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Well Damn

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Rarity is always something you must at least try to explain in my mind if you have a story based on canon and Spike isn't with her, but I usually really dislike the ones where Rarity is put down as she is a main character and as someone who personifies generosity I think she's better than that umm usually. I do plan to much later give her a bit of a happy ending as she is the only one that's alone having given up a happy ending for her friends. I hope you'll enjoy it! It will be Twilight this time who is trying to do something for Spike.

Hey no problem! :twilightsmile: It was a surprisingly pleasant read and I especially liked how you gave us a window to Rarity's thought process when she decided to decline Spikes confession. Her explaining her reasoning, helped to not only sell the ship but also her character because it was such a Rarity thing to do. :raritywink:
I have high hopes for your sequel and will very much check it out! :yay:

Hiya! I wanted to thank ya for the favorite on Could it be you. It was my first one-shot but I'm actually making the sequel since a lot of people wanted it. It should be done in a day or two. Writing the pairing like that was different as I never really wrote a romance like that but I tried to keep everyone in character and did my best. Glad you enjoyed it!

You deserve it!:twilightsmile: Thanks for the heartache!

Thanks for the fav!

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