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This is gonna be a wonderful story. Despite the lemon, I can safely say I enjoy this story, as well as Rainbow Effect



That's what happened when I saw this posted, complete with concerned onlookers. The Rainbow Effect was what got me into MLP fics, and finally having its sequel released (which, by the look of it, is quite possibly Twixie-based.. Twixie being tied with Appledash for my favourite ship) is the best Christmas gift I could've gotten. I love you.

As for reviews, I can give nothing but praise; the prose is flawless, everypony is perfectly in-character, and the story is natural and flowing. That said, my inner perfectionist is urging me to make note of a handful of errors (a couple of missed spaces and the like, to be specific), but they're nothing that a quick run through with a spellcheck can't fix. Kudos!

damn.... you good at writing........ love it! i think that some people in this world, like yourself, should be paid for work like this!!!!!

rainbow effect was my first fave pony fanfic!! so seeing that you made a sequel of its quality is astonishing!! thank you!!

oh, and i think that the characters are near perfect.... (well i think rainbow dash would be a little bit less articulate, but then again i don't really know her...)

"rated M for lemons!" guess whos gunna read this now? just for the lemons man, just for the lemons.

As Fox pointed out, there are a few issues with spacing, but otherwise this was really well written. I quite liked The Rainbow Effect, so I think I'll enjoy this one too :twilightsmile:

Eeeeee! Nother story from you. I is so happy! For the first chapter, its very wonderful. This chapter seems to be moreso ending its prequel than staring on its own. Which I laved(yes laved) because it will be a smooth transition into the Twixieness. So excited for the next chapter. The Rainbow Effect put you on my top 5 authors to track, and with this story you have yet to disspoint me.

Keep up the great work and I hope you had a Happy Heartswarming!

Ooh, a long awaited sequel. The lemons are a bonus.

...Do the lemons combust? :rainbowwild:

Wow guys, thanks for the feedback!

Fox: Thanks so much!

Kurbz: Yeah... pronouns are something that I need to work on. I'll start correcting them soon as I get the next chapter out.

neighsmith: Overkill. I'm not that good a writer.... but thanks!

Twye: Yeah, I felt like it ended the prequel... but come next chapter, and it should act as a smooth enough transition into the storyline of this one.

And Valenti... they do indeed "combust." Lemons are very... juicy, don'tcha know.

could use a bit more dialog, but once again you know how to please your readers :twilightsmile:

Good job so far :D
But Dash's eyes are in no way purple, violet, or any other shade on that end of the spectrum. They are red, magenta, rose, or the like. It was very distracting everytime it came up :|

Not to be too big of a dick, but it's about as far wrong as you can get. The visible spectrum goes Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, (Indigo,) Violet(Purple if you want the simpler name). RoyGBiv? From grade school? Her hair goes in that order for a reason.

120125 *Sigh* :facehoof:
Then feel free to not read on. Simple. I'll be a little sad, but I'll keep my peace.

Better yet... http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PurpleEyes

Like I said, close enough.

As Rainbow Dash says, "THAT WAS AWESOME." :rainbowwild:

This story is officially 20% cooler than the first one so keep up the good work and update fast!!!

NEeed Update. With the promise of twixie in the image--and the quality of your writing-- oh man

Well I have read both of these stories and I have to say you are a very talented writer. I like how you have portrayed AJ and RD in these stories and I can't wait to see this knew relationship unfolds. Being that I am a fan of Twixie I am eagerly awaiting the next installation.

I have literally grabbed a bag of popcorn to read this new chapter :pinkiehappy:

God I less than three your stories! Another totally awesome chapter


What better way to continue a story that's gone months without an update than with an awesome chapter on 11k words? :pinkiehappy:

"leaving a numberof leaves and twigs" - :rainbowderp:
"left their nests to be seendarting and fluttering" - :unsuresweetie:
"she watched as they flit away from the meadow" - Random tense change! :derpytongue2:
"the two ponies withdrew themselves from their newfoundfriends" - :flutterrage: Y U MISS SO MANY SPACES! Only Newfoundland is allowed to do that!
"and speaking upafter her heart had" - :unsuresweetie:
"sudden lightand the tears in her eyes" - :trixieshiftright:

"[ie conga line!" - :rainbowderp:
"Her back were starting to ache" - :trollestia:
"visit the dry cleaners" - Did you miss an apostrophe?

Awesome, thanks for pointing those out for me!

Yes, yes, yes! I've been eagerly awaiting this chapter for a while now. Getting to see it now just made my evening :pinkiehappy:

I've gotta say it was pretty good. I really liked the beginning and the whole party scene. Felt pretty bad for Rainbow Dash :fluttershysad:

It feels like this story's a lot more about Rainbow Dash and AppleJack than I originally thought it'd be. But I'm not complaining. Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next chapter!

It's back! And it's awesome! Huzzah!

I liked this, I was a bit confused at the amount of rainbow dash and applejack, but then I realized this wasn't a one shot, and was very delighted!
Eagerly awaiting next update :heart:

I read, and really enjoyed, The Rainbow Effect. This sequel is shaping up to be of similar caliber.

This is my favorite!!! Please write more soon! I confess to having a weak spot for romantic AppleDash fics and yours is definitely number one.

Wow. I was waiting to say 'Where's Trixie, by the end of the second chapter of this Twixie story?'. But looks like you fit it in after all.

Now, what's happening? Seems to be about a month since you've posted anything, let alone a chapter of Twilight Effect.

Great job! You sure are making a number on my interests. Never has anyone's fanfic made me so excited to await for more (unless they leave me in suspense but that is a different story :rainbowwild:)! Like the guy above me said because it is true for me too, I have a weak spot for AppleDash romantic fics, especially yours because they are that amazing. :yay:
Also thought I should add, that I am sorry. I am not a fan of Trixie because this one fanfic ruined it for me. I mean I hate Gilda with a passion (want her to bake cupcakes with Pinkamena Diane Pie), and Trixie was tolerable but annoying because of her need to be superior to others. Then I saw this fanfic that made her take her jealousy to a whole new level, and it has forever put her down to Gilda's level, but I will still read it because you are an amazing writer. (Mostly just for the AppleDash ship xD but I will do it for you too.)

86902 Thats exactly how i found The Rainbow Effect. looking for clop! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome I look forward to the rest and for the future of your stories. :twilightsmile:

Arrgh, I know! I can't figure out what's happening. -_-

I'm struggling, give me a bit.

Whoa. I am the first comment on here!:rainbowderp: This is like crazy, and it took me so long to put all my words together to make this possible. Well, first of all, let me get started by say that is wonderful to see this chapter out. There are some that have waited the 5 months for this, where I only had to wait about a month because I didn't know about it until earlier. Even if it had been five months, I would have been here waiting the whole five months all the way. I wondered to myself why I would do such a thing, being a pretty impatient guy that I am, but as I was telling my friends about my experiences with AppleDash ships, it made me realize something important. The Rainbow Effect was, in fact, the very first story I read on FimFiction. It was the reason I came to the site everyday, the reason why I joined it, the reason I was making my stories. Without knowing about the Rainbow Effect, I can't really say how I would have found my way here. Your story is the main reason I am still on this site. I have been waiting for the longest time for something that was made of pure elegance as your story. It was the match to my bonfire, the start to all that was good about AppleDash, and the site. I have to say, thank you for this story. It has given me so much hope, so much will, so much determination that I can't even describe the feeling because simple words cannot express what I am feeling. Thank you!:ajsmug:

Now for the chapter. The chapter was amazing, and to answer your question earlier: Yes, I did, and it definitely was a nose bleeder.:twilightblush: I tried my best to seize my emotions because I was having a party, and I felt so embarrassed about reading it at that time. I am just happy that I don't have to read it aloud to anyone because one of my friends made me do that for them, and I was dying. You did an amazing job on the visualization that I could see what was happening (which only made things all the more embarrassing). Regarding any grammatical error, I believe I only saw a misused quotation mark, but I lost the position because my laptop turned off on me. Other than that, it was amazing! The cliffhanger is a bit of a feisty one. It was also funny that they were being watched the whole time. I'm trying not to put any spoilers in the comments in case someone reads them before reading the chapter. Anyways, that was well done, and I cannot wait for the next chapter to come out. In the mean time, I have some very important stuff I have to do, and get ready for. I have 28 days to get $2500, and I plan to have that done.:rainbowdetermined2: Keep up the good work, I will be watching, and, most of all, thank you for everything!:ajsmug:

From hell, to you, and back again,
Soto Konoha

P.S.- I really summed up this whole comment because my intentional comment was about three pages long.:twilightsheepish:

Amazing as allways i have to thank you for getting me into fanfiction with the rainbow effect your the best appledash writer out there keep it uP:moustache::moustache::heart::moustache::moustache:

Very good chapter and I love how you ended it "It was time to be great and powerful again" :pinkiehappy:

can't wait for the next chapter I hope it will be as juicy as this one :twilightblush:

Keep up the good writing

this thing is HUGE! :derpyderp1:
wow , gonna take some days to read it XDD

It felt more like five years, but it was worth the wait I guess. I hope its next update doesn't take as long.
I'm also a willing editor, so if anyone has a story that needs preread, email me at liamotfunk@gmail.com and I will do my absolute best.
Nothing but perfection will do. :raritywink:

Why does it always seem like my favorite fics are the ones that update the least? The wait for this chapter was long...but it was worth it.

This chapter had me smiling a lot. You made Rainbow Dash seem so adorable.:rainbowkiss: Characterization was good as always. The cloppy scenes seemed a little more graphic than last time, which I sorta liked.

What really surprised me about this chapter though was the lack of Twixie, and the lack of Twilight altogether from this chapter. I'm going to assume that Trixie makes her debut next chapter...and after waiting this long, her entrance better be awesome:trixieshiftleft:

A few, small typos I found:

than you just had to say so!"

been one o' yer secret all these years,

that had leaded her into the throes of passion.

Thought it was behind the layer of

but I did have couple of lessons from a pretty good teacher

I'm hoping the next chapter will just as awesome:rainbowdetermined2:


... attention on her neck, entranced with the swirling sensation of her lover's tongue against the pulse of her neck, and with the blissful

Thought it was behind the layer of gleaming lust that something shown more brightly

eyes burning with desire. But for the silly remark she had made minutes before, her eyes burned up at her with a single desire.

Wanted to post these earlier, but the site was down for me! So yeah.

Also, are you by chance a fan of Tune Up!, or its successor, Cascada? The question is relevant, but explaining it depends on what your answer is.

This is great. Loved the bit with the spa twins at the end. Applejack spends so much time crying though! Buck up little pony, it's going to be okay!
Well, probably...


Yeah... I make these ponies cry a lot. :raritycry:

But we should be taking a nice break from that for a while. :yay:

Don't go on the site for two weeks, Aquarian Poet updates her amaza-story.

I love this, it has everything! AppleDash are so cute together and you write every aspect of both them and their relationship so well, how are you not famous?

I feel I should be paying for reading this, do you accept all major credit cards?


0.0....wow....I mean, WOW. That was completely and positively awesome. Appledash is already my favorite shipping, you just blew my expectations for this out of the water. Seriously, thank you for writing this! Rainbow's reactions to the spa treatments were priceless, escpecially when ahe was mumbling into the pillow. I loved how you made it look like Applejack was hitting on Lotus, but it really turned out that she was organizing some alone time with Dash. Great stuff, really. I am definitely eagerly awaiting the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

PS- "It was time to be great and powerful again."- SOOO BADASS.

"Now that I think about it, I also remember feelin' a pair o' hooves on my flank when Pinkie Pie was marchin' down the street with all those instruments durin' the parasprite invasion. Do you remember that?"

THANK YOU. Someone remembers that!
Dash completely drapes herself all over AJ, and no one bats an eyelash. I mean, that's like ship-material prime right there! :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh:

I don't care if this is supposedly a Twixie story. This deserves to be firmly categorized as an appledash romance :ajsmug::heart::rainbowwild:
Sneaky AJ massage... love it!

1503666:pinkiegasp: sweet Celestia thank you!
i thought i was the only one who saw that! seriously!

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