slightly larger than a few hectares of apple trees. Most of her defensiveness seems, at least to me, from a fear of being revealed as (and being mocked for) being ignorant....thus the constant claim that she ain't got no ack-sent, sugahcube.

Also, it's clear that Vinyl is slightly more aware of the real world than the two of the Mane Six that she's associated with.

- Interesting take on Pinkamena's parents; I'd never thought of Mr Pie as being so stupid as to not realize that the limestone quarry he used to own would have made him a millionaire.

- Second, it looks as if Vinyl and Applejack are going to have a talking-to in the near future; somepony's making mock of uniforms that guard her while she sleeps is wearing mighty thin.


The problem is that Applejack thinks that they wouldnt need them if they didnt get Equestria involved in the first place, and sadly shes right.

Plus for her and Rarity its the influence of the 3 black "ponies"

The ones helping the Kangaroos are the ones who were saved by them at one point,but they were brought in danger because of them in the first place (in the end all blame goes to the Nightmare ponies and Override)

I think of this as it was with America being discovered, the travelers/conquistadors brought with them diseases that the local populace wasn't immune to.

In this case its War that Equestria was shielded from for a long time, i still think that they would have had a standing army with presence at borders at least,how else prevent being taken over or loosing their lands.

They know the concept of War,but that makes it even worse because they don't want to experience it since they didnt have to before.

This is somewhat unsettling; not only has Applejack yet more cause to fear and hate the South Islanders than she already did (i.e., Apple Bloom is even less ready to listen to her than she is in the series), we have Pinkamena using uniformed constables to do her dirty work. About the only positive I see is Vinyl Scratch's part of the story and I'm worried that it'll turn into a negative post haste.

oh dear. it appears its time to turn on the '495 WPM' part of my brain.

So that is how Celestia 'dealt' with Cromwell, is it? Her negotiating style leaves something to be desired.

Oh, sweet....it takes an act of wanton cruelty for that xenophobic redneck to realize what she's become. Even if she does recant, she's going to hate herself for this.


Nope, Cromwell never made it to the dungeons. That was just one of his supporters.

Since Cromwell himself is one of the characters I like to refer to as an Entity with a capital E. That being said, an orange Earth pony seems to have just set herself up to be the pariah with a capital P that Rainbow Dash thought she was going to be in Imperfect.

- Unless she's more useful as a post-mortem cause for acrimony, somehow I think that AJ's beloved lasso is going to fail her almost as much as her half of an empty brain did.


well, knowing you, shes not gonna succeed by taking the easy way out.

yay something happy finally :D

grey smoke, thats overrides ? or was his brown in the last stories hmmm :pinkiecrazy:


If you call three suicide attempts happy, then it's super happy:pinkiehappy:

Yes, Overdrive is the grey smoke. After his body was stolen from him by Monty Ulhan, it's the only way he can interact with the world.

well happy that she "free" again. :trollestia:

I was just going to point out how not relieved I am that she tried to kill herself on three separate occasions only to be stopped so Overdrive can use her for his purposes. Vinyl's case of what some call the screaming habdads, others the heebie jeebies and still others the feeling as if someone is walking over her grave is well earned; not only does she have to explain this to Scootaloo, she has to explain it to herself. I wonder if it would occur to her to ask someone who's seen black smoke reverse someone's brain death what the deal is.

Relatively speaking, of course; she might no longer be an aggressively xenophobic brute but she's still dancing to the beat of someone else's drum.


Problem is, Vinyl didn't see the Grey Smoke do it. Even if she did, she wouldn't think to ask Derpy anything.

Derpy, Trixie, and the Doctor didn't exactly talk about their experiences with the Black Smoke, not to mention that the timeline changed, and Derpy, Trixie, and the Doctor, did not interact with the Black Smoke like they did when they first went into the future.

1) Well, this is sort of unpleasant. While AJ has the horse sense to realize that the price of her resurrection might be more than she's willing to pay, Pinkie isn't on the same page yet. When she does learn that she's been played:twilightangry2:, the results aren't going to be pretty.
2) I'm looking forward to being disturbed by what Monty does to 'free' Rarity almost as much I look forward to being terrified by how Fluttershy gets sucked into this.
3) Unlike somepony who doesn't understand the stakes, Vinyl has the sense to be afraid of the Black Smoke.


Point taken; as far as she knows, she just witnessed a farm pony's two failed suicide attempts.


And one that technically succeeded before a certain spectral being interfered.

Which is why the police constable from Last Of The Pony Wine told her to close her mouth before she swallowed a bunch of flies and why she's going to take Scootaloo aside and tell her that AJ's red eyes are probably a side effect of what she thought was death by dislocation of the cervical vertebrae but turned out to be something else entirely.

That being said, it might seem to Scootaloo that the pony who put her friend in hospital can't be sorry enough and might just deserve to not have had Overdrive get away with meddling with the fillies.

this story is interesting even though i have no idea whats going on XD


"Chronology notes:
Stop! You are reading the Ninth story in the series started by The Kindness of Strangers!"

Warning at chapter 1, just go to Whellers profile and start from the first story :)

I bolded the chronology notes. I don't know how they could be any more clear and visible >.<

As I said elsewhere, Applejack doesn't like the price she had to pay for her resurrection; she'd probably rather have had her suicide attempts succeed or trade places with Apple Bloom than join Pinkamena in working for Overdrive. That being said, Psychoshy might present the trio with a spot of bother; if THEY think that she's too chaotic, their recruiting her could backfire.

Okay, now.....so Celestia isn't actually the White Entity, she's just a filly that was possessed by one? And all the nonsense she pulled was her being a small child who wants to play Mummy to her little ponies? That was unexpected but leads me to expect that Sun might find another compatible host: Apple Bloom.

Im lost honestly, but maybe in a good way if all can be eventually explained lol

I believe Celestias power was taken/reduced/whatever and thats why shes now a filly ,wonder what happened to the nightmare guys then.

Next the doctor will take over South Island and rule the world cuz he snapped lol :derpytongue2:


You're lost? Good, now you know exactly how Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle feel. Which was the point. :derpytongue2:

so they all just lost their memory like celestia,but unlike her their still grown up ponies.

Interesting and cant wait for the next one :D

Now all we need to do is get them free of the Purple and Grey Smoke Monsters; once that happens, they'll buckle down and clean up the mess left behind. Said mess, of course, involving the crap that happened to the Cutie Mark Crusader Casualties of War.

Ah, ok, I'm starting to like this now. Unfortunately I started reading this right as you were beginning the newest book in this series, and after reading up to the point where one of the siblings nightmare had gotten intimate with twilight, I connected that to the description for your newest story about twilight becoming a mother and thought the worst, that she was pregnant with a child of the siblings nightmare. Honestly that's been plaguing me for the entirety that I've been reading this series, and I'm thankful that it didn't actually turn out that way.

Now I wonder, since the Trio was really just a single part of a larger entity, that being nightmare moon (I believe the 3 actually being 1 was mentioned in an earlier book), did they all re-combine into this one Nightly pony, or does this pony have two identical twins running around equestria as well? Can you explain this or would that spoil something later on? Or will I find out in the next book? (which I'm not reading tonight because it's 4 AM and I'm going to sleep against my will to continue reading) Love the story! You're an amazing artist.

This would be the second "Scoots is Homeless" story I have ever read. Considering that the FIRST one started with her FREEZING TO DEATH, things aren't looking too bad just yet. Keep on truckin', little prince(ss), keep on truckin'. :scootangel:

Oh look, a camio. (Butterscotch Sundae)

Let me guess... Pinkie wasn't ACTUALLY disowned, was she? ...well, BEFORE she evicted her family off the farm, that is.

I find it even MORE fitting that I refered to Pinkie as having pulled an Optimas Prime back in Picking up the Pieces. G1 O.P. "came back wrong" the first time, too. :pinkiecrazy:

Is it too soon (or rather, too late, since the series has already moved onto season 2) to call Monty 4.0 as REALLY being Overdrive, having snagged Pinkie out from under the collective noses of the Brothers Nightmare?

Oh boy... First, the Chaos Sibs are idiots, since Harmony is a Balance between Chaos and Order. Chaos begets change, without which, life cannot exist. Order creates a framework for life to exist IN. ...I take it back. It is Overdrive that is the idiot for not realizing that HE is just as vulnerable to the elements as the Sibs are.

Second, Fluttershy is ALREADY suffering from an extreme case of agoraphobia. ...wait, that DOES mean "A fear of hights", right? :fluttershyouch:

Spike is going to be very, VERY confused when he gets back. First his Big Sister/Mother is shacking up with Rainbow Dash, and now the former ruler of the land is his new Neace/Sister. ...oh, and the love of his life is an apathetic idiot under the control of the Siblings Nightmare. Can't forget the blow to his love life in this convoluted mess... :raritydespair:

So the Siblings Nightmare are at 2/3rds straingth and down one unicorn, Tia is pulling a Sunny (Nightmares don't last forever), Luna still has memory issues but is growing in power, and Overdrive has two of the Elements in his pocket and is ready to rock Equestria to it's foundations. ...that about sum it up? :duck:


I've had a lot of people give that response to Butterscotch Sundae. Clearly I missed something, because that was a name I pulled out of thin air. So the cameo is unintentional. THERE IS an. Intentional cameo in that scene, everybody is just looking at the wrong ponies for it.

Well, I find Apple Cider to be unlikely, and Sandy is too genaric. However, since you are implying that the camio is on the same page as Butterscotch Sundae, and those are the only two OCs there, the most likely choice is Apple Cider. ...I just have no clue who he is. :trixieshiftright:

This is a little to unbelievable, considering my Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

Wouldn't Twilight have gotten Luna to purify Pinkie, AJ, Fluttershy, and Rarity after they had been cleansed?

Mighty big plot hole if'n you don't mind me sayin'.

28648 thats what i was thinking.

5017 i'm not all that lost if you think about it and read the stories in order you can understand whats going on quite well.:eeyup:

Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but the text says: "The police were faster, however and quickly subdued the man before restraining him". Last I checked, Clyde Pie was a Stallion Pony.

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