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Applejack and Rainbow Dash are preparing to get married. Amidst the hustle and bustle and busy activity surrounding such a joyous occasion, Violet Tempest, Rainbow Dash's younger sister, arrives in Ponyville, in order to start out on her journey to find a direction for her life, something that will bring her the same joy and happiness she sees in the love between her sister and her soon to be sister-in-law.

* This is Book 4 in the AppleDash series written by The Lotus Tea Dragon. It is recommended that you read "Of Clouds, Seeds, and Apple Trees" (Book 1), "Saddlebags, Sun, and On the Run" (Book 2), and "Hearth's Warming Heart (Book 3) before reading this volume. It is not, however, necessary.

This is a sequel to: Saddlebags, Sun, and On The Run (Book 2)

There is a later sequel to this story: The Fruits Of Our Labors (Book 4)

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I love your style of writing. There is an elegance to it, that I can't really explain. I look forward to seeing more of this story. An up vote from me.

YES I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!....I should probably actually read it now...heh...

Edit: Yes! This fic. Is going. To. Be. So. Awesome!

Yay, the return of violet tempest. Im really looking forward to this story.

Another Sequel? Buck yeah! :yay:
I will totally reread this when it is finished like the other stories!

Squee! This is back :D

Thank you all for the confidence you have in my story telling abilities. I shall do my best not to disappoint! :ajsmug::rainbowwild:

I can tell that I will reread the finished product twice, just like the prequels:ajsmug:

Marvelous a new story to read by the fire. With some nice treats mmmmm. Truly this shall be a wondrous addition to the series. I eagerly await more. :raritystarry:

Thank you both, and I hope you like the latest chapter. :pinkiesmile:

Yes i am so happy to see another part of this story im really excited to read more great chapter i feel like this one is going to be more about violet tempest and less about AJ and RD

I was almost late to class this morning because I was reading this...worth it :ajsmug: this is gonna be so pump!:rainbowkiss:

2177981 - Violet will be featured prominently, though there will be plenty of AJ & RD love. :pinkiesmile:

2178582 - Ooh! Don't be late because of me! Though I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

2185858 very nice i cant wait to learn about violet she seems like a mix almost of aj and rd

love your appledash series. I hope this continues for awhile yet. Cant wait to see what happens with Violet too. And again hopefully not to much angst

2252563 - Thank you, AppleFire, I'm glad you enjoy my stories! :twilightsmile:

New chapter is up, everypony. I hope you like it, and I'm so very sorry about the wait!

Eee. Applejack continues to be awesome. I can't wait to see what Violet does around town, and what she decides.:scootangel:

Please keep up with the great writing! I loved the first two parts to this trilogy and I cannot wait for you to finish this one too. I await your completion ever so anxious.

2276593 - Thanks, AppleDashLuv. :ajsmug:

2276621 - Ooh, I have so much in store. I hope you like it, Tchernobog! :twilightsmile:

2276733 - I just hope I don't let anyone down, SoldFirestar13. You can't win them all, but I'll try! :pinkiehappy:

Well, I've just finished the 3 stories and I must say, that's a hell of a great story you wrote here :ajsmug:
Of course I can't dislike an AppleDash story 'cause it's my second favorite pairing (well, yeah, nothing can be better than a SoarBurn story :raritywink: ), but still, I love the way you write and the personality you gave to Violet.
PS: Please, update this story quickly, I CAN'T WAIT, I WANT MOAR ! :flutterrage:

2421548 - Thank you very much for the compliments, Louisaro. If it means anything, I am still working on the story, it's just in bits and pieces. You know, 100 words here, 200 there. Even though the story is on hiatus doesn't mean I'm ignoring it, I promise. :ajsmug::rainbowwild:

i cant wait for the next chapter, its such a great story.
I´m serious here, i cant wait, im sitting in front of my pc, and hitting the refresh button, till chapter 4 appears:heart:

Thank you, everypony, for your patience. I hope you enjoy the latest chapter.

~The Lotus Tea Dragon

The best thing to start a day
Reading an awesome chapter of an awesome story. Keep dem chapters rollin':pinkiehappy:

new chapter, wuuuuhuuu :pinkiehappy:


If'n ya would, go wake up Big Mac, Rainbow, and Violet, so they can get some breakfast 'fore they leave fer Cloudsdale."

I thought Big Mac was in Coltorado

But still a wonderful chapter

Whoops! Big Mac shouldn't be there! :rainbowderp:
Thanks for the catch, BrightHeart! I'm not sure how he got in there. :D

Probable due to having to go back and rewrite it after you original copy and backup Poofed away into the void
either way it's just good to see this coming back and continue to look so good
good luck with everything

Count on one hoof. Nice. :rainbowlaugh:

2768633 - That may be it. You know Big Macintosh. He's the strong, silent type. Never know when he's in the same room unless you're looking. :raritywink:

2769250 very true and is it wrong i got way to much a laugh out of that

Good, Perhaps he will just appear again at some point :twilightsheepish:
if i see him or anything else i tell you :scootangel:

The next chapter is up. I hope you all enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

Huzzah! Lovely. I figured Twi would offer her a job as soon as she made an appearance. But research assistant? That's bound to be fun.

*eyes Violet and Twilight*

...naah. I gotta put those goggles away. :coolphoto:

Well I hope Twilight watching Rainbow disappear into the distance and forgetting about Violet wasnt her starting to crush on dash or her already crushing on dash.
Also it seems Violet found a decent job for the time being. Cant wait to see what she decides for a future job.

I love being vague and confounding. :rainbowkiss:

Chapter Five is up, and I hope you enjoy it! :ajsmug::rainbowwild:

2824666 This chapter was short, and lacked appledash for an appledash story.

But it was still a great chapter! Im really gla to see this story being continued especially considering that all you write is appledash but weave a great story into it as the same time. I love the other stories to bits due to how steadily they were written, a LOT of long appledash stories dont do this well or bombard it with unnecessary tragedies.

But you always manage to add in a plot that fits mlp:fim perfectly, for that alone i could read a story that was not appledash (i cant get enough appledash), but then you still add appledash into the story.

And to top it off none of you're stories are "mature" like other long appledash stories ive read so i can read the whole thing without a worry.

Sorry to ramble but i just want to thank you for having ALL of you're what seems like proffessionally written stories appledash, they are rediculously good.

I cant wait for the next chapter!

I am also wondering where is the appledash part of this story is, and it kinda has a slow start. But other than that i love your stories keep it up! :rainbowkiss:

Ohoho. Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Although I must admit to permanently be wearing shipping goggles. :coolphoto:

As for the appledash... Unlike the others, I know how side-stories can take over a fic. In this case, we're seeing more of Dash's sister, which is fantastic. And I'm betting Twi's experiment will cause some issues in the forest/near the farm...

2826364 - Thank you, Lollingtroll!
Yes, there is less AppleDash so far, though that will not be so for the entire story. At the moment, I'm just continuing to establish Violet as her own pony. As for the "mature" issues, yes, I prefer to keep things toned down somewhat. It makes me have to rely on storytelling instead of instant gratification. There are two elements I have in my stories: (1) No permanent darkness/sadness (2) No explicit sex or gore. I want these stories available for everyone old enough to understand what's going on to enjoy them!

2826506 - Thank you, Painbow! I promise you, there's a nice heaping pile of AppleDash coming up very soon!

2826927 - You're sweet, Tchernobog. Also, you might be seeing what you think you're seeing. I don't know about such things. *whistle* :rainbowkiss:

2827958 Its great to hear that you dont add any "explict" parts into it, it often seems simply unnececary and doesnt really add in, i prefer heart warming appledash over cloppy stuff.

Again its a shame there isnt more long appledash fics without clop, so i thank you again for the great stories, that might i add made me feel so much better when in a dark part of life.

2828008 - Aw, that is so very sweet! Thank you! It is the highest compliment I can receive, to know that I have helped to make you feel better. :twilightsmile:

aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :heart:

There be a storm'a brewin.

When you said there would be a heap of appledash later on, you were certainly telling the truth and that....... Was great!!! It was one thing seeing an appledash update 10 minutes after waking up. But to see this! Updated, its already a great day!

And great chapter, i really enjoyed this one. So much Daaaaaaaw!

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