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Self-Titled Historian, some time fanfic writer, Full time gamer. Avid enjoyer of WW2 themed games and stories. If it involves The Third Reich, The Soviet Union or the other Allied Powers, I'm Into It!

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Besides your beautiful eyes?

Jk, I'd seen the story on the featured page and decide to give it a read, so far I'm loving it! You're version of Daring is great and the whole idea of instead of being a Treasure Hunter she's a thief turned PI is great, especially when she starts reading what are basically her books from the show canon in your AU and then writes another version, the meta is nuts!

Many thanks for the fave! May I ask what attracted you to me?

Those Italians are badasses. Stupid sexy ass tankettes are like flies, persistent and effective!

Well you’re ..... slightly correct. Pravada’s episode and characters are amazing, the Katyusha intro is so awesome, my favourite is the Italian team, though I don’t know thier names or have seen the episode/ movie they are a part of, watching them zip around in those two person tankettes is one of the funniest tank battle scenes I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing, especially when one tank gets knocked over and it’s crew just tip it back upright and move on. They pose no threat to any tank they are fighting but they try thier damndest anyway!

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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