• Published 13th Dec 2012
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Sex, Lies, and Cowpony Hats - O

Applejack has a secret job. Rainbow Dash has a secret hobby. They won't stay secret for long. A story of positive sex work, kinks, and helping other ponies.

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Great story, have a face and a mustache.:moustache:

Expertly done O

That's a mighty fine story you got there :ajsmug:

Wait, where's reigdar :twilightoops:
Haha Reigdar, beat you :trollestia:

Back to topic. Not time to read now, so set to read later. Trust me i wil :twilightsmile:

1794130 LOL :rainbowlaugh:
Didn't state i was first (ok, i might have implied that i was early), i just stated you were unusually late :pinkiehappy:
Good to have you here Reigdar :twilightsmile:

Did you wait for a chance to use that? :facehoof:

Art Inspired made it for me.

An hypothrtically awesome story. PS: I just realized you were the awesome author of all those awesome stories. PPS: I absolutely need a next chapter, I HAVE to know what the others said.

Congratulations! This is the final story I needed to round out the 'Stories With/About Clop That You Should Really Read, Even If You Really Aren't All That In To Clop' box on my page! :ajsmug:

looks interesting.

Surprisingly enjoyable. And strange.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of it, but I have read clop before, both some of the decent stories and some of the bad ones. And a few of those utterly atrocius ones which are impossible to actually finish. This was the first genuinely good clop story I've read though. As in, the story itself was quite good indeed and the clop added to it, rather than the opposite. :ajsmug:

I wouldn't call this clop at all, it's far more in the realm of erotica. There's an honest story to it (and not because AJ's in it, heh), romance, some delightfully silly bits (omg, Pinkie opening a brothel, that must be written someday), and of course, sex. Bravo! 5 out of 5 stars.

fantastic fic foo

I agree with both above statements. This seemed more like a story with clop added to it then an all out clop fic. Really nice story. Also the Pinkie brothel seems like a good idea.

As in, the story itself was quite good indeed and the clop added to it, rather than the opposite.

I wouldn't call this clop at all, it's far more in the realm of erotica. There's an honest story to it

I agree with both above statements. This seemed more like a story with clop added to it then an all out clop fic. Really nice story.

Isn't story focus great? :scootangel:

This was truly magnificent. Both emotionally and sexually, I really enjoyed the read. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy in the end. It was also an entirely new take on Rainbow Jerk, who is, I'm not ashamed to admit it, my least favourite character. However, imagining her like she is in this story... it makes her way more relatable and sweet.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful tale with us!

You know what? This story is so cool that needs 2 comments. Thing I didn't mention in the last comment
Marmelade, the Lady of a brothel? I see what you did there, and I reallly love it.
You know something interesting? When I read the first lines of the story, I thought "Hey, got an idea! What if AJ goes to where she's supposed to and RD is there! And then maybe after some encounters and stuff AJ learns that RD actually looked for call mares that looked like AJ because she loves here but she's afraid to tell'er?"
It was funny how I thought exactly what you wrote before I read it! Really, this is amazing, you need to keep writing these.

In terms of both clop and story I'd have to rate this as one of the best appledash fics I've read.
Consider yourself and your stories stalked.:trollestia:

I love your Applejack. She fits perfectly in with canon AJ, but has your own touch as well. You spend a lot of time developing her and do a really solid job. Dash really doesn't get much attention until the last chapter, but this story is about AJ. How she got into this situation, how she reacted to it, how she treats Dash, everything. Heck, you even explain the rope fetish. Very nice story.

Also: FINALLY, SOMEPONY WHO GOES TO RARITY ABOUT RELATIONSHIP ADVICE! Every shipfic I read where the characters get confused, no one ever goes to Rarity, the pony I think would be the obvious choice for this.

My avatar is one color swap away from being a BDSM symbol. Not really. Shapes and lines are a little off.
...*slapped upside the head*...
Wow, there was a story here that wasn't bad. And had some sex in it. And the characters were intresting. That made sense. Neat.

I had a very similar idea to this, but it just seemed so out of character for Rainbow Dash, I swapped Rarity into her role. It still seems very out of character for her. Both the sneaking around, and being so submissive. But it made for a great story.


I love this.

Its just...So good, in every aspect. Good writing, good grammar, good plot, and good clop.


Bravo! Bravisimo! Amazing, astounding, and awesome! Never, never, in all of the explicit stories I have read has bondage ever been so romantic and heartmoving! Well done my good pony, very well done indeed! Romantic, sexy, and even funny with the whole "Suckin yer apple for bits" part. You touched everything that is good about the show and then some.

I have to agree that this is a story with clop rather than a clop story, and that really does make a massive difference. I like kinky erotica, but I like solid character development more, and this fic certainly delivers in both departments.

Very well-written, both storyline and clop, and does a good job of keeping characters realistic and canon. Also, good use of an original story idea that shows that not all call girls or those who hire them are filthy. Also, the Pinkie Pie brothel thing: :rainbowlaugh:

That would be too easy of a solution though. "Hey, we have a problem that doesn't involve the elements of harmony? Just have the princess bail us out, lol!"

Would remove the conflict in a whole buttload of fics.

1794130 This! :rainbowlaugh:

And the story is going into my watch later list; sound's like something i will enjoy.

Clop shipping... done well. Wow, didn't think I'd ever say that :rainbowlaugh: .

Good job author, their personalities are intact, your writing is solid, and it's just in general a great story. Smooth, sir, real smooth :twilightsmile: .

Yea, this doesn't even feel like a clop-fic. It feels like an erotic romance. Nice. :ajsmug:
I think my boner actually fucked off at some point, albeit I wasn't paying attention, and any guy knows when a boner comes your way there's no ignoring it. That's like going to Las Vegas and not seeing all the lights. :twilightsheepish:
Have a moustache. :moustache:

The conversation between Rarity and Applejack about dresses was one of the best things I've read on here in a while... “I gotta go pack some rope.” hahahhahah

havent read it yet but im gonna go ahead and like looks awesome

And now my mind is full of fuck.

Or clop, if you prefer to call it that.

Yep, another awesome story from O! :ajsmug::heart::rainbowdetermined2:
I wish I was good with words, I would compliment this as best as I can.

Sir, you disgust me! :flutterrage:

You write something this depraved, this degenerate, about innocent pastel ponies.... :ajsleepy:

AND YOU LEAVE IT ON THAT NOTE?!? :raritydespair:

You are a cad and a bounder, sir. Good day to you! :moustache:

Seriously, I'd love a follow up. :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

Especially with Rainbow learning that lesson. :rainbowderp::ajsmug:

That was pretty good all around. Good flow, good scenes, liked the progression with AJ and RD.

Oh, and pinkie brothel? Equestria is doomed. Somehow.

I don't mind this story being featured. Wouldn't even call it clop.

That is... all kinds of awesome. I laughed my ass off at the idea of AJ with a feather duster. :rainbowwild:

An excellent job making yet another word dirty.

:ajsmug: Its apple bucking season
:duck: Art of the dress darling

This is Hot, Honest, and down right awesome! :D
You are an amazing author.

I thought your characterizations were perfect. Always loved the idea of Dash being so submissive and timid about letting her 'feminine' emotions show since it contrasts well with her regular persona. Opposing facets are what can really make a character feel well rounded, imo.
Your writing is great and I especially enjoyed that whole scene with Rarity too. Plenty of funny lines in there. The story + sex scenes synergized quite well, also. I don't think either would be nearly as good without the other.
Nice job. Take it easy~


I must see that conversation with Marmalade, and then that conversation(/those conversations) with the rest of the mane 6.

i gotta go pack some rope
reminded me of this

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