• Published 26th Nov 2012
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All Good Things - Wheller

Everyone remembers how Twilight Sparkle and her friends defeated Nightmare Moon and restored balance and harmony to Equestria, what everyone does not remember, however, was that this was not the first time that it happened.

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Chapter 5

Sunlight filtered in through the curtains of Twilight Sparkle's bedroom as she slept, the light shown onto her eyes, rousing the sleeping mare from her slumber. Twilight let out a loud yawn as she stretched out her legs and rolled over to look at the clock on her bedside table. The time read as half past eight in the morning. Twilight sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes, letting out another yawn. Her head was pounding; she took her hoof and began to rub her head.

She'd felt a headache like this before. The first time had been the morning after the first time that she had ever tried cider at Pinkie Pie's suggestion. She had learned something very important from that experience: If Pinkie Pie wanders up to you with a mug in hoof and asks you to try it, the answer is always no.

It took her a moment to realise where exactly she was. She blinked and found herself sitting on her bed in her bedroom, the same bedroom that Princess Luna was supposed to have been sleeping in. A small amount of panic overtook her; she hadn't... slept with the Princess of the Night, had she? Not in the same bed?

Twilight didn't remember going to bed, she must have been tired and wandered in here and gotten into bed with Princess Luna... or something.

She looked around and discovered that Luna was not in the room with her. Though, that wasn't exactly comforting either. She hopped up from her bed, exited her room and went downstairs. She stopped when she reached the bottom step; somepony was in the kitchen making something... it smelled like pancakes. She trotted over to the kitchen door and pushed it open. Walking inside, she discovered Princess Luna at the stove with a frying pan and spatula in her telekinetic grip. The Princess of the Night turned to look at Twilight as she entered the room and offered her a pleasant smile.

'Ah! Twilight, good morning,' Luna said with a polite nod. 'I was just about to come and wake you. Breakfast is ready!'

'About that, did I—' Twilight began before being interrupted.

'You fell asleep while studying at your desk last night, so I put you to bed and slept on the sofa,' Luna said with a smile as she took the last pancake from the pan and put it on a plate.

'Oh...' Twilight said. That was a relief to know that she hadn't done anything inappropriate.

Princess Luna smiled and took the plate of pancakes and set them on the table, distributing them equally between three plates, one for her, one for Twilight, and one for Spike. The door to the kitchen opened up again as the sleepy looking baby dragon stuck his head inside.

'I smell pancakes,' Spike said as he walked up to the table and took a seat.

'Princess Luna made breakfast,' Twilight said as she took a fork and knife in her telekinetic grip and cut herself off a piece of pancake. She accidentally scraped the knife against the plate, filling the air with a squeaky shrill of metal against ceramic. Twilight cried out and clutched her head in pain.

'Twilight Sparkle? Is everything alright?' Luna asked, looking concerned.

'I'm fine...' Twilight said looking up at her. 'I've got a headache this morning... but it'll be fine.'

Princess Luna nodded her head in understanding.

Breakfast was mostly quiet. They kept conversation to a minimum to keep from agitating Twilight's headache and by half past nine, her headache had subsided. Now it was time to go about the day and get done the things she needed done. Twilight had made a 'to do' list for the day and it was time to get started on it. The list was shorter than usual, only taking up fifteen centimetres of a roll of parchment. Much to her surprise, the box for the first item on the list, 'grocery shopping' had already been ticked off on the list.

She rolled up the list and trotted back into the kitchen. 'Princess Luna?' she asked, giving the alicorn mare an odd look. 'Did you go grocery shopping this morning?'

'I did,' Princess Luna said with a nod as she finished wiping off one of the dishes from breakfast and set it in the drying rack with her telekinesis. ‘I hope you don’t mind. I was awake and I took the money you had set aside for groceries. I got us everything we need for this week.’

'You didn't have to do that,' Twilight said, offering her a smile.

‘It was the least I could do. You have graciously taken me into your home and have done more than what is necessary to make me feel comfortable,' Luna said with a smile as she finished washing the dishes. 'That, and cook.'

'No complaints here!' Spike said with a yawn, patting his belly to indicate his fullness. 'Where did you learn to cook, Princess?'

'I often cooked for myself when I was younger. We did have servants that were there to cook and clean for us, but at the times I preferred to be awake at they were always asleep. I learned to fend for myself for the most part,' Luna said as she put the last dish into the drying rack and hung up the towel that she'd been using to wash them off. From what Twilight knew of the nobility, to do so was unimaginable. Most would not tolerate the inconvenience of doing something for oneself.

'Well, I certainly do appreciate your abilities, Luna I wish I was able to cook,' Twilight said with a chuckle.

'Ah yes... I heard that you are forbidden to go within ten metres of one of the kitchens in Castle Canterlot, My sister has even considered making it an indictable offence for you to attempt to cook anything within the Canterlot city limits,' Luna said with a smirk.

'Don't remind me...' Twilight said with a sigh before looking up at the Princess of the Night and giving her a smile. 'Well, I hope you won't mind if I head out for a bit, I do have a few other things on my list to attend to.'

'Not at all, I will see you when you return,' Princess Luna said offering her a smile in return as Twilight departed the kitchen. She placed her saddlebags on her flanks and headed out the door, with the ‘to do’ list in her telekinetic grip, to finish up the things she had to do today.

Now that Princess Luna had taken care of grocery shopping for her, it left a very short list for today. She had to stop by the post office to send out the order form for the new books she wanted to add to her collection in the library. Since Spike was only good for sending letters to Princess Celestia, she had to resort to the standard postal service for everything else. Then she would stop by the school house to discuss her plans with Cheerilee for greater accessibility of library materials for the foals in her class, but that wasn't until later.

After a quick stop off at the post office, Twilight soon discovered that, after finishing that errand, she was free for the rest of the morning. Twilight smiled, she could only imagine what she'd do with her new found free time...

'Hey! Twilight!' the voice of Rainbow Dash called out to her from above. Twilight looked up and saw Rainbow Dash sitting on a low hanging cloud not three metres above her. 'What's up?' Rainbow Dash added as she leapt off the cloud and landed expertly on the ground.

'Oh hey Rainbow!' Twilight said with a smile. Well... nothing now really. My list of things to do got much shorter on me.'

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and shook her head. She found Twilight's obsession with having a 'to do' list for each day to be silly and otherwise completely unnecessary. ‘Twilight? You ever think about just going with the flow? You know, just letting things happen?’ she asked.

‘Never,’ Twilight said adamantly.

Rainbow Dash shook her head again and sighed before looking around the street to see if anyone else was nearby. ‘Hey Twilight?’ she asked, having been satisfied with the results. ‘Is everything okay with you and Applejack?’

‘Applejack?’ Twilight asked before shaking her head and giving her friend a small chuckle. ‘Rainbow Dash, Applejack and I had a minor disagreement about the weather schedule. Of course we’re fine!’

‘Minor disagreement… right,’ Rainbow Dash said rolling her eyes. ‘Glad to hear it Twi, I got to get back to work. I’ll see you later,’ Rainbow Dash added with a wave before leaping into the air to get back to ‘work.’

Work. Rainbow Dash? Right, sure. Rainbow Dash’s general workday consisted of lounging around on a cloud ‘supervising’ the rest of her weather team. Twilight wasn’t fooled for a minute.

Though… Twilight did have to admit, something that Rainbow Dash had just said had stuck with her. Her disagreement with Applejack on the weather schedule had been relatively minor, why would Rainbow Dash be so concerned about it?

She turned her head to look down the street; she must have done it too fast, as it sent a sharp pain through her head. She cried out and brought her hoof to the aching spot instinctively. That time was pretty bad. She even considered heading over to the doctor’s office to get it looked at, but ultimately decided against it. It was just a twinge, nothing to fuss over.

She turned and went on back to her day with the thoughts about her disagreement with Applejack completely gone from her mind.

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