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    After Sweetie Bell is accidentally hurt by a strange object in Whitetail Wood. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo begin to investigate on there own, despite Applejack's repeated warnings to leave it alone.
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This story is a sequel to To Each Their Own

After hitting her head in a training accident, Rainbow Dash catches a glimpse of a dark future, and a warning. "Do not talk to the Doctor."

The sixth in a series started by The Kindness of Strangers

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Okay, I'm intrigued; I have got to know why Future 'Twilight' doesn't want Rainbow Dash to talk to the Doctor.

(Also, it's consistent with what we know about Equestrians that they act like the members of the closed, uncurious society they are; butting his head against the religious beliefs (such as the inability and/or refusal to realize that nature is perfectly capable of taking care of itself) of the ponies isn't winning Tebbs many friends.)

Okay, now....Nightshadow clearly seems to see the Doctor as a threat to his plans and he's got Twi on board. Also, the Equestria of the near future seems to have joined the rest of their world in believing Heinlein's axiom about an armed society being a polite one. My guess is that Derpy has probably invested in a sturdy double bolt lock and recommended the product to other security-aware ponies.

Oh, goody; Near Future Equestria seems to be under new management and Twi doesn't like it a bit. She probably likes being made a chump of in the name of preserving her innocence even less.


Not to mention that Twilight is very well armed. Real life 8-bore ammunition is banned in every country as too destructive.

And while not stated, that revolver she has under her pillow shoots an 11 mm magnum round.


Which, of course, is why I have to see the next few stories in this continuity; that's because I have to know why someone like her ended up arming for Armageddon and if everypony else is also acting as if he or she is channeling Dirty Harry.

Oh, crud; she might not have died but it would seem that once piece was not, after all, put back together. This does not bode well for the future and might, in the end, be a contributing factor to Twilight's oncoming ownership of weaponry more suited for taking down big game than for personal protection.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay, Future Pinkie Pie is clearly still sore at RD for choosing Twilight. I just hope that if and when they all stop packing heat, someone has a big, tall glass of Get Over Herself.


Actually, while it's yet to come to light, pretty much everypony in the flash-forwards hate Rainbow Dash, except Twilight, for pretty much the same reason. What reason is this? All will be revealled... Eventually :scootangel:


While it's not cool for RD, I have GOT to see what she did to turn herself into the local pariah. If she did something that would get DERPY to hate her guts, she must be about to do something 20 percent more idiotic in ten seconds flat.

I'm loving this, yay, please update soon!^_^

Okay, so now we know WHY Rainbow Dash is the local conflicted hero who's hated by the town she saved and what might be happening to turn Pinkie Pie into the gun nut of the future; the question is is how (or if) present-day Pinkie's suicide attempt is going to keep this from happening.

maybe Pinkie isnt hallucinating and the other pinky got her own body now, that way the one in the future is this crazy one.

Also ,ugh the doctor can sooooo fix this if Rainbow helps him,hes not like Twilight described him, he cares about every life,even his enemies and would try to save them if he can. :flutterrage:


Twilight can't see how much the deaths of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the famine the rest endured, the corruption of Pinkie Pie and the devastation of the environment eats away at him like a cancer for a reason: she's hurting a lot worse because her world has been revealed to be a lie and she hates him because he's a moving target.


That's why the Doctor won't get involved any more than he already has. The average citizen of the Twin Gryphon Kingdoms isn't evil and has just as much the right to life as any pony or kangaroo. There isn't much that he can do that the kangaroo's of South Island already haven't.

Sabotaging the Cloudsdale Weather Engine saved lives in the long run. The South Island Expeditionary Force maintains it's largest holdings in Canterlot Province, Gryphons aren't stupid, they don't have the resources to launch an all out strike on the SIA XX Corps without a damned good reason. Cloudsdale would have been that reason, because they could have used the weather engines to kill everypony (and kangaroo) in Canterlot Province.

While the deaths of the CMCs is regrettable, it's simply way better than the deaths of everyone. This reasoning belonging to both the Doctor and Rainbow Dash, it's cold, yes, because the lives of the three young fillies were important, but not anywhere near as important as the lives of a million ponies.


yet even in situations where doctor would not act to simply not start trouble, he would if a child is in danger try everything possible to save them, if he (for now) didnt go with them he could stop the kids from going camping or save them before to late.

Example from season 5 of the new series (Matt Smith's first season) episode 2 :

"While they admire the ship's infrastructure, he states that they are observers only and they cannot get involved, all the while watching Mandy silently crying on the monitor. Amy begins to inquire whether it's hard to be "just an observer", only to notice the Doctor speaking to Mandy. "

just saying,i dont mind where this is going but if the doctor didnt go with them he would have tried to save the kids too. :fluttercry:


Assuming he knew. The Doctor isn't a god. He can't know everything, (despite claiming so.)

Since something did go wrong, I take it that somepony with vision problems might not make it after all.


but he would surely find out if they died, its directly connected to the main characters friendship breaking up and if he still needs them he would also find out

and not to mention that he has a time machine :D

He could get back from 20 years in the future to that point and stop it , by his words time is like a bowl of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and can be changed.

Now the question is if it would be for the better.Some of the 3 could later join the army and slaughter innocent griffons as retaliation for their attack on Equestria ,or something.

Okaaaaaaaay, so FutureDash protected Derpy up to the point where she blew up the weather engines; what I'm looking forward to seeing is what happened after she blacked out.

Okayyyyyyyyyy....so nothing about Derpy but finally an explanation of who the Trio are. Also, Vinyl Scratch seems to a key part of Future Twi's plan to save Equestria by some means that Present Day Rainbow Dash doesn't like.

Okay...............something untoward is going to happen very soon. That something probably involves an Earth pony with a lot of cement and not much time to use it (as well as possibly Fluttershy pointing a gun at RD).

Also, some embodiment of deception has got Twi's number.

So, who's going to be pointing a loaded weapon in Rainbow Dash's face next? By now, she must be feeling fairly anxious about that issue.


That's a good question right there. Rainbow has pretty much had everyone of her former friends point a gun at her/threaten her with violence/act upon aformentioned threats of violence. With the exception of Twilight and Vinyl, of course.


About the only two ponies I can think of that aren't going to would be somepony she barely knows, doesn't like and had died of a hereditary illness by then anyway :trixieshiftright: and someone who can't see well enough to fire a weapon in the first place :derpyderp2:.

(Unless the Doctor was invoking Rule Number One when he said that about her.)

Alrighty then; Rainbow Dash's mind has been used as a battleground for Overdrive and the Nightmares....cool.

Also, a cliff-hanger ending leading into the next phase of their ongoing battle for the hearts and souls of the ponies of Equestria; said 'battle', I should think, would involve Derpy's take on the fire we just saw.

2504 11 mm Magnum? Damn, what kind of nightmare is it when you have to have possibly the strongest handgun bullet known right now(at least to me.)


11mm calibre is pretty common. The M1911 pistol is 11mm calibre.

There are also handguns that are chambered for 12.7mm caliber.

11mm magnum you say? I hope these ponies have stronger forearms than humans do. That would snap a wrist like a twig.


No it wouldn't. There are plenty of 11mm magnum revolvers in the real world. The Smith & Wesson .44 magnum is of 11mm calibre.

Also, forelegs have nothing to do with it, you can't grip a gun with a hoof. That would be silly. Unicorns will hold them with magic, which pretty much takes recoil out of the equation. Anypony else is going to be holding it in their teeth and pulling the trigger with their tongues.

I see. Whenever us Americans hear caliber mentioned in millimeters, we immediately think of heavy artillery. I was thinking 11mm magnum was the equivalent of an anti-air cannon, my mistake.


Autocannons don't come into play until you've gotten to 20mm calibre and up.

...so, WHY doesn't Twi ask Spike to inform `Tia that Luna is being "Cared" for by a fragment of Nightmare? Actually, where the buck IS Spike in all this? I'm sure he'd like to know that his Big Sister/Mother is hot for Rainbow. :moustache:

Frankly, had she listened to the Doc and went back in time and cut down the tree before she smashed into it, all of this could be avoided.


No it wouldn't have. Depending on if you believe the Siblings Nightmare, Overdrive would have just used another event.

*is confused* who is the bad guy?! Overdrive? or is he evil too? Is all of the land corrupt? Of course the siblings Nightmare are bad, i think. roar..... i guess i just have to read more.

By far my favorite of all your stories, keep up the great work please

God damn it Seananners....

Roundhouse to the face? I'm impressed.

4669 The most powerful handgun round that I know of is the .500 S&W Magnum (12.7mm) and there is a Austrian company that makes a revolver chambered for the .600 Nitro express rifle round.

where is spike during all of this

:pinkiegasp:Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Nobody warned me that there was :twilightsmile:TWIDASH:rainbowdetermined2:in this.No offence, but I am NOT a huge fan of lesbians.But I'll still read this. BUT CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY THAT I AM INTRIGUED BY THIS STORY!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: Got it?:pinkiecrazy::scootangel: hehehehehehehe. I'm gonna shut up now and start reading.

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