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Returning home from a busy day, an unexpected sight leads one mare to realize what it truly takes to be a friend, and what it really means to be “genuine”.

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***6-Star Rating on Equestria Daily!***

What happened after Fluttershy fell from Cloudsdale and earned her cutie mark? Just who is Granny Pie? How and when did Rarity decide to become a famous fashionista? And what happened to Applejack's parents after Apple Bloom was born? The Pony Poetry Series aims to answer these questions and more, in a compilation of stories detailing how the main characters of the show came to become the mares they are today, whether through guidance or delivery, trial or fortune. And even though each story will bring the answers about in a different way, through every lesson learned and after every friend made... one thing will never change.

Everypony has a song to be sung.

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