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Applejacks - Deleted by Author
The Great Brony Migration
Mareoid Fusion
My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic
Wise Words of an Apple

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Cry for Eternity
Magical Wizard Brony Detectives
Guardian of the Hearthfire

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Blue Angel
Parliament of Dreams
Guardians of Magic

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My Little Naruto - Chapters 6 - 10
Machine and Might - Prologue and Intermission

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Torn Between Two Worlds


Errors that Especially Evoke Emotions · 7:23pm May 26th, 2013

Well, I decided I was going to make a blog post about things in writing that just really get to me (and a bunch of you already know most of these because I edit for you... anyways), off we go.

1. Lead - Lead can be 2 different things: The present tense verb meaning "to guide someone", or the metal element of Lead, Pb, from the periodic table. If you are looking for the past tense of lead, that would be led.

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2298167 Really, the main thing that happened was the TGBM group sorta died, and with that a lot of my reasons to be around died. I also ended up getting real busy with work and stuff. I've sort of checked out what's up a little in the past bit, but I just find it difficult nowadays to even come back, because I'm afraid that I'll either get A) Super sucked in again, although I do enough gaming that I could do without that that may not be a huge thing, or B) I'd just end up disappointed from the amount of stuff that I don't find up to any par. Really, a lot of it just ends up being "My tastes changed"

IDK where ya went dude, but I miss ya :fluttercry:

Um... someone suggested you as a proof reader.

Can you do it for me?

1184000 That's alright. There are hundreds of editors out there.

1169343 Sorry for the late reply. Anyways, I'm gonna say no, mostly because of the fact that I'm not editing anything lately, even the stuff that I have a commitment to already...

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