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The sexiest man you've ever met.

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The mad Snuggler, still on the loose! :rainbowderp:

:rainbowdetermined2: "Stop me before I snuggle again!"

Yo, dude, great story you got here. In fact, I liked it so much, I reviewed it so other peoples can check it out. :moustache:

Your story has been reviewed! Congrats!
Thread is here

AHHH! I LOVE THIS!!!:pinkiehappy:

Very nice. It was fun before, but you really polished it into something satisfying.

Haha Rainbow the sleep snuggler classic.
It started out innocent enough but got crazy hot. Then it was nice and cuddly at the end.
Nice job :ajsmug:

3781772 O_O HoofBitingActionOverload, you lucky motherbucker.

I liked it. Nothing like some short & sweet AppleDash to end a long day :ajsmug:

Oh, wow, Thank you!

Thanks for all your help. It's good to know it's readable now.


this earns a spot in my top favorites of AppleDash stories. had me smiling throughout most of the story from all the feels. Not to mention the somewhat different idea of how it happened. I salute to sir :ajsmug:

Salute to *you... ill just go hide in a hole now :facehoof:

wow! I can say anything else.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I read up to the clop, was very cute and surprisingly it seemed very much like Dash.

Comment posted by Jubilant Catarina deleted Jan 15th, 2014

So cute. :rainbowkiss: Loved this story.
I think these Appledash stories are making me want to switch my OTP...

Appledash is best ship. I can prove this with tea-leaf readings. I love how this was uber-cute with Dashie being super-shy with her snuggie-blankie, then went cuddly, then squishy and then cuddly again. This gets an upvote, fave and a watch.

Very nice. Pretty heavy on the AppleDash though, would like it a bit more as a spur-of-the-moment thing rather than as a byproduct of lasting crushes.

Feels more organic when neither party has a fucking clue what they're doing or why they're doing it. :moustache:

All I have to say is wow. I've got to say that I'm just like Dash in the fact that I don't understand the making of beds either. Great job.
9/10 :rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

You scoundrel, you! You have killed me.

Killed me with all this damned cuteness. Cuddly Dashie is so ADORABLE:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Bro. When I saw this, I thought this would be some hardcore cuddling SHIT IN HERE!!!!!!!

You never disappoint in your AppleDash stories and this was no exception. Great story

3783570 that awkward moment where the person can't see the obvious "insert image" button a few centimeters from their comment :ajsmug:

3785390 Ehh im just messing with you, i know your sort of new :rainbowlaugh:
You should experiment with those buttons up top though

Every clopfic I've ever read has all of the females ejaculate some form of fluid upon reaching orgasm, despite the fact that less than 50% of women actually do. This is the first one to be scientifically accurate in that respect, for which I both thank you and curse you (since now my work in progress doesn't have that honor).

That aside, this was amazingly well written. And I don't give compliments lightly. This deserved its position on the Featured page easily.

Filled with D'awwws.

Loved it, man.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3785812 well you learn everyday

Emotionally-vulnerable Dash is best Dash. I just love how you write her, with this extremely soft side she covers up with all her bravado. Very sweet and very hot and very sweet again; I don't always rush to read clop, but when I do it's one of yours.

Deserves every like and favourite that comes it's way.

Comment posted by Jubilant Catarina deleted Jan 15th, 2014

3788398 **Commented Deleted**
Purrrrrrrfect :trollestia:

My first deleted comment!!
YAY! I feel so successful!

I love 'Apple Dash' fare! one of the best that ive ever seen. awesome work!

I lay awake at night, too scared to sleep. She could be anywhere, all the time.

3781709 3781721>>3782083>>3783106>>3785042>>3785990>>3788386>>3788452

Thank you!

AppleDash: More satisfying than a glass of scotch and tastier than an ice cream sandwich. Treat yourself.

Oh, well thanks.

And stay there. Come back out when you've learned you some grammar.

I'm surprised to learn you were able to get any satisfaction at all out of it only reading the nonclop parts, but glad to know you enjoyed them, nonetheless.

Do it. Switch to PinkieDash, the one true ship.

Thank you! And from now on I'm going to refer to having sex as 'getting squishy'.

Yeah, I kind of agree. It was more of a spur of the moment thing originally, and that's how I intended it, but it was dull that way. I don't know if this is any improvement, but I do think it's more enjoyable. Or more appealing, at the very least.

Making your bed is for amateurs.


I hope I didn't disappoint?

Actually, this did have ejaculation Or, I guess it was more implied ejaculation. That you didn't notice hopefully means that I was appropriately subtle about it. Some people do go a little over the top with it, though. Thank you for the kind words.

This is the exact reaction I hope for every time I post a fic. You've made a wish come true this night, and you have my deepest gratitude.

Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside Rainbow Dash is hard to not like. Arguably totally out of character, but very sweet all the same.

I'm also always pleasantly surprised to learn that some people have not only read more than one of my stories, but actually enjoyed more than one of them, too. So thank you for that.

Tengo el placer.

Extreme cuddling. The newest extreme sport.


Like, fave, and comment. This was awesome. Only thing to make it better would be a 3 way with a stallion. Perhaps a special stallion. My character has twin dicks. That could be fun. :ajsmug:

That was too cute ^_^

3789182 no problem. AppleDash being my OTP had a lot to do with that, but it was a good story too.

It's like not eating the strawberry in neapolitan ice cream, it's not that hard to avoid what you don't like.

3790566 your avatar reminds me of a fic called The rainbow factory.

3791384 in the rainbow factory
Where your fears and horrors come true
In the rainbow factory
Where not a single soul gets through

That was so cuteeeee :heart: :rainbowkiss:

Do I at least get food?

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