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On July 3, 1943, Equestria declared war on the Axis Powers.

These are the stories of those times.

(Contains historical events, including warfare and atrocity, depicted in what I hope to be a genuine, accurate manner. For more explanation, please see the foreword.)

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Credit for the picture goes to Davca , used with permission. He's good at what he does.:ajsmug:

Anyway, the 'snapshots' will cover short stories, side events, and other things I'm not keen on writing a full chapter for. Hope you enjoy.


Comment posted by Rune Soldier Dan deleted Apr 27th, 2013
Comment posted by Rune Soldier Dan deleted Apr 27th, 2013

Photo-edit credit to: Davca

Who knows how many people acted, alone and unsung, to save innocents from a nation determined to kill them? How many suffered and died ignominiously for their heroism? How many survived, but were never thanked?

Today, please spare a thought for them as you go about your business. Thank you.

Pfhwat?? Um... Okay, then. Read later.

Okay, read it. Wow. This is surprisingly well done. You have my attention, sir.

Honestly, this seems like a great story, I just never read historical fanfics, being the historical nut I am, people tend to write stories with the good guys (the allies) being good, not bombing entire cities to ash, etc. And the bad guys (axis) being genocidal maniacs, when in reality, both sides were equally horrible... being a holocaust denialist doesnt help at all either, (200k dead jews, not 6mil dead...)

It reminds me of the World War series by Henry Turtledove.

1621398 I feel kinda sorry for Trixie she did try to repent for her actions and its not like she collaberated knowingly

You've got a few bits wrong throughout. Firstly, an SS uniform isn't mottled brown. You're probably thinking of the Fallschirmjager uniform. Second, a 'Hitler Youth soldier' isn't a thing. Yes, members of the Hitler Youth were drafted, but they ended up in the Wehrmacht or the SS. In other words, they're just regulars. Nothing special.

And now, some questions should be raised about the aftermath of the war. Is this gonna turn into something misanthropic? Is it gonna be anything like a certain fic, one that rhymes with 'Inversion Plateau'? If the moon belongs to Luna, is there no man in the moon? How about the man ON the moon? What happens to the moon landing? Would Luna give permission to America to put a flag on it? How about the Soviets? So many damn questions! It's making my head spin! Aaargh--


Ah, I do so love it when fellow history buffs fact-check me. I mean it, too. It gives me hope for humanity.

The Hitler Youth thing is readily explained: No they were not an independent military force, but they did form the bulk of the 12th SS Panzer. Not coincidentally, this division was titled "Hitlerjurgend," and its forces are often referred to as such. My phrasing "Hitler Youth soldier" is meant to convey an immediate mental image without bogging the reader down in the details.

The uniform issue I had to research a little harder, and it seems you are partially correct. My statement was made based on numerous pictures depicting front-line SS wearing mottled brown (example), but browsing websites dedicated to their uniforms yielded mostly the familiar German dull green. I found what I believe to be the answer at a reproduction store: Camouflaged field smocks appear to have been used, fitting over the actual uniform (clearly pictured here). Similar outfits were certainly available to the Fallschrimjager too, but does not appear to have been unique to any one part of the German army.

Not gonna correct the story - it's told from Rarity's perspective, and nuances of German uniforms aren't high on her priority list.

And now I know something new. Thanks.:eeyup:

As for the rest, I'm pretty well going to stick with the war and its immediate aftermath. I've never read Conversion, but I don't think many people would be big on the idea of changing species. Thumbs are cool, and so is [insert your nation here].

(I don't think Luna would object to moon landings, though.)

you done good man ya done good

you made it in my hall of fame
this story warrants its addition

This fic shouldn't work at all but somehow, because of the gulf between "MLP canon" and "what actually happened" (as with Rarity's incomprehension but refusing to not do her bit) it turns out pretty good

I'm getting worried by the "they're waiting for us" mantra and ideal that keeps repeating through the fic. I'm worried about how the little ponies are going to react when they see the state of the survivors waiting for them...

You, sir, are quite good at speeches. moustache incouragement :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

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it was this golden age when 5 really powerful nations fought.
when the soviets and britts actually engaged the notorious nazis in battle and americans fighting japan.
when the allies would fight against the axis alongside foreign countries that got caught in the crossfire.
yes, it was truly a great war.

i hear the airborne really suffered high casualties during market garden due to them landing DIRECTLY above land firmly on the nazi's grip
and i heard there were panzerschrecks waiting on the bridge for sherman tanks

See now, this is how history should be. Full of ponies.

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my god man this story is epic

I read this and later talked to my Oma who lived 100km away from Warsaw during the war. She said she could see the city burning at night. I always find it interesting how from her perspective the Russians were the ones to run from, and she even took refuge at a German military base. It's amazing how much history our elders have experienced.

Real heartwarming, this is. Have a mustache. :moustache:


I suppose things have always been oversimplified when viewed through the dispassionate lens of history. Good and bad. Axis and Allies. Ignoring the individuals, and the disparate factions who played a role in the war. Thanks for sharing her story.

My own Dido was a Ukrainian nationalist. He fought both the Soviets and Axis, sometimes both at once as they fought over the territory. Ended up in a concentration camp, after which he happily accepted a one-way ticket to America.

Bad times.

Leeetle bit of background, fleshing things out a little and setting myself up for the Battle of the Bulge.

Glad to see this is still updating, even if it was only a little taste of what is to come.

I like the pictures you put in. Gives the story a feel that ponies were involved in the war.

I like the pictures you put in. Gives the story a feel that ponies were involved in the war.


Nope, just a princess with great power.

I don' t usually read war fics with my pony, but the voice and detail of this story has sucked me in! I can't wait to read more!

Oh yeah, I can't wait for him to say "NUTS!" :pinkiehappy:

I'm pretty sure the Allies weren't that callous about the concentration camps. They just couldn't do anything about them until Germany was defeated.

I suddenly have the urge to watch Band of Brothers again.

Dont let it get to you. You are doing a wonderful job.


Same here, nice though I wish the German wizards had suffered at least some losses.

If Hitler was to be taken alive, would Celestia have him turned into a statue like Discord was?

I know this isn't very relevant, but it's been bugging me: Does the Earth still rotate around the sun? And I bet Luna wishes those damn Yankees would stop leaving their garbage on her moon!

Also, fucking Nazi pigs. Will Dick Winters save the day? Will Patton read that magnificent bastard's book? Big damn heroes, they are.


My own thought? She might want to, but the Allies wouldn't have it. People were out for blood in 1945.


That is one of the sticky points in pony crossovers. Dan logic is as follows:

In RL, scientists are aware of just how unlikely sentient life as we know it is. It took a lot of cosmic coincidences for Earth to support life: It had to be just the right distance from the sun and have just the right atmosphere. We needed a steady orbit and (possibly) exactly one moon. If ever the moon's orbit around Earth or the Earth's orbit around the sun were to be disrupted, even to a small degree, it would be a catastrophe capable of wiping out humanity. And there are plenty of other cosmic forces that can take us out, too (bigass solar flares, etc.).

In my imagining, Luna and Celestia act to prevent just that. They keep the orbit stable and the Earth's rotation regular while subtly keeping out malign influences (like that sonofabitch Isaac Newton ). Using magic to ensure that physics doesn't dick us all over.

Is it a perfect theory? Hell no, but it's the best I can do when it comes to reconciling modern science with pony demigods.

2199338 "This is one small step for a man, a giant leap for--"


*Luna points to a sign*



And then Apollo 18 happened.

I wish I could forget that movie.


In fairness? Luna's presence would've made it a better movie. And I'm not even a Luna fanatic.:derpyderp1:

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Now, that was awsome. Don't mess with the Elements.

I'd just like to say, thanks to you, I've gotten really into Sabaton. Thanks for introducing me to this great band. Oh, and this chapter is pretty good too! :trollestia:

After this, can you do a Timeline 191 crossover? Be interesting to see...

I don't usually go for the dark and dreary human stories, but the simple emotion and realism you put into this is truely entrancing. I don't know if I've said so before, but you've portrayed humanity and war with all it's tragedy and pain and little hopes perfectly. Even now, after having done so much, all anyone, human or pony, really wants is ending the war and going Home.

War stories... somehow you've meshed it well with the ponies. It's inherently hopeful, as one could easily portray the Mane six breaking in this... and in a way they have broken. It's very, very clear that none of the mane six will ever be the same after this... they've seen and done great and terrible things.
The fear and loss of innoncence here is what makes them seem so much stronger now. Applejack having doubts and litterally fighting with herself to not abandon Tex, whom she has issues with, makes her carrying him this far all the more real... makes the heroism poingnant, rather than shallow.

I can't wait to see what happens next. Reading this makes me want to break out those old ww2 documentaries, get my history back on.

I also noticed that Celestia hasn't really gotten a segment to herself: which is fitting with the rest of the story. The big leaders like Patton and Eisenhower aren't the focus... the small stories are. They're noted historically, but not really personally.
Still, with celestia having spent most of the war gaining trust, and evetually commanding troops at... it's another story that's only been hinted at throughout this entire series. Her own student was literally caught up in it; it seems like Sparkle was assigned an obscure post to keep her away from the action (Diiiiidn't work!), and the Elements rushed straight to the lines.
I only bring her up because as implied earlier, Celestia is the most non-naive of all ponies next to her sister...
Heavy is the head that wears the crown... and it's so interesting to get into those heads.

... um... I just realized... Fluttershy hasn't appeared in the story. How DID the Element of kindness react to the photos and the call to war? Is she participating somewhere, or did she stay behind?

(I just realized that Rainbow has been a messenger thorughout the series... with an ego like hers? I don't think she broke under the horrors of battle and took a quieter post... she's the fastest flier in equestria, and it must've been a fight and a humbling realization that delivering Vital Info Fast, not actually fighting herself, was what would make a difference in the big picture.)

RIght, I'll stop speculating and leave it here... I hope to see more.

I like this chapter, and it's portrayal of the people involved AND Celestia. It hints at a deeper personal story behind the history... one I'm not sure we'll see from Celestia's personal point of veiw like we have The Mane six's and their human companions, but fitting given the 'real history' feel this series has so far.

Your decision to have Celestia have trouble earning the trust of humanity fits the realism you so well infuse into this tale, as well as keeping the idealism of the ponies. The troubles are real, some from ego's and others from gritty human things like trust and the Princess's admitted lack of experince.
But instead of being sidled out of the war, or acting like a goddess, Celestia acts like a mature leader. She contributes in a way that a centuries old being can in this uncertain situation; quietly and with tolerance and understanding... at first. I can't wait to hear how she really contributes to actual battles, even if only as a commander giving orders... what would her decisions be in battle, and what effect would they have?

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