Sex, Lies, and Cowpony Hats

by O

First published

Applejack has a secret job. Rainbow Dash has a secret hobby. They won't stay secret for long. A story of positive sex work, kinks, and helping other ponies.

Short on money, Applejack turns to her cousin's escort service in Canterlot for a second job. She's. . . not very good at it. With one last chance to make the bits she needs, she just has to take care of a regular client for a few weeks. Applejack is more than a little surprised when that client turns out to be somepony she knows, and that's only the beginning of the surprises in store.

A story of positive sex work, kinks, and helping other ponies.

Chapter 1

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Applejack stood across the desk from the mare, her head hung in shame. The room was a bright and tasteful office with white walls, orange curtains, and not a hint of the type of business conducted.

Marmalade just smiled kindly. “AJ, I'm afraid you might not be suited to the work.”

Marmalade matched the office, she was an earth pony mare with a light beige coat, and her deep orange mane was styled with sophistication. And she didn't look at all like the madam of an escort service.

Applejack took a deep breath, and steeled herself. “I gotta be. We need the money.”

“Well, you certainly don't look like you like the idea of it,” Marmalade said, raising an eyebrow. “And you didn't act like you liked it much, either, at least not to the stallions I sent you to.”

“I'm so sorry 'bout that,” Applejack said quickly and earnestly. She really did feel bad for running out on her jobs, if for no other reason than the harm to Marmalade's business. “Did ya' send 'em the baskets of apples I sent?”

“I did. There's no harm done. But we offer a service here, AJ. If you can't do it, I can't keep you on, family or not.” Marmalade gave her a pitying smile, and Applejack closed her eyes as worries about the farm crept back in.

“I understand. I just-” Applejack thought carefully about her next words. While she felt low and dirty having to sell her body to make ends meet, Marmalade was her cousin, and she'd known for a while now what business she was in. Mar always seemed so cheerful and put together, it didn't feel right to think of her as anything but a high-class business mare. “I don't get how ya' do it, Mar.”

“The peg goes in the hole.” Mar said with a smirk. Then she chuckled, “Sorry, professional humor. But really, AJ, I thought you of all ponies would understand. I've always thought you'd be good at this.”

Applejack raised an eyebrow, “Um, thanks. . . I think?”

“It's a compliment. You're kind, dependable, and confident. And you're cute, in a filly-next-door kind of way. You don't seem like the type to be hung up on love, you've seen enough farm animals to know that sex is just pressing bodies together.”

“I guess I always thought I was better than a farm animal,” Applejack said, feeling dirtier than ever.

Marmalade frowned, looking almost hurt. “You think this is all about sex, honey? Believe me, there are mares out there who will rut a pony for a lot less than what we cost.”

“I didn't mean it that way!” Applejack said, but Marmalade went on.

“My business is about trust, AJ. Ponies trust me and my girls to be clean and discreet, at the very least. But I have ponies who call me because they've been insecure all their lives, and they just want a nice mare they know won't laugh at them, who will make them feel like a stallion. I have ponies who haven't met that special somepony yet, who just want to be close to another pony for a while. I have ponies who want perfectly harmless things in bed that they feel like they can't tell anypony else. But they can tell me, and they can trust me and my girls to make them happy for a little while. I thought I could count on you to do that for a pony.”

“I understand, Mar. I'm sorry I messed this up.” Applejack nodded sadly and turned to go. Failure was always hard for her, but to have failed at whoring, and let down both her family back home and her cousin, left shame in her heart she didn’t think was ever going away.

“Wait, AJ. I was going to give you another shot, if you want it. But only one more. I run a business here, I can't get a reputation for sending out inexperienced mares who can't follow through.”

Applejack looked up, surprised and hopeful. “Thank ya', Mar! I really do appreciate it. I'll do whatever I gotta do so I don't let ya’ down.”

“I know. Now, I'm pulling some strings here. I really do want to help you folks at Sweet Apple Acres. We don't have many mares for clients, but this one is a regular.” Applejack felt a wave of relief wash over her that showed plainly on her face, and Marmalade went on with a smile. “I thought that might be part of it. Maybe this will be easier. Now, like I said, she's a regular, every other week. So if you make her happy, you should have the money for those taxes by the time they're due.”

Marmalade picked up a pencil in her teeth and started to write down some information on a card. Applejack just grinned. Even though Marmalade’s trust in her meant that she was headed to a hotel room where she'd have sex with a pony she'd never met, it also meant that there was still a chance she could come through for her family and her farm, and show Marmalade she could count on Applejack to do a job right.

“I'll make her real happy. She'll be beggin' for me, I promise.” Marmalade offered Applejack the card, who slid it into the band inside her hat for safe keeping. “Thank ya’ again.”

“You're welcome, AJ. She'll love you. Have fun!”

Applejack left the office, and trotted through the darkening streets of Canterlot looking for the hotel. As she did, the euphoria of having another chance started to wear off, replaced by nerves. She avoided the eyes of ponies around her, and pulled her hat low in hopes that nopony recognized her. She knew that even if they did, it was hardly wrong to be looking for a hotel in Canterlot, and that anything a pony might look down on her for was strictly between herself, Marmalade, and the pony she was about to meet.

She located the hotel not far from the train station, towards the edge of the city. It was a simple, clean place, the kind of place she or Mac would stay if they came to town on farm business. She walked in and glanced at the desk clerk, and looked away quickly. Asking where the room was would be a totally innocent question, but she could just imagine him leering at her as though he could read her mind. With another quick glance at the totally oblivious clerk, she walked down the first hallway of rooms as if she knew exactly where she was going.

Once she determined the pattern of the room numbers, it was easy enough to find the one she was looking for. She double checked the number against the one on her card, then smoothed her always-rumpled mane with her hoof. It annoyed her that she had actually brushed it before she left home, and not three hours later it was a mess again. But that couldn't be helped. At least her coat was clean, and she'd even put on some perfume that Rarity gave her for her birthday. She chuckled a little, wondering if Rarity would like the idea that this was the only thing she was ever going to use it for.

Applejack stared at the door for a moment, preparing herself. There was a pony in there who needed some ‘help’, and she was going to. . . ‘help’ them. That was all. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. While she waited she quickly swept her hat in hoof and held it against herself. Good manners were important, after all.

The door opened, revealing an unmistakable rainbow-maned pony.

The door immediately slammed shut, but Applejack only heard the sound behind her as she darted down the hall and around the corner, blushing furiously. She stopped in the next hallway, trying to calm her panic.

Of all the wrong doors to knock on! How the hay was she supposed to explain this to Rainbow Dash? She took a few deep breaths, reminding herself that Dash didn't know that she was whoring, she just needed an excuse for knocking on a hotel door in Canterlot on a Friday night.

She was making an apple delivery. That's right, a surprise apple delivery. . . for a party! And she was supposed to drop them off at the hotel, and got the wrong room. Applejack smiled a little, proud of herself that it sounded almost believable. In her head it did, at least. She frowned again, knowing that as soon as it came out of her mouth, Dash would ask for the truth.

What was Dash doing in a hotel room in Canterlot, in the first place? Wasn’t Friday the night she went to visit her aunt in Cloudsdale? As soon as AJ thought that, she looked at the card again, peeking around the corner to look at the numbers on the doors. She gasped as she realized that she hadn't knocked on the wrong door. Dash had been lying to them so she could sneak off to Canterlot and-

Applejack's thoughts cut off and her eyes went wide as she realized that Dash wasn't just waiting for a call mare. Dash was waiting for her. The desire to walk away and never, ever mention this again was almost overwhelming. But then Dash would complain to Marmalade, and AJ would never find a way to earn that much money in the little spare time she had.

She bit her lip and stood up, forcing herself to put one hoof in front of the other as she walked back to the doorway. There was nothing else for it, she would have to tell Dash. Dash wouldn't want to have sex with her, she was sure of that, but maybe they could work something out so AJ didn't lose her job.

“Rainbow Dash. I know you're in there,” Applejack called as she knocked on the door. It opened a crack and Dash peeked out.

“AJ, I can totally explain later. But, I'm kinda waiting for somepony now, and it's kinda my own business, so-”

“You're waitin' for a girl. I know.” Applejack looked down, blushing furiously, completely unable to meet Dash's eyes. “Marmalade sent me.”

“What?” Dash blinked. Then her eyes went wide and the door flew open. “What?! You're a whore?! I mean, um, call mare?”

“Thanks, Dash. I wanted all of Canterlot to know it.” Applejack glared at the dumbstruck pegasus, then she sighed. “Just lemme in, I'll explain.”

Dash stepped aside, her mouth hanging open. AJ walked into the room and shut the door behind her.

It was a normal hotel room, nothing fancy. There was a bed big enough for two ponies, a bland picture of flowers on the wall, and two sitting-pillows on the floor. AJ took a seat on one, still avoiding Dash's eyes.

Dash just took off, hovering a few feet in the air and staring at her nervously. “So, um, what's going on here? You're a call mare now? Did this come up at some picnic I missed?”

“I ain't told anypony. Nopony knows I'm here but Mac.”

Dash's looked shocked. “Mac knows? Mac is okay with this? He didn't talk you into this, did he?”

“No! He'd never do that!” Applejack said forcefully. Then she calmed herself and went on. “Listen, we needed money for the farm. They raised the taxes on us, and we don't have time to make it up. Marmalade's our second cousin, on the Orange side of the family, and everypony knows what she does for a livin’. So I told Mac I was gonna come to Canterlot to see her. He ain't any happier with it than I am, but he knows somethin' had to be done.”

Dash landed on the other pillow and looked at AJ, confused. “Why didn't you tell us? We all would've helped.”

“If I told you guys, and you couldn't get it all, I woulda been in the same place, but then y'all woulda wondered just where I was gettin' the money. This way, none of y'all needed to know what I’ve been doin'.” Applejack cringed. “Well, 'til now.”

They were both quiet. The blush hadn't faded from AJ's cheeks, she couldn't remember being more embarrassed in her life.

“If it helps, I don’t think you’re a bad pony or anything,” Dash offered.

“You'd better not,” Applejack said with a small smile. “Visitin' your aunt in Cloudsdale, huh?”

Dash smiled guiltily and rubbed the back of her neck. “I, uh, do that every other Friday.”

“That don't exactly make it less weird, Dash,” Applejack said, raising an eyebrow. “Why the hay do ya' hire somepony to have sex with? You're a good lookin' pony, there's gotta be mares throwin' themselves at ya'.”

“There totally are!” Dash said quickly. “I could have any mare in Ponyville!”

“So why don't ya'?”

“I. . .” Rainbow Dash hesitated, and seemed to be considering something. Then she looked away and went on. “Look, I just needed something a while ago, and a guy on the weather patrol mentioned this place. Marmalade got it for me, and I had fun. So when I get my paycheck, I treat myself. It's just easier, and there's no feelings or mushy stuff to deal with.”

“I guess that's fair.” Applejack nodded. “I don’t think you’re a bad pony, neither.”

Dash smiled, but something seemed to be bothering her. Finally, she said, “AJ, you know I can't treat you like a call mare. Just explain things to Marmalade, and tell her I'll come back next week.”

Applejack looked down again. “I can't. See, she's sent me out twice, but I couldn't. . . follow through. This is my last shot, Dash. If I go back there without bits, I'm fired. Then I dunno how I'll ever earn the money.”

“Okay, go ahead and take the bits,” Dash said with a shrug. “I don't need it or anything. Actually, how much do you need?”

“Fifteen hundred.”

Dash smiled. “If you can give me another month, I can get that for you. You don't have to work for Marmalade, I'll just skip a few weeks.”

“I can't do that!” AJ protested. “She's family, it'd be like takin' money outta her pocket. Besides, she might think I'm stealin' you or somethin'.”

“Oh. Yeah, I don't want her to think I'm getting her girls under the table. When you've got enough money, I would like to have some fun again,” Dash said with a guilty smile.

Applejack chuckled. “I never woulda thought it of you.”

Dash blushed. “Anyway! Um. . . we can just hang out for a while, and pretend we're. . . ya' know. Then you take the money to Marmalade, and everypony's happy, right?”

“That don't seem fair to you,” Applejack pointed out.

“Are you kidding?” Dash grinned. “You're my friend. I told you, if you'd asked, I would've just given it to you.”

Applejack smiled. “Well I woulda asked, but you never seem to have much money. I didn't know ya' were blowin' it all on call mares.”

“It's not blowing it! I have fun!”

“I was kiddin', don't get your feathers ruffled.” Applejack settled herself comfortably on the pillow. The blush had finally faded from her cheeks, and she was sitting here with her best friend. For the first time in hours, she felt like she could let her guard down. But another uncomfortable feeling was creeping in, one she couldn't put her hoof on. She knew she shouldn't have teased Dash. Not in this situation, at least.

“This is real sweet of ya', Dash. I can't thank ya' enough.”

“No problem.” Dash smiled, relaxing. “So, you're a call mare but you've never actually gotten to the sex part? Was there something wrong with the other ponies, or did you just chicken out?”

“I. . . I guess I just chickened out,” AJ admitted. “They seemed like nice enough stallions, I even got to liftin' my tail for one of 'em, but when it came time, I just couldn't do it. I mean, I knew havin' sex was the job, but I was just kinda scared.”

“Why?” Dash frowned.

“You really wanna know? It's gonna sound silly.”

Dash nodded. “I really want to know.”

“I was scared they wouldn't like it. I mean, they're payin' me to do a job, but it ain't one I got much practice with. What if I was just plum awful, and they told Marmalade?” Applejack was almost laughing at herself.

Dash tried not to laugh. “AJ, you’re a pretty, fun, nice mare. I bet there are plenty of stallions who’d pay money to show you what to do.”

“That ain’t fair to them. I ain't been with a stallion but once, and. . . whew, that was a bad time for the both of us.” Applejack chuckled. “But I was real relieved when Mar said they had a client who was a mare. That's somethin' I know what to do with- I mean, woulda known, if it wasn't you.”

“Really?” Dash raised her eyebrows. “You've. . . been with a lot of mares?”

“Some.” AJ shrugged. “You knew I was a fillyfooler, didn't ya'?”

“I guessed.” Dash nodded. “So, who have you been with? Anypony I know?”

“I'd rather not answer that,” Applejack said with a smirk.

Dash smirked back. “I'm paying you to sit here with me so that you don't have to sell your flank. The least you can do is tell me who you've had sex with.”

Applejack blushed, and Dash's face fell right away, but Applejack went on anyway, “Well, I ain't really been out much since we all started hangin' out. But before that I ran 'round with Blossomforth for a bit, and Cloudchaser.”

“You're into pegasi, huh?”

“Yeah.” Applejack smiled. “I like a face full of feathers every now and again. But you oughta see what I can do to a pair of wings. I could get those girls so worked up- you okay?”

Dash was shifting uncomfortably. “What? Yeah, I'm good. Just fine! Um. . .”

“I'm real sorry 'bout this mix up. Here you are, payin' for, um. . . and all you're doin' is listenin' to me go on.” Applejack looked down.

“AJ, this is totally okay. I can live without sex. And if I get the chance to help you out, I'll go without for a while. I mean, you've been without longer than I have.” Dash smirked.

Applejack chuckled. “I reckon it has been a while. I oughta get around to that, one of these days. Would be nice to have somethin' other than my hoof and a feather duster.”

“A. . . feather duster?” Dash started giggling. “Wow, you really are pegasexual, aren't you?”

“Don't you go judgin' me! What works, works. Maybe one day when I got some bits, I'll see if Marmalade can hook me up with a girl with wings. What 'bout you? Marmalade didn't say nothin' bout me bein' an earth pony, so I guess you're okay with that?”

“Yeah, I like earth ponies. I've been out with some pegasi, too. I can't really get into unicorns, the magic kinda freaks me out.”

“I hear that.” Applejack nodded. “It just feels weird, that's got no place in the sack with me. But then, Rarity said once she couldn't date a fella without a horn, so I guess it's okay for some folks.”


“Ya' know, it's weird we never really talked 'bout this stuff before. I mean, you're my best friend, and ya' didn't even know I'm into pegasi.”

Dash laughed. “Yeah, I guess there aren't many times when you can just sit around and talk about who you want to have sex with.”

“Speakin' of ponies you wanna be havin' sex with, are call mares better than other ponies?" Applejack nodded to the hotel bed. "Cause of havin' more practice and all?”

“They're. . . um. . . different. So, other than the new job, what else is new?”

Applejack was curious about the question Dash was avoiding, but she let it drop. Dash was doing so much for her, whatever Dash wanted to talk about or not talk about was fine. AJ just relaxed, and gave her a heads up about apple prices rising, then they talked about friends and plans for the weekend. After what seemed like enough time, AJ thanked Dash over and over again, and headed back to Marmalade's office.

Back at the office, Applejack cheerfully placed Dash's bits on the desk. Marmalade grinned and pulled the coins toward her.

“How'd it go?”

“Just fine!” Applejack smiled.

Marmalade carefully counted out her share and gave the rest to Applejack. “Good! I'm proud of you, AJ. A lot of mares just can't do it, like pleasing another pony is beneath them, but I knew you were better than that.”

Applejack kept smiling, but she felt herself start blushing. “Um, yeah.”

“We don't get many ponies like that one you had, you know. Mares that nice don't usually have a problem finding somepony special. But I knew you'd be a special treat for her special treat.” Marmalade gave AJ a wink.

“Heh.” Applejack laughed, trying to look anywhere in the room other than at Marmalade.

“Do you want her again next time? I know she's going to ask.” Marmalade chuckled. “I bet she'll be dripping for the next two weeks, thinking about you.”

One thing Applejack was completely certain of was her inability to sink through the floor, because she was still standing there. “Um. . . Look at the time! I got a train to catch and all. But, yeah, put me down for her next time!”

“Down on her, you mean?” Marmalade grinned.

“Um. . . gotta go! Bye!” Applejack ran out the door at a speed that would've made Dash jealous, and didn't slow down until she got to the train platform.

While she waited for the train, she tried to sort out the various levels of discomfort she had just experienced. There was embarrassment at the suggestion that she had done those things with Dash, and that Dash would have liked it that much. Then there was a tinge of guilt, Dash was paying money to be with a pony who'd do that to her, but instead she got stuck giving money to AJ for nothing. It was hard enough for Applejack to accept help, and she had to admit that this was just plain charity.

On top of that, she was lying to Marmalade. Marmalade gave her another chance, and was so proud of her now, and it was all based on a lie. Applejack hated to think that every time she had to face her cousin, she'd feel her insides twisting the way they always did when she was trying to deceive.

Applejack sighed as the train pulled up. She'd traded one bad situation for three of them, and she wasn't entirely sure she made a good deal.

Chapter 2

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The next day Applejack took her earnings to the office at Sweet Apple Acres. It was a tiny room, even tinier thanks to the shelves of old ledgers - farm records that stretched back farther than anypony had need of. AJ and Mac always talked about getting rid of them, but “cleanin' out the office” had become a joke between them, the one job on the farm that never really had to get done.

The most recent ledger sat neatly on the desk, next to a neat stack of receipts and invoices ready to be cataloged. Applejack would take care of that some rainy afternoon, but since there was no invoice to go with this cash, it had to be logged right away.

Not that she was likely to forget where it came from.

She set the bag of bits next to the ledger, and opened the book. Taking the pencil in her mouth, on the next clean line she carefully printed the amount. She paused at the line next to it, and considered leaving it blank, but that would stick out like a blue apple between the lines of writing. Finally she sighed, and wrote “For services rendered.”

Applejack stared at it. Those three little words were an awful lot of problems. The lie tarnished the honest farm records and ate at her, she hadn't rendered any services to anypony. The relief that she hadn't had to render disturbing services was cold comfort. On top of that, Mac was going to see that, and he was going to assume that she'd been rendering services, something she knew he wasn't happy with even if he didn't say anything.

Turning away from the book, she pulled the big metal cash box from under the desk. It opened with a creak, revealing the healthy pile of bits that just wasn't enough with the tax hike. Applejack got the bag from the desk and opened it, dumping the bits into the box with a jingle that she usually loved to hear. The coins in question disappeared, blending in with the rest, and she closed the box and shoved it back under the desk.

A noise came from the doorway, and she looked up quickly to see Big Mac standing there, watching her.

“I got some of the money.” She said with a half-hearted smile, but she could feel her cheeks turning red.

“Eeyup.” He nodded, with his unreadable expression, and turned to go.

“Wait. Come'ere.” Applejack called. At least she could try to make things better for Mac.

Mac walked in and waited. Applejack searched for the right words.

“I- um- I didn't havta. . . ya’ know.”

Mac nodded.

She nodded back. “Well, Marmalade don't know. The pony she sent me to, they let me have the bits. And they're gonna do that for a few weeks, 'til we've got it all. We're gonna be okay.”

“We sure are,” Mac said. But he stood there, making no move to leave.

She looked down and sighed. “This whole thing don’t feel right, is all. Lyin' to Marmalade, and takin' charity from- from this pony. I mean, I don't wanna haveta. . . but this don't feel right, either.”

“Ya' do what ya' gotta do, AJ.” Mac walked over and nuzzled her. “We'll get through it.”

“I know. But I gotta figure out how to get through it right.”

“I can't tell ya' how to do that. That's all in how it feels to you.”

Applejack sighed again. Then she chuckled at herself. “You think I'm crazy, Mac? I mean, I found somepony to just give us the money. . . that oughta be great.”

“I think you're honest, sis.” He started to leave on that note, but stopped in the doorway and went on, “. . . and crazy.”

“Thanks.” Applejack said dryly as Mac continued out the door.

Applejack shook her head, and glanced once more around the room to make sure everything was in order before she turned to go. Her eyes fell on the ledger on the desk. Mac was right, she was crazy, and honest. But if she wrote in that book that she was being paid for services rendered, then Celestia help her, she was going to have to render some services.


For the next two weeks, Applejack’s life returned to normal. She spent time with her friends, including Dash, who she almost felt closer with. They shared secrets none of their friends could know, which left them winking at one another when somepony innocently implied something, or teasing about feather dusters and visits to Dash's aunt when they were hanging out together. Despite the jokes, Applejack decided to keep business and pleasure separate. She waited until she returned to the hotel room to bring up her new course of action.

She met Dash at the hotel room once again. They exchanged brief hellos, and she quickly got down to business.

“I need to talk to you, Dash.”

“Sure, what's up?” Dash said with a casual smile, from the pillow where she was sitting.

Applejack just looked Dash in the eye. “I can't do this. I can't be lyin' to Marmalade, and I can't be takin' your money like this. It ain't right.”

“I told you, it's no problem!”

“It felt so wrong talkin' to her last time.” Applejack shook her head sadly. “She was all proud, and I felt like a liar. I can't just take the money, Dash. I've gotta earn it honest. You're gonna haveta keep your money, and I'm gonna have to tell her. Maybe if I explain everythin', she'll send me to another pony.”

“I want you to have the money, AJ! You're my friend!”

Applejack nodded. She had actually almost hoped it would come to this, but she still blushed and looked at the floor while she offered Dash the other option, “Then lemme have sex with ya'.”

Dash just stared at her. “Let you do what?”

“If I'm gonna take your money, you gotta let me do it,” Applejack said clearly, daring to look up at Dash's shocked face. “That way I earned it fair and square, and I don't hav’ta lie to Marmalade.”

“But- I don't want you to have to do that!”

“I know, Dash. But I know I gotta do it to feel right. It's you, or somepony else, and. . . I'd rather it was you.” Applejack sighed. “I came here two weeks ago to do that for somepony I didn't even know. But I reckon it's a lot better if I at least know the pony, and care 'bout her, and know she cares 'bout me.”

“I do care about you, AJ! That’s why I can’t do this with you!” Dash said, her eyes pleading.

“If you can’t do it, I’m sure somepony can. I can get by with their money,” Applejack said plainly, looking down as she turned to go.

“AJ, wait.”

Applejack looked over her shoulder. There was silence while Applejack watched Rainbow Dash, who seemed slightly angry and deep in thought. Dash closed her eyes, and put on a face of grim determination.

“Fine. Just the wings.” Dash said firmly.

Applejack knew Dash was trying to go easy on her, but that hardly seemed worth what Dash paid her. “Dash, that ain't really-”

“I'm the customer, right?” Dash snapped. “I just want you to go over my wings.”

Applejack blinked. “Fine. Go on and lay down.”

Rainbow Dash flew to the bed, laid down on her stomach and spread her wings. Applejack climbed up and hesitated. Normally, with a lover, she'd drape her front half over the pony's tail, so she could get to both wings as she needed to. But that seemed weirdly intimate to be doing with her friend. Of course, what she was about to do to Dash's wings was weirdly intimate, so she took her place over the pegasus, feeling Dash's tail pressed against her belly, AJ's forelegs planted on the bed just behind the spread wings.

She leaned down, and started to lick and kiss Dash's side, just at the base of the wing. Her hoof gently lifted the wing as her tongue traced its way up the shaft to the end of the bone. The soft feathers against her lips reminded her how much she missed this, and as her tongue worked back down the shaft, giving short licks in the direction of the feathers, she had to admit that Dash had the hottest wings she had ever seen.

When she got back to the base, she kissed her way across Dash's back to the other wing. As she did, she noticed that Dash's breathing was shaky, and she heard the tiniest whimper as she started on the second wing. She offered it the same treatment, she knew from ex-marefriends that pegasi had a thing about symmetry, so she mirrored her actions, just as slowly, just as many licks. As she returned to the base, her tongue traced the lower feathers with a firm but teasing pressure.

“Mmm!” Dash squeaked, and Applejack felt her wiggling slightly. AJ smiled, glad to know she still had it as she licked in the same way along each row of feathers, to the tip of the wing. She did the other wing to match, thoroughly enjoying the feel of the slick feathers on her tongue, and the scent of fresh air and rain that always seemed to cling to pegasi wings. It was almost enough to get her twitching, but she did her best to calm herself as she really got down to business.

She nuzzled the base of the wing, and moved to the shaft again, this time putting her mouth around it and nibbling lightly. Dash gasped in pleasure and bucked her hips slightly, letting out little moans as AJ slowly moved up the stiff ridge with little bites. By the time AJ got to the other wing Dash was panting and grinding against the bed. As Applejack finished, and prepared to go into her next trick, she was interrupted by Dash's shaky voice.

“Boss? Please eat me out? Please?”

Applejack looked at the back of Dash's head, confused by Dash's change of heart, but also by the use of Dash's occasional nickname for her. It seemed especially strange in this situation. “Are you sure you-”

“Don't ask.” Dash said quickly. “Just. . . please?”

“Okay.” Applejack backed off of Dash and waited a few seconds, but Dash just laid there on her stomach, breathing heavily.

“Go on, lift your rump.”

Right away, Dash got her hooves beneath her and raised her tail end in the air. She brushed her tail to the side, revealing that AJ had done a very thorough job on her wings. Her slit was nearly dripping, and her opening winked in anticipation. Applejack realized that she was looking at Rainbow Dash's most intimate parts, and that Dash clearly needed a helping hoof. Or, tongue in this case. She felt far less awkward than she thought she would as she gave a light lick along the blue lips.

“Mmmm!” Dash squealed. “Please! Just like that!”

Applejack had only been testing the waters, as it were. But since Dash seemed to enjoy it, she took her time getting used to the taste of her best friend, lavishing her sex and the area around it with her tongue.

“Yes! Oh yeah! Oooooh!”

Applejack plunged her tongue between the lips with a long, deep lick that sent a jolt through Dash's body. The pegasus shivered and screamed as climax hit her. She thrust herself towards AJ's face over and over, and AJ did her best to match the rhythm with the pressure from her tongue. Dash's squeaky moans filled the room, until they finally trailed off into whimpers.

Applejack pulled back, and Dash's spent body fell to the bed, hard, and just lay there.

After a few seconds, Applejack asked softly, “You okay, sugarcube?”

Dash didn't lift her face from the pillow, but Applejack could make out the muffled words, “I'm sorry.”


Dash turned her head to the side so her face was out of the pillow, still not moving. “I- I didn't mean to make you do that. I thought the wings would be okay, it's kind of, not real sex. But you were so good, and I kinda got carried away, and now you must think I'm a loser 'cause I paid my best friend to have sex with me.”

“Dash, I asked ya' to let me do that.” AJ pointed out. “I reckon I earned that money now. . . I mean, you looked like you were havin' fun.”

“I was, I just. . .” Dash hesitated, seeming angry with herself. “I didn't want it to be like this.”

“Sugarcube, don't you worry. You had a little somethin' that needed takin' care of, and it's my job to help ya' out with that, at the moment.”

Dash was quiet for a few seconds. “Did you hate it?”

“What? Course I didn't hate it! You're a beautiful pony, Rainbow Dash. And you're my best friend, and you're kinda funny when you carry on like that.” Applejack smiled and laid down next to Dash. Dash turned her head to the other side, looking away from AJ. Applejack leaned in and whispered in her ear, “And don't take this wrong, but you got the sexiest wings I ever had the pleasure of tastin'.”

Applejack suddenly felt one of those wings brush the length of her back. She shivered, feeling the arousal that she'd been trying to turn off growing between her hind legs.

“Hey now!” Applejack admonished Dash.

“I wanna do you,” Dash said, turning to look at AJ, completely serious.

“That ain't how it works. . .” Applejack said, uncertainly. Her job was about making her client happy. She wasn’t sure she wanted that kind of attention for herself.

“Sure it is! I do the girls, sometimes. Besides, you can’t tell me my wings don’t make you hot.” Dash brushed her wing across AJ’s face.

That fresh air smell hit AJ again. “What makes me hot has got nothin’ to do with this.”

“Maybe I think it does.” Dash smirked. “If you're all about giving me my money's worth, you don't get to tell me what I want to do.”

Applejack bit her lip. Dash was right, she was the client, and if that's what she wanted to do, there was no harm in it. AJ gave a resigned sigh, “Okay. I guess.”

“Lay on your back and relax,” Dash ordered with the same smirk, then it started to waver. “. . .you can close your eyes, if you want.”

Applejack rolled over, face up on the bed, and closed her eyes. After just a few seconds, she drew in her breath as she felt the edge of Dash's wing start at her neck and drift slowly down her body. She had intended to try to think of somepony else, but all she could imagine was that gorgeous blue wing caressing her, and she opened her eyes to watch it as the tension built in her body. The wing drew closer to her mound, inch by inch, and the idea of feathers brushing her there lit a fire in AJ.

The wing did end up there, prompting a grunt and a thrust of the hips from AJ. But Dash wasn't done yet. The pegasus smiled and shifted around so she was standing halfway over AJ, and then brought both of her wings down to softly brush up and down the insides of AJ's flanks.

“Ooooh, sweet Celestia.”

Dash grinned and ran the tip of one wing right up AJ's slit. Applejack gasped, eyes wide. She was getting wetter every second. Dash leaned down and kissed the glistening marehood, while her wings moved to the outsides of AJ's splayed legs. Dash's tongue parted AJ's folds, prompting a moan of pleasure as the combination of Dash’s mouth and feathers set off every nerve in the lower half of her orange body.

Dash's wings kept a steady, gentle rhythm, as her tongue worked in AJ's sex with sensuous licks that she never thought the pegasus was capable of. With each warm stroke Applejack felt the delicious tension in her body getting stronger.

“Mmm! Oh Dash. More. Please.” AJ panted, and her hips started to move against Dash. But Dash didn't let any of the delicious sensations stop, speeding both her wings and tongue slightly to match AJ's rhythm. Each thrust of her hips brought more pleasure, and drove Applejack closer to that peak.

Finally, Applejack felt everything in her body clench and she yelled out to both Celestia and Rainbow Dash between incoherent screams of pleasure. Dash kept at her, drawing out the orgasm until AJ's voice was worn and she was left still and panting on the bed.

Dash flew over and landed, laying next to her, smirking. “Beats a feather duster, huh?”

“This ain't fair, Dash,” Applejack said as she caught her breath. “You can't be payin' me, and do me that good.”

Dash draped a foreleg over AJ and pulled her close. “I'm happy. That's what you wanted, right?”

Applejack smiled. “It sure is.”

A few minutes went by and they lay together in silence, with Applejack considering their position. What just happened hadn't felt like work, and this didn't feel like a client. The places where Dash's wing had brushed her still tingled, and feeling Dash's body pressed to her was comforting and warm. But at the same time, snuggling with somepony after amazing sex wasn't something she really classified as friendly, either. Since she didn't have a lot of experience in her current job, she decided to ask.

“Dash? Is it weird that we're layin' here cuddlin'? I mean, do ya' usually do that with the girls?”

“No. . . “ Dash said softly, “but I hug my friends.”

Applejack could have argued against that. While they'd hugged lots of times, it didn't usually come after mind blowing sex. But she decided to let that part go.

“So, what do ya' usually do with the girls?”

“Stuff. Don't wanna talk about it. . . just let me lay here? Please?”

Something in her voice reminded AJ of the way she'd asked for more during sex, and between that and brushing off AJ’s question, AJ was starting to wonder about Dash. But she wasn't being paid to ask questions, she was being paid to do a job, one she was more than happy with for the moment. She she relaxed and snuggled against Dash, smiling. “Okay, sugarcube. You earned it.”

The evening went on, and eventually Applejack pointed out that Marmalade was expecting her. They said their goodbyes; Applejack thanked Dash once again, and headed out into the night.

As Applejack walked through the dark Canterlot streets, she finally had time to get her head clear. The feeling of feathers on her body haunted her in a wonderful way. But they were Dash's feathers, not a pony she loved. Dash was just her friend, the pony she liked hanging out with, the pony who was there for her through thick and thin. The pony who would help her, right or wrong. The pony with amazing wings that she longed to nibble on again.

She shook her head, she was obviously thinking fuzzy. That was work. She'd earned her money, and they'd do it one more time and that was that. Falling for a client was such a dumb move that AJ hadn't even considered it as a mistake she might make. One night of sex didn't mean she was in love, no matter how good it was. And it was good. . . but Dash didn't even want that much, she did it to make AJ happy. Well, she let AJ do her to make AJ happy. Dash had insisted on giving AJ a turn because. . . probably because of whatever weird thing was going on with Dash's head, and the other call mares, and calling AJ “Boss.” Not that AJ had any idea what that was all about.

It didn't matter, either. Dash was trying to be her friend. Applejack owed it to her to keep her head together.

She trotted into the bright, pleasant office, and smiled at Marmalade as she set down her bag of bits. Pride filled her, remembering that she'd done her job this time, and done it well.

“This time went even better than last time. I can guarantee that she was pleased.”

Marmalade grinned as she counted out the bits. “Oh, did you bring out the ropes?”

“Ropes?” Applejack raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, the girls say that's what she likes best, being tied up, begging for it, things like that. She didn't ask for it?” Marmalade laughed. “Maybe you're enough for her without toys.”

“She didn't mention it.” Applejack considered the idea. This did explain why she was so tight lipped about the other call mares. She didn't want AJ to know about her weird sex habits. But it wasn't that bad, and right now it was AJ's business to know it. She couldn’t deny being a little curious, as well. “You know anymore 'bout what she likes? Maybe I'll bring it up next time.”

“Just that she likes somepony to be boss.” Marmalade slid AJ's share of bits into the bag, and offered it to AJ. AJ hid it in her hat. “Of course, they say she gets a little bossy herself sometimes if they don't keep a firm hoof, that drives them crazy. But that's why I figured she'd love you.”

“'Cause I can take charge, if I havta?” Applejack smirked.

“A blonde, cowpony-type who's tough and good with a rope? That's pretty much the wish list she gave when she came to me.” Marmalade grinned. “I usually come as close as I can, but I guess we hit the jackpot with you.”

Applejack froze, trying to keep the absolute shock from showing on her face. “Really?”

“I figured she'd go wild for you, you've even got the hat. She loves it when the girl wears a cowpony hat. We keep one here for the other girls to borrow, but no need to offer it to you!”

“Huh,” was all Applejack could muster.

“You know, if you want to keep on with her after next week, it's fine by me. I've got plenty of clients for the other girls, and it could be some extra spending money for you. It's not bad money for a few hours a month.”

“Uh, that's mighty kind of you, but I don't think that'll be necessary.”

“It was just a thought.” Marmalade smiled. “I'll see you soon!”

Applejack nodded. “Seeya, Mar.” Then she walked out of the office as if in a dream, the words a blonde, cowpony-type running through her head over and over.

Chapter 3

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Applejack spent the next week trying to figure Dash out. Nothing seemed to add up. Dash was having kinky sex with call mares who looked like AJ, but grumbled when AJ wanted to have sex with her, and never mentioned wanting anything odd. But during the sex that she didn't even want to have, Dash begged for more, then grumbled about that afterward. Then she turned around again and got all pushy about giving AJ a turn.

The turn Dash had given her was never far from her thoughts either. It had been a very long time since AJ had a time like that, and she had never had one near as good. But that just made her wonder if her own feelings were getting in the way of understanding what Dash was thinking.

She was going to have to talk to somepony about this. She couldn't explain the situation, but maybe she could tell them just enough to get some advice, a second opinion. As she left the farm and headed towards Ponyville, she rubbed her coat against a few trees. She always tried to be a little extra scruffy when she went to the Carousel Boutique, it kept Rarity from trying to put fancy dresses on her.

A little while later, she quietly opened the door to the dress shop. Rarity was magic-ing things and dress-making her little heart out. Applejack stood and watched for a moment, before speaking up to get Rarity's attention.

“Ya' know that fabric ya' got there's all full of holes.”

Rarity rolled her eyes. “It is lace, darling. It's supposed to be full of holes.”

“I know that. I'm just messin' with ya'. I actually came to ask ya' a question, if ya' got a minute. I need your advice.”

“You do? Of course I have a minute,” Rarity said, dropping her magic and trotting over happily. “Do tell!”

“Well, it's kinda long, and complicated,” Applejack said nervously.

“I'm all ears.”

Applejack took a deep breath. “Say you got this dress, and you were tryin' to sell it, but you don't really wanna sell it.”

“Why not?” Rarity interrupted. “I could always make another.”

“It's a. . . special dress. Folks don't like to sell this kinda dress. And you kinda gotta sell it, cause you really need the money. So you find another pony who's lookin' to buy a dress, and it turns out to be your friend, and she knows you don't wanna sell it. So she offers to just give ya' the money and let ya' keep the dress.”

“Why didn't I ask my friends for the money in the first place?”

Applejack blushed and avoided Rarity's eyes. “Cause ya' didn't want your friends to know you were sellin' the dress. And if they knew ya' needed money, and they couldn't get it all, and you'd have to sell the dress anyway. Then they'd start askin where ya' got the money, and you'd have to tell 'em you were sellin' your. . . dress.”

Rarity's eyes went wide. “Applejack, are you talking about-”

“Dresses!” Applejack rushed to interrupt. She looked Rarity in the eye, pleading. “I'm talkin' 'bout dresses, Rarity.”

“Right. Dresses. Go on.” Rarity said, calming herself and paying much closer attention as AJ went on.

“So, your friend gave ya' the money without takin' the dress. Then ya' get to feelin' bad cause your friend's spendin' all her dress money on ya', and she ain't even gettin' the dress. And really, it ain’t wrong to be sellin’ your dress to other ponies who need one. So you talk her into takin' it. But she makes you take her dress, and it's real nice.” Applejack remembered the feeling of feathers. “Real, real nice.”

Rarity raised an eyebrow. “I get the picture, darling.”

Applejack shook her head clear and blushed. “Um. . . yeah. So then you find out that even though she didn't want to take your dress, she's been out buyin' a bunch of fake dresses that look kinda like yours, so it's obvious she’d always wanted your dress. Oh, and she's been gettin' these fake dresses even more special, and she never asked ya' to make your dress more special for her.

“So, would you think she really wanted your dress, even though she'll only take it as a favor to you? Or would ya' think that she maybe cares about ya' a lot and maybe that's why she gave ya' hers? But if she cares about ya' that much, why wouldn't she just tell ya and take your dress?”

Applejack finished and bit her lip. Rarity stared at her for a moment.

“With great difficulty, I shall leave aside the questions of why one has been attempting to sell one's 'special dress,' and which of ones friends has been out purchasing that kind of dress.” Rarity said with an emphatic look.

“Thanks,” Applejack said softly.

Rarity’s face melted into sympathy. “I'll try to answer your questions. It sounds as though one's friend does care about one, quite a lot, to the point where she was willing to give one money so one would not have to part with one's dress, even though she has no problem paying other mares to part with their dresses.”

“Rarity,” Applejack said, a worried warning.

“But, I'm afraid, there's not really enough information to guess whether that was intended as a friendly gesture or more than that.”

Applejack nodded sadly. “But, why's she gettin' all them other dresses more special?”

“If I'm following the metaphor correctly, I would say that while it certainly appears that she likes one's dress, sometimes it's difficult to tell the ponies you're closest to exactly how special you like your dress. They may think it’s strange, or even ugly.”

Applejack just stared for a moment, and a grin spread across her face. “Rarity, you're a genius!”

“I'm well aware of that, darling.” Rarity smiled smugly.

“Yeah, but this time somepony else thinks so too.” Applejack chuckled. “I know just what I gotta do now.”

“Yes? And what is that?”

“I gotta go pack some rope.”

Rarity raised an eyebrow. “That's going to be quite a dress, isn't it?”

Applejack grinned as she started towards the door. “She wants it fancy, she's gettin' it fancy.”

“Just don't hurt the poor dear!” Rarity called after Applejack.

Applejack ran back to Sweet Apple Acres, the pieces finally in place. She had been so thrown by Dash's taste in call mares that she kept missing the other thing she'd learned, about Dash being kinky. It wasn't just the weird sex, it was the kind of weird sex. Rarity had reminded her of what Marmalade said, that she had clients who were scared to tell other ponies their fantasies, and how it was their job to be there for those ponies, to give them what they needed.

Rainbow Dash, the self-proclaimed toughest pony in Equestria, got off on being tied up and bossed around. That wasn't something she could have ever told AJ, or anypony else who knew her, she probably would've taken it to her grave if she could have. AJ knew Dash couldn’t help it, anymore than AJ could help what feathers did to her. But Dash couldn’t just make do with a feather duster for her desires, and she wanted it bad enough to go all the way to Canterlot and pay a pony she could trust with her secret.

But when Dash went out looking for ponies to take charge in bed, she thought of the one pony who could really do it, the one pony she would grudgingly admit might be as tough as her. The only pony she'd call Boss. A blonde, cowpony-type who was tough and good with rope.

In the barn Applejack gathered several pieces of rope and packed them in her saddle bag for Friday. She hoped she could get Dash to trust her, because she wanted to give Dash the night she'd been trying to buy all along, her fantasy. For the first time, Applejack was proud that it was her job to do that, and she wanted to do it right.


Applejack smiled as Dash opened the door to the hotel room.

“Hey AJ. . . so, um, you wanna get this over with now?”

“We ain't gettin' nothin' over with tonight, sugarcube,” AJ said in a sultry voice, as she walked into the room. She winked at Dash. “I got plans for you.”

Dash's eyes went wide, and her wings popped straight out as AJ came closer, until they were almost nose to nose.

“I hear tell you ain't been all the way honest, Rainbow Dash. I hear ya' like a girl to take charge. Is that right?”

“I- uh-” Dash started backing up, panicked, her cheeks turning bright red. “I don't know what you're talking about.”

“Your wings are sayin' different.” Applejack smirked and stepped forward as Dash backed up. “'Yes ma'am' will do just fine.”

The blush on Dash's cheeks deepened, but the panic melted away. “Yes ma'am.”

“Now, you know I don't like liars. So I'm gonna haveta make sure you know better next time.” As AJ looked into Dash's eyes, she used her tail to pull a rope out of the saddle bag and drape it over Dash's back. “I'd say you need a good, long lesson, missy.”

“Uh-huh.” Dash said, barely capable of coherent thought as AJ moved to her side and tied the rope around her wings. With a final tug that bound them firmly, AJ dropped the rope from her mouth and gave Dash a smack on the flank.

“What was that now?”

“Yes, ma'am!”

“Good girl. Get your flank on that bed.”

Dash left a rainbow trail rushing the few feet across the room to the bed. She hopped up on it and stared at AJ with a mixture of hope and fear that made Applejack's heart melt.

“Now, lay down on your back.”

Dash followed the order quickly, and Applejack took her time taking off her saddlebags and taking out four ropes. She tied each of Dash's legs tightly to the corresponding bedpost, then leaned over and nuzzled her cheek. “That feel good, sugarcube?”

“Yes, ma'am. It's-”

“I told ya' to hush up. You want another spankin'?”

Dash blushed, and seemed to be forcing herself to look at AJ. “Um, please, Boss?”

Applejack chuckled. “You really are a kinky little thing, ain't ya? You ain't gettin' a spankin' yet. First, there's a little somethin' we need to talk 'bout. See, Marmalade told me what all you been askin' those other girls for.”

Dash nodded. “I kinda guessed that.”

AJ looked Dash straight in the eyes. “She also told me what kinda girls ya' been askin' for.”

Dash's eyes went wide. “I can explain! I-”

“Quiet. Just tell me true. Why have ya' been lookin' for a blonde cowpony to have sex with?” Applejack held her stare, while Dash clearly fought the urge to get away.

“'Cause. . . I wanted. . . you,” Dash said the words as if AJ was somehow forcing them out of her, but her eyes never left AJ.

“Good. Cause you're gettin' me tonight, just like ya' like it, and I ain't hearin' a word otherwise.” Applejack smiled at Dash, and for the first time that evening, Dash smiled back at her.

Applejack shifted, so she was sitting between Dash's spread hind legs. She could see the pegasus was starting to get aroused already, and she watched Dash as she started stroking Dash's helpless, exposed slit with her hoof. She kept it gentle, too gentle to do anything but drive a pony crazy, and sure enough Dash whimpered in response.

“So, when did ya' figure out how much you need me?” Applejack asked, smirking at Dash.

Dash hesitated, but answered, “After the running of the leaves. You tied up my wings, so I couldn't cheat, and whenever I thought about that it was sooo hot. I wanted you to do more, ya' know, tie me up, punish me, make me be good. . .”

“Ha! Tyin' you down's 'bout the only way to make ya' be good. Like, right 'bout now, I bet you'd like to be touchin' yourself.”

Dash nodded.

“And ya' know I ain't gonna let ya' do that.” Applejack smiled. Dash tried to buck her hips and drive AJ's hoof firmly into her sex, but AJ pulled her hoof away quickly.

“You didn't think you were gettin' away with that, did ya'?” AJ raised an eyebrow. “I think you're tryin' for that spankin'. . . tell the truth.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

“Well then you sure ain't gettin' one tonight.” Applejack grinned. “I'll have to find some other ways to punish ya.”

Applejack leaned down, and ran her tongue slowly up the inside of Dash's thigh, stopping inches before her sex. “Want more?”

“Oh yeah.” Dash panted, her eyes wide. “Please, more.”

“Okay.” Applejack smiled, but rather than continue, she moved to the bottom of the other thigh, giving it a long, sensuous lick that stopped frustratingly short.

“Unh, more!” Dash gasped, wiggling to try to connect her body with AJ's tongue.

“Like this?” Applejack smirked, and her tongue continued up the inside of Dash's thigh, but carefully avoided her desperate marehood. Instead, it traced the line where her leg met her body.

“No!” Dash moaned. “Please eat me out. . . Please?”

Applejack stood and carefully walked up over Dash's restrained body, and lowered her mouth to her ear. “I'll eat ya' out when when you've learned your lesson, Rainbow Dash.” She finished by nibbling the tip of Dash's ear, at the same time tickling between Dash's hind legs with her blonde tail.

“Aaaa!” Dash yelled, startled by the pair of sensations. “I learned! I know it! Totally learned my lesson, Boss, just get me off, pleeeease?”

Applejack chuckled. “Ya' know, this is awful fun.” She eyed Dash's wings, and moved to the side. “I wonder what all I can do here, leavin' these all tied up?”

“No! Don't!” Dash begged.

“No, cause it's gonna hurt ya'? Or no cause it's gonna make ya hotter than a summer bonfire, and you got no way to cool down 'til I say so?”

Dash opened and closed her mouth twice before answering, “Because it's gonna be hot?”

Applejack grinned. “In that case. . .” She leaned down and licked along the edge of Dash's folded wing. The limb twitched, fighting its bondage on reflex as it tried to spring out, and AJ felt herself getting wet at the sight of the powerful muscles working against the thick rope. The straining gave AJ room to carefully nibble on the joint, enjoying the feel and scent of the feathers in her face.

“Maah! Unh! Boss!” Dash thrashed against the bed, thrusting her hips in an attempt to find some sort of relief. Applejack looked up from her work with a devious smile.

“Need me to do the other one too? You got it.” Applejack stepped over Dash and settled on her other side, giving the second wing a matching treatment. As she licked the wing, her forehoof reached down Dash's body, between her legs. Dash was soaked by now, and AJ gently stroked the wet mound while her tongue teased Dash's feathers. Dash's cries suddenly turned to whimpers, and her squirming stopped. AJ looked up, hoping everything was okay.

Dash was straining to stay still, and she blushed as she caught AJ's eye. “I'm trying to be good, Boss.”

“Is that so?” AJ gave Dash's wing a nibble while her hoof barely traced a circle right around Dash's clit.

“Gah!” Dash gasped and threw her head back, but thanks to all of her effort, her body held still.

Applejack smiled. “Done tryin' to fight me?”

“Uh-huh.” Dash said with a sheepish nod.

“So ya' figured out I'm in charge?”

Dash gave a weak smile. “You're totally in charge, Boss. Whatever you want. Anything.”

“Sounds like somepony learned her lesson.” Applejack smiled and climbed on top of Dash. “Now, if ya' ask real nicely, I'll let ya' show me how good ya' are. You might even be good 'nough to get a little treat.”

“Please let me show you how good I am? Please? I'll be so good, Boss. Really awesomely good.” Dash grinned hopefully.

Applejack chuckled. “Okay then, you can have your chance.” She slowly lowered her sex to Dash's mouth.

Dash attacked her marehood like a starving pony, licking and sucking at anything she could reach. But raw passion more than made up for a lack of control, and AJ threw her head back and ground herself against Dash's face. Dash moaned her approval and rewarded AJ with long, firm licks across her most sensitive parts.

“That's good, Dash. So good. . . so. . . MMMM!” Applejack moaned as Dash's tongue bore down on her clit. She started rocking her hips, pressing onto Dash repeatedly as Dash licked and sucked in time.

Applejack looked down, and while Dash's muzzle was hidden between her hind legs, Dash's eyes were open and looking squarely at her, full of trust and admiration. At that second, Dash drove her face even deeper into AJ's sex and all of the pleasure building in Applejack exploded. For a few moments, the world was nothing but the passionate magic Dash was working beneath her, and without words her voice let Dash hear that in no uncertain terms.

AJ practically fell off of Dash, both of them panting and out of breath.

“Did I do good, Boss?”

“You did real good, sugarcube.” Applejack smiled, wrapping her forelegs around Dash's body. But it wasn't time for cuddling yet. AJ ran a hoof down between Dash's hind legs, finding it even wetter than before. She rubbed the spot firmly, drawing a moan from the pegasus.

“Thanks, Boss. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.” Dash said, squirming happily under AJ's hoof.

“Just what a good pony like you deserves.” Applejack said, shifting down between Dash's legs. “I'd say you earned a little treat, since I'm a nice boss and all.”

“You're the best boss, AJ. You're. . . perfect.” Dash said with as much sincerity as Applejack had ever heard from her.

Applejack smiled, then her lips pressed hard to Dash's soaking wet slit, and her tongue attacked the sensitive button, firm rubbing interspersed with sharp flicks. This wasn't an invitation to come, it was an order, and Dash was forced to comply immediately. Her body tensed violently, all four limbs straining at the ropes, her wings aching to burst free.

“Aaaargh! AJ! Oh please, AJ! Please!”

Applejack didn't let up for a second. As her tongue switched to Dash's twitching opening, her mouth and lips worked over the rest of the dripping blue marehood, keeping steady pressure over the sensitive clit. But the firm flicks from before were now directed at the rim of Dash's passage, a feeling that spurred Dash's mind to even greater incoherence as her entire sex was ravished at once.


Dash got just a second to catch her breath as Applejack came up for air. But in no time AJ returned to it with even more hunger, grinding her muzzle against the slick flesh and sending shockwaves of pleasure straight up Dash's spine. Every muscle in her body tensed, her face twisted in a scream, but she couldn't make a noise, she was frozen in impossible pleasure. Applejack kept at her until Dash relaxed into a panting mess.

AJ slowly pulled away from Dash, and moved up to lay next to her. She stroked Dash's mane and said softly, “Sugarcube, I just wanted ya' to know, I did all that with ya', and I still think you're one of the toughest ponies around.”

Dash looked over, and her ears drooped, tears filling her eyes. She fought them back and bit her lip, but her eyes never left Applejack.

“Dash, what's wrong?”

“That was too good.” Dash choked out. “And- this is our last time. Nothing else is gonna be as cool as that.”

Applejack nodded, and thought for a moment. “Ya’ know, Marmalade told me that if I wanted to, she’d keep me on just for you. I wouldn’t mind that, sugarcube. I’d wanna tell the girls, but I’ll leave you out of it if ya’ want. You can trust me.”

“I don't want you to be my call mare, AJ. I never wanted that. I just wanted. . .” She sniffed and tried to pull herself together.

“Oh sugarcube.” AJ moved quickly to release Dash, intending to wrap her in a hug, but Dash stopped her.

“Could you leave me tied up for a minute? There's something I have to say, and. . . when I'm like this, it's easier to be honest about stuff.”

Applejack shrugged. “Well. . . I guess.”

“Come here. I need to look at you.”

AJ returned to her side, and looked down into those big magenta eyes.

“The other day, when I wanted to do you, it was ‘cause I wanted to show you how awesome and sexy I could be. I wanted you to be as hot for me as I am for you. And when I saw how much you like feathers. . . well, I thought you might understand. I know you were just doing a job, just like tonight, but I wasn’t. It felt real for me, like you wanted me so bad. So, um, thanks, I guess.” Dash finished, glancing down.

“That was real, sugarcube,” Applejack said softly. “Your feathers hit me hard. You’re a sexy pony, Rainbow Dash.”

“I know.” Dash said with a smirk painted over her true emotions. “I wanted to make sure you know. I- I have to say something, and it’s so hard. . .”

Applejack could see how uncomfortable Dash was, and itched to untie her. She had to be better off being able to fly around, feeling like she could escape. Then she remembered why Dash liked to be tied down, to have another pony take control of her. Applejack looked her in the eye and said firmly, “Rainbow Dash. You’re gonna tell me what ya’ need to say, right now. Gimme the truth.”

Gratitude flashed across Dash’s face, before being replaced by cringing fear as Dash forced out the words. “I love you, AJ. I wasn't going to tell you. Like, ever. I didn't want to make things messy or weird, and I was worried you'd think I was a wimp 'cause of stuff like this, so I. . . I just got some ponies who looked like you for the sex, and I kept on being your best friend. But now, I mean, I guess things are gonna be kind of weird anyway, and I- I had to tell you the truth, Boss. And I totally understand if you never wanna talk about anything that happened tonight, ever again.”

Applejack couldn't remember seeing a pony more vulnerable than Dash looked at that moment, fighting between trying to watch Applejack or turn away. She was completely exposed, body and soul. And both were beautiful, if a bit messy and disheveled at the moment. It added something deeper to her understanding of her best friend, and made the feelings she had been having since Dash made love to her stand out in her heart.

“Dash, sugarcube, I think I love you too,” Applejack admitted. “I never thought 'bout it before I knocked on the door to this room the first time. But, through this whole, crazy thing, you've been the best friend, and the best lover I coulda asked for. When ya' put those together, well. . . it sure feels like love to me.” Applejack smiled down at Dash, as a surprised and euphoric grin spread across Dash's face. AJ leaned down and went on in a whisper, “And I think you're awful cute all tied up like that, too.”

Dash lifted her head and caught AJ's lips in a deep kiss. Applejack pressed it back until Dash's head was on the pillow again, and continued for a long time. When it finally broke, they just smiled at one another blissfully, and Applejack tried to understand how so many wrong turns brought her someplace so right.

Finally, she nuzzled Dash's face and said, “Why don't I untie you, and we'll go give Marmalade her share of the money and explain this whole mess, and why you won't be needin' her girls no more.”

“Awesome.” Dash grinned as AJ undid the ropes. As soon as her her limbs were free she stretched and flew into the air. “And you are so getting a tip this time.”

“Aww, that's- Hey, I didn't get no tip last time!” Applejack raised an eyebrow.

“I thought you'd be offended,” Dash said with a shrug.

“I was suckin' your apple for bits, and you thought I'd mind ya' offerin' me extra?”

Dash giggled. “I didn't know, things were all messy then.”

“Things ain't messy now, are they, sugarcube?” Applejack reared on her hind legs and planted a kiss on Dash's lips.

“Nope. Now things are more awesome than I ever thought they could be,” Dash said, landing in front of her.

“Then I reckon ya' owe me a nice, big tip.” Applejack leaned in and gave Dash another, longer kiss.

“How about all my money, ever?” Dash offered dreamily. “Is that good for you?”

“I can leave ya' a bit to buy food.” Applejack chuckled. “Now we just gotta figure what we're gonna tell our friends 'bout how we got together. I’d kinda like to tell ‘em the truth.”

Dash looked confused. “Um, why? You’re done with this, we could just say we ran into each other and they’d never have to know.”

“I know. But I ain’t ashamed no more, and I want other ponies to know that if you’re doin’ this job clean and right, and makin’ ponies happy, it’s nothin’ to be ashamed of.”

“Um, you do know that if you tell Pinkie this is a way to make ponies happy, she’s gonna open Ponyville’s first brothel, right?”

“And where’s the harm in that? Maybe there are ponies in town who need it, and maybe she’d be good at it.” Applejack smiled. “I’ll pick up some cards from Marmalade, see if the other girls wanna give it a try on either side of that fence. I guess they all ain’t gonna meet their special somepony, but it really gives ya’ a different way of lookin’ at things.”

“Hey, you don’t have to tell me. I’ve met some really nice ponies who were call mares.” Dash grinned. “But you were my favorite.”

“You okay with tellin’ the girls you were usin’ call mares? It’s okay if ya’ ain’t.”

“If you’re gonna admit to being a call mare, I guess I can tell them I was hiring girls. I’ll tell them that Marmalade’s girls needed lessons on how to be awesome in bed, so they came to the best!” Dash gave a toss of her mane and struck a pose.

“Is that so?” AJ said dryly.

“I’ll tell them I taught you everything you know.” Dash smirked.

Applejack got an evil grin on her face. “You tell 'em that, and you're gonna be real sorry next time I get ya' tied up. I’ll show ya’ some things you’ll know ya’ didn’t teach me.”

Dash leaned in, grinning and gazing into Applejack's eyes. “Make me sorry, Boss.”

“My pleasure.” Applejack laughed.