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This story is a sequel to Rite of Passage

Home. It's not always where you were born.

Vinyl Scratch learns this when an ancient device of terrible power is discovered, and now her new home, the only one she ever felt was truly hers is threatened by those who wish to control it.

However, in order to save it, it may require a sacrifice that she is not ready to make.

(authors notes: this is not, as I previously stated, going to be the last story in the series. I always do an Epilogue, but I've discovered that the way the epilogue was going to go, it'll be too long and too different to actually be a part of this story. This it will be rolled into its own, and THAT will be the finale.)

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With how things are going ill consider "and the planet blew up and all died" to be a happy ending just because then there would be nobody left to suffer :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy: :trollestia:

Given what a mess things have become, it might indeed be a relief to see a planet-killer to come into play.

Counting on an old Equestrian last resort WMD in there.


Well it's certainly not a life time supply of party gear and candy. :pinkiegasp:

Or is it? :trollestia:

Oh, super; what a lovely 'punishment' Overdrive has inflicted upon the ponies: making them drop the Bomb on the Opposition.

So I was -somewhat- right
Plot thickens.... :moustache:

yep,now i hope they just A-bomb the whole world to pieces, both sides win, its chaos and order at once since nothing to be chaotic or orderly? :trollestia:

Great. Just what they needed staring over them while they find out how nuts Over-Protective Idiot Mother Celestia really is: the Generation One pony that Faust was thinking of when she created the Pinkie Pie who doesn't know that she's on Team Overdrive.


On a side note I wish they continued with the EPMB tapes rather then setting home.

.......goddammit surpise. i have a feeling im gonna have a huge headache by the time shes dead....wait.


So would Twilight. Vinyl didn't want Scootaloo to wake up and have nopony be home. Scootaloo has got abandonment issues.

And for good reason. Her parents are there in body only; their minds and hearts are lost to an addiction.

I can hear the pony Surprise inspired saying "And THAT'S how Equestria was made"; I don't much like the way that makes me feel, though.

Never heard of holding someone hostage via your own personality :rainbowderp:


If you thought Pinkie Pie was crazy... Surprise puts her to shame. She's insane. A thousand years without the guidance of her master really did a number on her mind.

...yep. im gonna have a huge headache from suprise.

dont they dare hurt cute innocent little Tia!!! :flutterrage:

If surprise was already there why didnt she just blow it up before? hopefully we find out next chapter

Oh, goody; Overdrive wants to blow Equestria off the blasted map and the only hope they have of salvation is the Trio and Magic Nutbag Celestia.

well....we're doomed.

wait...if she was pregnant, and suprise killed her, why is twilight breathing?


Who said Emerald Sparkle was the direct ancestor of Twilight Sparkle? They are related, just not direct ancestors.

I wonder if her great-aunt so many generations removed would approve of handing the blasted A-bomb over to the Trio just to piss off Overdrive; I also wonder when their father is going to show up and start disciplining her children.


Most certainly not! Emerald Sparkle hated the bomb, but she saw it as a necessary evil. It was the first step in her dream of cheap, civil nuclear power for everypony!

I will say this: Discord will not be appearing in THIS series.

Note the underlined, bolded, italicised word in all caps.

That is all.

I do hope you're not creating a spinoff of this series as a way to continue what was said would be finished on this story.
Don't get me wrong, I love this, but at the same time I absolutely hate it. I keep waiting for a happy ending and that hope seems bleaker and bleaker every sentence. I just want this to end without the entire pony universe and everybody I love dieing in some horrific fashion or another like so many of them have already. I just want the suffering to end. :fluttershysad:


All I will say is this: There will always be more stories to tell, I do think that you'll all be satisfied with how this ends though.

I already knew from around the middle of this series that i wont like the end,i really wonder why i keep reading this (besides it being awesome no matter how much i dislike large doses of grimdark) :twilightoops:

This latest chapter just got me completely enthralled with a whole new suspicion of how much worse this can get for the crew. Ho... ly... shit... Surprise may have just in fact surprised me by being one of the most malevolent and sadistic characters in a long time considering what you were implying with Scratch. I'm hoping that's some mind altering shit on her behalf rather than Scratch coming apart at the seams, because god damn.

Oh, goody; mind rape and real attempted rape in one going. All I can say now is to drop the bomb and put these ponies out of their misery.

What the hell Surprise. Seriously what the hell:fluttercry:

Oh, super; Celestia's back and ready to kick flank, Surprise is about to pull some sick stunt on Scootaloo and our heroes are praying for nuclear winter. This just keeps getting better and better.

What is Surprise up to this time :facehoof:

Crap. I'd wondered when you'd bring Dinky into the mix and, well, you added a hint of realism and a bucketload of pain. When Celestia herself sees a clumsy moron instead of the victim of bigotry, you know that Derpy is screwed.


poor derpy indeed

Surprise stronger then celestia huh, damn then Override is probably 100 times stronger :twilightoops:


Not exactly, you have to remember why Celestia does things the way she does them. She loves her subjects and wants to protect them just a little too much. Here comes Surprise, who despite her childlike playfulness, is incredibly violent, sadistic, and insane. Celestia looked into her mind and saw what was inside. It was too much for her to handle.

To randomly quote Pirates of the Caribbean

"And so, we shall go to war!"

Oh, joy; Derpy's sadness is probably going to be short-lived....as is she, by the looks of things. The A-bomb that's about to turn Ponyville into a radioactive crater might not be the solution to her woes that she'd like but it's about what she can expect in this timeline.

As opposed to her sister who is a lot more inclined to let them run things on their own and her brothers who treat them like toys.

Ummm... I'm liking this story, but that chapter just came completely out of left field.

M-M-M-MONSTER KILLL :pinkiecrazy:

in the wrods of spike and darth vader NOOOO!!!!

Never thought I'd be sad to see Scootaloo go but having Vinyl as her big sister just made that one a kick in the chest. See you guys in a another fic...

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have made their last appearance. Vinyl Scratch set off the bomb and potentially killed ALL of Ponyville.
Now Scootaloo really is :scootangel:, Applebloom is paralyzed and Sweetie is addicted to painkillers assuming they weren't within range of the blast... Nopony runs or makes it out aliiive! Actually now that I think about it, I think everyone was within range unless Twilight got them out in time. Something tells me that at the end of this, we may see the elements commit suicide and I wouldn't blame them. The loss of Vinyl will still bite hardest though.

CRAP AND A HALF!!! Luna took herself out of the game just to piss off her siblings......me likey!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Okay.....I'm guessing 'home' means a reunion with RD and Fluttershy.

Seriously, what the hay just happened? This is the most abrupt, unsastisfying ending I've ever seen. You just threw in the Bonds of Eternity without any foreshadowing or build-up. The Alicorn's death was jarring and random, and you left almost every plot thread hanging. The final battle just... happens, and then everyone blows up.

This is terrible, it makes me almost regret reading the rest of this series.


I know it seems like it, there is more coming after this, the epilogue to this story was meant to fill in some of the gaps, but I felt that it would better serve the over all arc were it to be rolled into it's own story. There is more to come. I ask you not to lose faith, not yet.

My guess is that Emerald had one last trick up her sleeve.....the yield of the blasted thing was only a kilotonne.

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