• Published 12th Nov 2011
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The Pony Poetry Series - Skeptical Poet

A series of stories that expound on how the main characters came to be the mares they are today.

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UPDATE: 3-31-12

…I know, I picked the absolute WORST time to post an Author’s Note. You were probably expecting an update, or possibly even a new story.

Just one more week.

I had originally planned to release a new story today, a short Twilight/Pinkie Pie oneshot titled “Genuine”, but I’m struggling with finishing it up just a bit. It will be released next Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled!

After this story, I’m getting the third chapter of “The Twilight Effect” out (not projecting due dates this time, I think I’ve learned my lesson), and after which I will be reviving “The Pony Poetry Series” with the next story!

Here’s a hint: It’s NOT “Rainbow Dash’s Anthem”. ^_^

On another note… I’m FINALLY getting Internet access at my apartment, so I’ll be able to talk and answer you all MUCH more consistently! I apologize to those who have had to wait… what, 4-5 days for me to get back to them?

That’s just ridiculous.

At any rate, hopefully I’ll see you all next week! Thanks again to everyone who has left a comment on “The Twilight Effect” as of recent! You guys seriously keep me going!

Until next time,


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