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Since I was little I have been a fan of video games, anime, cartoons, comics, tcg, etc. But in 2019 i became a brony.


This story is a sequel to Cardfight Vanguard EQG

It's been a few days since the fierce battle between Spike and Garble, Spike was recognized for his victory, his father, mother and older sister couldn't be more proud, but the game of Vanguard was still very unknown to the city of Canterlot, without thinking. 2 times, with the help of his friends he will found a club where they can play Vanguard to compete in interschool events at the same time that he teaches the game to people and make it bigger, but not everything is easy, because the student council will make things difficult and will do everything possible to prevent the Cardfight Club from prospering, which is a threat only Spike, Thorax and Ember they can prevent.

And with this journey, the power of a Cardfighter with heart will be discovered.



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Not a bad start. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Nice opening for a sequel

If you need an OC for this series, you know the drill.

I am excited to see where this story will go/

This seems like an interesting start. Twilight and her friends, as well as a few other students, have gotten interested in Vanguard thanks to Spike, and now he, Thorax, and Ember are going to start their own Vanguard club. Very interesting so far, and I am curious who the other two members they will recruit will be.

I like how some other characters made an appearance, like Chrysalis as the school nurse, the Shadowbolts as the the student council, and Spitfire and Fleetfoot have joined Flash and Soarin's team (not sure I recognize the last one described though).

They found her in one of the hallways on the second floor, Spike approached her to tell her about the club, "Ember."

But as he got closer, Spike slipped, "AHHH."

He accidentally fell on Ember who was on her back and didn't notice who was behind her, when she felt the touch, she reacted instantly punching Spike, "Take this pervert."


This caused Spike to fall down the stairs landing on the first floor, at which point Ember realized that the boy she hit was Spike, "Oh no, Spike."

Wow, that's the second time Spike has run into Ember.

"And stop calling me Coach Armor, forget the formalities, only Shining is fine."

"Oh alright, umm Shining,"

“Ok that sound weird but I'll take it,” Shining Armor said.

Ha! Clever No Way Home reference.

I look forward to continuing.

Okay, without even reading the first chapter, I can already feel MASSIVE LJ saga vibes. So I can’t wait to read the second part of this story, and once again, any deck ideas from the base series, I am open to…even extra possible teams, (Decks included), for any tournaments.:pinkiehappy:

But as always this series is YOUR decision. So have fun, stay safe, and remember to…



Gotta go bye everypony💨

Having kicked Pinkie out I can happily give my opinion on the first chapter…

I’d happily join the club if I was in that school.:pinkiehappy:

And I like how you gave Ember and Spike a good moment to be like a couple…I’m a shipper so sue.😑

As for the student council…I never liked them to begin with in the normal Vanguard, but I’m curious to see how you handle them here, and make them better characters…possibly.😅

I knew those girls on the council would try something like this. At-least Lemon Zest isn't mad with power

I'll bet Lemon's the one that records their meetings. Great to provide evidence of the Council forcing their own view of the students. Also imagine if Cinch hears that they denied a club that will help in defeating Canterlot High.

Surprised Lemon Zest is the only one who isn't an ass in the council there.

Sorry to burst your bubble Wild, but this also happens in the OG Vanguard series. Author here is just making their own story based off of events. So I’m spoiled on all the stuff that may or may not happen based off of the series. The only thing I’m interested in, is seeing what decks the author creates and what events they add/change.😅




Thank you very much for watching it, I will do my best to have a higher level of quality than its first part.

Hehe, you sure do have a good eye for references, thanks for reading, and about the guy you didn't recognize, he'll show up in the third chapter.


I like your enthusiasm, unfortunately the decks are already decided, but I hope you can still enjoy the story.

And yes, I was inspired by Link Joker, I really liked that saga, it would have been my favorite but in the end they ruined it a bit, I'm not saying I didn't like it, it was great, but the idea of ​​the student council as a villain seemed incredible to me, but that was put aside when the Reversed thing happened, and in the end the student council came to nothing.

In the remake they kind of try to fix the problem with the student council but they don't do it that well, so I'll fix that in this story.

Makes sense Lemon Zest is the only good member of the council, since she seemed to be the Token Good Teammate for the Shadowbolts in canon.




When I saw the 3rd Equestria Girls movie, I swear I hate the Shadowbolts, (Even though I hate Cinch more) they were very cruel to Twilight, and although Cinch has been more despicable to her, at least they managed to make her shut up and leave forever, even in the Equestria Girls specials, they say that Cadence is now the only principal of Crystal Prep.

But the Shadowbolts, damn they were pretty despicable, not at Cinch´s level, but they weren't given some kind of punishment, they just apologized to Twilight at the end, but an apology isn't enough to justify how they treated her, for that I put them as villains in this fic.

But Lemon Zest was different, she was the only one who didn't look down on Twilight, that's why in this fic she is the only council member who is nice.

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