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Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here.


Equestria has been at peace ever since King Solaris had taken the throne. But with war on the horizon, he must leave to protect his ponies from harm. While away, Prince Discord, a relative of King Solaris, brings chaos over the land. It’s up to Rainbow Hood and her group of misfits to save the day. Of course, for Rainbow and her awesome hero saving skills, it’ll be as easy as clearing the sky. Or so she thinks. Will she be the hero Trottingham needs or will something unexpected make her drop from the sky in “ten-seconds flat”.

Story will contain shipping
TwiDash, Rarijack, Taviscratch.

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Ha ha ha:rainbowlaugh: comedy gold:moustache: _['""]{,}_ i bow to your creativity

Interesting. I like to hear this story.

7494719 Its been one i definitely love and alway find myself thinking about. Its just time is my enemy. Lol

Wow! What a coincidence I was actually watching Robin Hood (Disney version) today! And now there's a story with Rainbow Dash as Robin and has my favourite ships in it! I'm interested in this story already. :pinkiehappy:

7495618 I prefer Robin Hood: Men in Tights.... hey wait a second... :raritywink: but Disney is a classic! And we aim to please! Well... Moonlit does... I just help smooth things out and take all the blame from the crowd when I miss an error. xD

Heh heh, nice story. You have a good sense of humour my friend.

I'll admit this, I'm more of a FlutterDash shipper, but that won't stop me from reading this. It's just funny how I watched the Disney version of Robin Hood (where he was a fox) a few months ago. It was very enjoyable.

7496502 Because cannon. Really the only reason we didn't go with Doctor Whooves. lol

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