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Sky Sprinter

Brony since mid-2014 and still kickin' it! Novice story writer and hoping to entertain y'all with my stories. You may also refer to me as Derron116 as that's my screen name on most other places.

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    I'm terrible at this scheduling thing...

    Remember when I said I was going to be back to full writing form within a month? Between lazyness and a new job, I haven't had all that much time to write. Maybe now I can get back to writing more, but don't quote me on that.

    Right now I'm just working on the final chapter to Victorian Equestria: Corps of Discovery, and once I'm done with that I plan on beginning the next fic in the Victorian Equestria series.

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Your Welcome Kildeez:twilightsmile:

First! Also, thanks for faving "Chitin and Fur"!

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