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You beautiful, BEAUTIFUL person you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Huh. Reminds me of when I read about gharry ponies and wrote My Little Gharry Pony—or rebooted Cupcakes—but to the Nth power, and against a far more hostile target.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe these people are responsible BDSM types fantasizing extra hard. :ajsleepy:

I'm not sure whether I'm game for reading this :applejackconfused: because I don't see anything like a promise that it'll turn out anything like okay (though to fail to do that would be like… collaborating) and to buy into this, with your ability to characterize, and then see it go traditional FoE (or simply tragic) would be devastating.


I totally, TOTALLY understand why you're doing it. :rainbowdetermined2:

And off the top of my head only Shy is a lost cause, it plays into her weaknesses far too well. I could see gaining a real intense love for Pinkamena through this (though I could see her going out in a blaze of vengeance, not so much being rehabilitated by anything) and I am convinced Rarity is up to something, but it'll take forever to learn about that.

Rarity has Sweetie Belle. :raritydespair: So, I think any plan she has is locked within that tortured brain, and nobody's going to have the faintest inkling until it's time.


I can promise that the lack of sad and tragedy tags won't change, and that the ending will be optimistic. It would be disrespectful to the characters to hand wave the wreckage away, but the pony spirit is, like the human spirit, an amazing thing.

Well, I've put YOU through enough. All righty, I am in your capable hooves. :ajbemused:

I AM worried as hell about blowback from the 'real' FOE, but there are few ponies I regard less, so be brave.

You have my sword! :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh:

4632955 4632941
And you have my axe

This song just sums up Fall of Equestria perfectly to me, so I make it a point to post it on all related stories. I'm always down to see ponies breaking free, so let's do this.


And my axe! Or knife-hand. Whichever would be more efficient.

So probably the knife-hand. Most deadly weapon in the Army's arsenal.

Damn I love this

You have my attention...

I wanna try it but at each time i think of a fic related to FoE I get nauseous at how sick in the head can a person be to think like that about the female gender :pinkiesick: i'm taking it into my read later folder but i promise nothing.

I read this with some trepidation, worrying that it might be nothing more than an extended kicking aimed at some group of internet sadacts I'd never heard of. Glad to say I was wrong. This is really good.

The magnificence of the human pony soul in the face of immeasurable bleakness is my fetish.

This is going in a good direction. I'll stick around. :pinkiesmile:

Hory sheet~

Well, I trust you to lead us out of this hell...

I've seen a couple of these stories where ponies or outside forces fight back against the caribou. I wonder if there should be a group for them, like there's a group for anti-Conversion Bureau stories.

(No comment on the story itself, because the last time I saw one of the anti-Falls in the featured box, I read the comments and saw one explaining the setting. Just a brief setting summary nearly made me lose my lunch.)

Ah, it's here at last! All my support and love goes to you and this story.

This is impressive. And scary.

I usually avoid sad fics, but as a fan of FoE and an Applejack fan, I can't not want to read this. And it's good! I could go into all the ways in which the writing is excellent, but I think everyone cares more about story content rather than mechanics.

This is a very promising story, and the lack of clop is a good choice. I always see FoE as just a embodiment of fetishes, not a proper story with any real substance behind it. And while normally I stay away from philosophy fights over this AU (that always amount to nothing), I still can't help but want to see a good ending come from this, one where the reader is rewarding for holding on to hope. I doubt it will happen that neatly, but you've got me hooked, and that's ultimately what good writing is all about.

May get around to reading this as one of the artists of FoE, Good luck to you and your works.

Love the story can't wate for next chapter when will the next chapter be out.:pinkiehappy:


Next Wednesday.

I'm still disagreeing that Spike would turn out the way he did in this verse, but that's just my character view of him. Either way, you're doing a great job with it, O. When I'm off of just moble net, I'll try to spread the word on the story. (Not that it'll do you much good, considering my follow count is a puddle to your lake). Anyway, keep up the great job!

and try writing a humanized fic sometime, nerd. You're so close at this point with anthro that you might as well take the plunge and go full smoothskin. It'd be nice having someone I could point to for people asking me where to find good human fics.

I'm not gonna read this. But I came to commend you for writing it.

This took courage. I'm honored to be acquainted with the writer who did this.


"Responsible" is a loaded word when it comes to fantasies.

But I understand the sentiment behind that statement, and I agree. BDSM is power, helplessness, physical pain--that is not what's going on here. The fetish here is suffering, misery, and sadism. This isn't "kinky." It's malicious.

Anyway, since I'm here and I've needed a pick-me-up for a while, I should get to my reading of the one series that I DO have a kind of loyalty to...

"Wow" is all I can say at the moment. I'll leave a full review tomorrow when I've had time to digest it properly.
For now I'll just say that you've inspired me like nothing else has for months. You manage to bring out the stark, brutal beauty and horror of the setting in exactly the way I strive to someday manage. If you ever find the time or inclination, you could write an agonizingly erotic canon fic.

This right here is how you respectfully write a story in someone else's setting. Wow.

Also, I'm unashamedly stealing your... dickypops? That was a stroke of utterly depraved genius on your part! (Did you take inspiration from A Clockwork Orange?).

why is this a thing ? the original plot was stupid as sin how is this so popular?


Judging by the upvote to downvote ratio, I'm not sure it's popular. But from what I've gathered from the people who seem to like this, there's a combination of people who would like the catharsis of seeing the characters act heroically to overthrow the bad guys, and of people who like the alternative view of the setting as something taken seriously and reacted to seriously by the characters (which tends to turn a lot of things from "stupid" to "very creepy.")

4636445 What i meant was why is fall of equestria verse a thing i mean i get that pron is porn i saw stupider things on dojinshi's


red collars aren't miserable, purple collars and the stallions aren't. Personally when I read FoE I think most mares have Twilight's attitude


4637606 I think that's a pretty disingenuous way of looking at it.

Most of the ponies you mentioned were forced (through magical or mundane brainwashing) or coerced (through a lack of other options) into "enjoying" it. Would they be "enjoying" it in their right minds? Probably not.

It's like the idea that I could make a very happy person with a lobotomy, but most people would probably consider the outcome pretty miserable. If Twilight, in a more canon setting, saw what she was here, she would call herself miserable.

4632941 i am a priest and you have sinned by writing this story, Repent and disown this story and you may be forgiven by god

(I AM NOT AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY old testament doesn't apply anymore )

4636501 I like you


there's plenty of other mind control stories that don't get the hate the FoE does. The only thing that separated FoE from a standard mind control story is that there's non-mind controlled living among the brainwashed.


4637733 Have you even seen my other stories? Trust me, I've sinned, but this isn't it.

4637753 I think Fall gets flack for several reasons, none of which really have to do with mind control. First, the entire setting is non-con. Characters are brainwashed to do things they wouldn't consent to, those who aren't brainwashed are coerced or physically forced. It's one thing to write a fic where one or a few characters are forced into things, but the whole setting kind of slaps people in the face with it, and that makes people uncomfortable.

Second, the whole basis of it is misogynistic, with a clear male superiority theme. Compare that with something like Equestria Trainers Society, which covers most of the same fetishes but features both male and female doms and slaves, and you can see a clear difference in how creeped out people are.

Third, there are some major flaws in the world building of the setting. Questionable reactions and characterization, characters and races designed to be able to defeat characters in ways that make no sense with what we see in canon, and some major plot point that can easily come across as silly. Of course, none of these things would make it stand out from other weird settings people write if it weren't for the other items on this list.

Fourth, how prolific the setting is. Most of those stories that don't get flack are limited to one or two stories, and rarely any art. Thanks to non_creepy_nickname commissioning people, Fall has massive amounts of art (for an AU setting) and three official fics. That's a lot for a single AU.

Given those things, I think it's totally understandable that it gets more hate than other, comparable settings. I might not agree with people who are blinded by hate for this setting, but I can see where the rage comes from.


Actually the other stories i can easily absolve you of, heck they aren't as "evil" as the kind of sin this one is


If I talk to you about this I'm just going to turn into a pissed off SJW. You are much closer to "literally Hitler" than that term usually means. I hope you never breed.


Blinded by hate? Believe me, I can trace my own hate and those of others down to the feminist buzzwords.

This isn't kink. Anyone who gets off on this has a fetish for other people being miserable. That is wrong in a way that cannot be defended.


It'd be nice having someone I could point to for people asking me where to find good human fics.

I see how it is, :applecry:

This is well written. It's nice to see someone turning horror into hope. It's a reminder that nobody deserves hell.

Have you seen the vote ratios on the canon fics? The main story had more downvotes than views at one point. You seem to be doing pretty well by comparison.
Rather than post a blithering and incompetent analysis, I'll just say: I loved the first two chapters of your story, at least. Your painstaking attention to detail is astounding, and does us honour. I hope you'll continue following and even enjoying the series as it continues to develop.

I'm interested to see where you're going with this story, but worry that it lacks the existential erotic horror that makes the series... special. While you've done an enviable job of exposing the real vulnerability and pain the characters experience (often glossed over or ignored in enslavement fantasies), I think you risk a retreat into a different kind of escapism: a vain fantasy of singlehandedly turning back an engulfing tide through the power of individual virtue and heroism. It's the kind of story that could only honestly end with Dash vacantly humming Aquarela do Brasil in her cell, daydreaming of vanquished dragons and rescued heroines (at least in the Director's Cut edition...).
"Now, as Twilight dims the sky above
recalling thrills of our love"

I hope to get the chance to explore their characters and relationship myself, within the context of the canon setting. I think their defiance and strength of personality is even more stunning in contrast, like the beauty of a model emerging from the shadows of a chiaroscuro painting.

Speak for yourself, not for others. If you need to know how other people feel, listening works better than telling them what they really think.
Of course, you might not get the answer you wanted to hear that way. :twilightblush:


Mm! "existential erotic horror" That's an excellent way to put it. The reason I can't just leave it at that is because this bit of, shall we say, absurdist art is NOT meant to be depressing; it is gleefully sadistic.

This is about loving how incredibly SEXY it is when rape victims commit suicide, and how awesome it would be to kidnap, rape, and beat underage girls in increasingly inventive ways until you have a harem of slaves who know that this is their place in life.

Or, worse than small girls--taking women, the stronger the better, and showing them what women actually deserve.

That is the fetish that this appeals to, and that is the kind of person who likes this.


All right.

I should take a step back and try to find something to say that isn't as antagonistic.

I'm not calling you a monster--or, I might be, but only because I'm a bit of a sophist and I think that defending a statement means not backing off when you start having to be an extremist in order to stand your ground.

But let me back up instead of going there right off.

The core of what I'm saying is that there is a difference between the dynamics of power and helplessness in BDSM vs a fetish for inflicting suffering and misery.

I can imagine, if I put my mind to it, that some people might have that fantasy in a healthy and safe way. But don't try to write it off as something less than what it is.

This is... well... I can't say I enjoy the setting of this story... Or the story's universe in general...

I can say that this is really well written, and this story has me more engaged than most can manage. I'm trusting you with this, O!



I think you risk a retreat into a different kind of escapism: a vain fantasy of singlehandedly turning back an engulfing tide through the power of individual virtue and heroism.

You're not entirely wrong, though I think it's unfair to paint it that way when, as far as I can tell, the set up has one individual having caused the tide. One of the most important pieces of writing advice I've ever learned is to finish the story you began. I'm sorry, but when the setting presents one villain and a team of nameless thugs as somehow overthrowing an entire society, we're working in simple stories here. When the setting gives you Darth Vader and "the Empire," it's thematically honest to present Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance. Especially when the evil control is based around one magic macguffin, and the resistance has historically (and canonically) had access to macguffins of similar power. If it's a dishonest ending, it's because it belongs with the dishonest beginning presented by non_creepy_nickname. Fall of Equestria begins as Revenge of the Sith, not A Game of Thrones.

Of course, that's not the point of this story. A better comparison here would be V for Vendetta or The Hunger Games; a character study (or studies) presented against the backdrop of both personal and world spanning events, and examining their effects on the individuals as they struggle to find a way to the light. As the author, I can say honestly that if or how they alter the world isn't as important to me as who they are when they get there.

The writing is captivating, and it's one of the few serious looks at the FoE setting I've seen.

Keep up the good work.

A side note: FoE does indeed have plot holes and have a very dark setting, but I don't think you're supposed to think too hard about it. I'm not sure what the author was thinking with the ultra dark misogyny, but the pictures and porn can be entertaining enough that I'm willing to give it a pass as long as nobody actually thinks that mass rape or misogyny would be a good thing to have in a society. Just look at the areas controlled by terrorists in the middle east!


Are you all familiar with Twilight's Plant Problem by Kaiden?

It features Twilight brainwashed by a sentient plant she then brainwashes the rest of the Mane 6 transforming them into pony/plant hybrids as well as the CMC. the majority of ponies are going to become food for plants and the rest are going to be some type of hybrids. By the end of the story all of Ponyville is lost, Luna was captured and put in a plant that was going to torture her for eternity until Celestia showed up to save the day.

It has 799 likes and 121 dislikes.

The only difference I see between this story and others like it is the male superiority. For me, if you're going to alter someone's mind to make them enjoy something they wouldn't I'd prefer a magic spell to training like you see in Equestrian Trainer's Society. What's done to the wings bothers me more than the horns, but I've seen worse transformations in stories. Lapis Luzali's work squicks me out than Fall of Equestria


I stand by the combination of factors I pointed out. No individual one is enough to cause the hate, it's the combination of them all.


a fetish for inflicting suffering and misery.

You keep separating it from BDSM, but that is kinda the definition of "sadism," which is a pretty well documented fetish and is part of the acronym. And there are masochists out there who like it from the other side. I should point out that a surprising number of the artist behind the series are women, especially considering the ratio in this fandom.


Not buying it. Core part of the S in BDSM is putting your subs through a world of "existential horror?" There IS a difference.

Again, if I'm gonna step back and start over, no, I'm not invested in the idea of morally calling this shit out. People are allowed to create things that are horrifying.

But Dickhead down there saying "it's not so bad?" Yeah, he's a monster.


As I've pointed out before, and as the works of the Marquis de Sade show, the activity of BDSM and the fantasy behind it are two different things. For a sadist and masochist, pretending to put the masochist through existential horror is a fun Saturday night.


Again, I can back off from doing the moral panic thing here, but quite frankly it's hard for me to see "destruction fetish" to this degree as being something that can be just a game. "existential horror" here means absolute, crushing misery.

My favorite example is Carnifex and his art--he once drew something that was a significantly more brutal rape fantasy than his usual, and ended up reiterating a lot of his standard defenses of such material--particularly, that they're fictional characters and therefore a) you can imagine that it's all an elaborate setup if you want, and b) by definition nobody is being long-term traumatized.

So yeah. Fetish for the long-term scars on rape victims. Not saying it's impossible for that to be a healthy thing, but...

Regardless, I'm probably wrong to go into moral panic mode. Except when it comes to Fuckface with his "some of the mares enjoy it" line. You reading this, buddy? Fuck you.

4639103 Almost all of us are self-aware enough to know that would have some... Complications. For instance, there'd be a high rate of males murdered in the long term. XD

I myself find no joy in discussing the political implications of such a society. I do realize underground shit happens in the third world, and, especially concerning the underaged, want to hurl when I hear of those sorts of stories. I'm a pervert, not inhuman. :3

I know you didn't intend this to be the least bit erotic, but I have to admit you hit the sadism angle out of the park, in a way I'd like to learn to imitate. Thunderlane and Paperwhite's interrogation in particular nailed all the right notes to leave people with the right interests shivering. I know I already said it, but if you ever wanted you could do a smashing erotic fic in this setting.

Honestly (boring RealTalk here), FoE is the only safe outlet for exploring fantasies I wouldn't ever want to try playing with in real life, with anyone. It's hard for a lot of people to accept and deal with the enjoyment they get out of even basic domination play, especially in our hyper-sensitive mass-guilt-tripping age. I wouldn't want to risk a partner suffering what acting out this level of casual, leering sadism might make them feel.
If he didn't enjoy it (or worse, pretended to enjoy it), I'd have made him be and do something horrible to get my kicks. If he did enjoy it, he'd have to be very secure and strong-willed not to let that get to him. All while having to help me put myself back together from the thousand shattered pieces that kind of play would leave me in.
It wouldn't be fair at all, and I'd worry about it too much for it to ever be worth trying. That hot electric tingle of fear is addictive, but not so much that I'd grab this particular live wire for it.


I can say honestly that if or how they alter the world isn't as important to me as who they are when they get there.


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