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Everyone remembers how Twilight Sparkle and her friends defeated Nightmare Moon and restored balance and harmony to Equestria, what everyone does not remember, however, was that this was not the first time that it happened.

But I remember. I remember it as clear as day, and as I watched my sister fly away from the Royal Castle in Canterlot, I only wish that I hadn't been in denial.

Everything that happened was my fault.

A re-imagining of Wheller's first series.

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I can definitely see the difference between this and The Kindness of Strangers. This chapter, I like it. Another!

Well this looks like a great starting point to jump in. Faved for later.

I crame.


Ooh, nice opening!

Not much to say yet, as it's just beginning, but this sounds fairly promising so far. :twilightsmile:

So far so good!

Twilight lead the way to the Ponyville Public Library. Luna noted its uniqueness as a building by the fact that it was not really a building in any traditional sense. Twilight opened the door to the hollowed out oak tree that was the Ponyville Public Library.

This part is a bit redundant, but otherwise everything checks out.

Storywise there's not much going on yet, but I like Luna's little reactions to everything. :twilightsmile:


To anyone whos new.. Its going to be a ride :pinkiehappy:

Hell YA. Is THis The Restart? If So YAY!!!!!
Edit: I read it now. I cantell that it's going to be different this time around.

Interesting. Based on that prologue I'm somewhat getting the impression that the fact that this is a restart is part of the story. Will I need to have read all of the other stories to fully appreciate this one?



It's a reimagining of my first series that was written nearly a year and a half ago. You can start from right here.

1688538 Awesome, thanks!


it is the meaning.
to everything.

Damn its been while since the last chapter :pinkiehappy:
Great to see you back homie keep up the good work

It's a good thing we know that Celestia admits to having made mistake after mistake. Otherwise, I might resent how a sensible pony like Applejack can speak fluent twaddle.

This introduction of Luna's personality is much better this time around. Heck we still haven't even seen the first antagonist yet and I already see a good amount of her personality. Especially what was said near the end of the chapter.


Ooh, and the plot thickens! :twilightsmile:

"Not allow Equestria to stop being perfect"? That is not good.

Okay, so the sun and moon raising is fake. I have to wonder what the Princess do for the country then. I'm generally aware from the summary on Parliament of Dreams(?) that cutie marks somehow stop appearing once they are out of the picture, so there's clearly something going on.

I'm liking these chapters on Celestia and her personality. Now we just need some action soon and this story will kick ass. =P

Dat memory alteration.
Celestia, why you so naive. D:

‘Never,’ Twilight said adamantly.

Never change, Twilight. Never change. XD

1688538 New reader here. So if I'm understanding you correctly, this story is meant to clean up the continuity and such of your original All Good Things series, hence why we don't need to read that one to fully appreciate this one? I can't say I mind the fact. No offense meant, but your earlier stories seemed a bit daunting from the comments left under them - I wasn't sure if I was up for reading them. Don't get me wrong, I'm good with darkness if it's well-written and not just dark for the sake of being dark.

In any event, this looks good so far - a bit slow, but that's probably just to establish a firm foundation before the action kicks into gear. Good job on the characters, too - Twilight is the adorkable unicorn I know and love, Applejack is stubborn and proud but (so far) ultimately reasonable, Rainbow is the loyal and awesome pegasus she's always been, Rarity is her classically beautiful and elegant and wise self, Fluttershy lives up to her name as always...I don't think we've seen Pinkie yet, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, Luna is obviously closer to her Season Two self (I usually ignore that personality because it doesn't quite gel with our glimpse of her at the end of the two-part Season One premiere, but that's just me) than she is from what little I've seen of The Kindness of Strangers, but I can live with it. :derpytongue2: Heh, kidding. And Celestia...well, she's obviously the villain at this point, especially from what her future (and evidently dead) self has to say. I approve of an Evil Celestia story if, again, it's well-done - I do not have the bias against it that others do.

Oh, right - let's not forget Carrot Top. I'm guessing she will prove more than a little significant as the story progresses, given her secret opposition to the way Celestia runs things. I might be missing someone or something else, but even so...keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

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