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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

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Hey, nice to see you again, and you've brought a new story with you.

This is pretty great.

The first three chapters have been awesome! Great story so far.

Rainbow’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. “What the FUCK[/i[ are you doing to Fluttershy?!” she angrily demanded.

I think your [/i[ script got away from you.

Great to see you back man.

Great, now fluttershy wants to turn them goth.

I don't usually read anthro, always kinda felt like it subtracted from the whole 'pony' experience. It realy makes this particular story come together though.

and then they fucked
theeee eeennnd

yep, I've got the feeling that she's going to sneak out and turn them. from the way she acts, I wouldn't be surprised if she tried. or if she decided her "Count" needed more company in the bedroom

Cant wait to hear Twilight and Fluttershy sing "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance

More please :raritydespair: !!!

“Good. Now come on. I need someone to look at this. You better not give me horse rabies or something, I swear to Christ…”

He should be more worried about the infection he may have given her. She seems to have enjoyed his retaliation a little too much...

Loving the story so far keep it up.

I'm starting to like this story, though I have a question, is Fluttershy vampire effects permanent in this story?

Absolutely love this. It's tense and highly charged, but not so tense that it isn't fun. I love what you're doing with Fluttershy's vampiric character, and I'm super excited to see what's coming. Malicious compliance is one of my favorite tropes, and that seems to be precisely what she has in mind.

That you're so capable of turning any idea into something so sweet and enjoyable and soothing never fails to amaze me. I'm absolutely enthralled thus far.

I'm loving this keep it up!

Does this story have femdom in it?

Anon stood on the front porch, now more than a little nervous. He watched the sun dip over the horizon, licking his lips.

Anon had been to Applejack’s farm many times, but he had never seen it this quiet. It put him on edge, had his head on a swivel as he walked through rows upon rows of apple trees. He walked around for what felt like an hour, listening and looking. He eventually made his way toward a small hill and looked out on the expansive farm. There were trees as far as the eye could see, the farmhouse, and the barn. Miles away, he could see the houses in town, see lights shine out through windows. What he didn’t see was a yellow vampire horse woman.

I prefer FlutterBat anyway

Proves you've got the skills for anthro stuff

That is a good question. But as a plot point, answering it now would kill the suspense. We all are just going to have to keep reading and find out.

I will not consider them my prey any longer. Just like me they shall be… more .”

Well that can't be good
I want this too

What do you think Flutters was doing but making GlimGlam a thrall? A thrall is basically nothing more than a submissive toy to a vampire. She is probably planning to build an obedient harem to serve under her and her "Count".

“Oh my goodness,” she said, in a voice much like the Flutters they all knew. She began picking up individual grains, placing them right next to her in neat little rows. “One, two, three, four, five…”

I don't know about you guys, but this reminds me of an X-Files episode.

It's an actual video, you can find it on youtube. It's called "They're Emo!!!" By Makaryo.

What type of anthro are the ponies do they have normal legs or hooves do they wear clothes or are they nude

Amazing read!
Very interested to see what Fluttershy has in store for, Spike and Twilight.

Flutterbat would have no reason to lie. Right? Especially since she has those old memories to draw from.

And Anon really is distrustful if it took him that long to acknowledge Luna's and Celestia's power to move the Moon and Sun.

“Alright. I got my muffin. I got my flare. I got these clothes. Time to go ahead and save the day I guess. God… I better not get eaten tonight. I got a dart tournament this weekend…”

Great to see that your priorities are in order!

Love-struck Vampire Anthro Fluttershy is doing it for me!

I happily await the next chapter

I mean, if you live forever like a vampire, it'd be worth maybe needing some therapy. If that dissociation thing is not just something that only fluttershy did, I mean

Flutters better keep her hands off my girl Twilight. I don't want to see a pure relationship between her and Anon get spoiled.


I loving where this is going

“I am better. Better."

Is it me, or does it sound more like Flutterbat is trying to convince herself of this than Anon after he continually turns down her advances. She seems to hate herself for having been so "weak" before her transformation, and is confused and angry at the fact that Anon defends her "lesser half."

I'm starting to like this story even more. I really hope you can still continue and bring us more clop scenes!

Whoo-hoo-hoo, things are really heating up!

How much of Starlight's actions is influenced by Fluttershy?

Gotta say, that's a lot more inventive than the plot device I thought it was, thought the muffin had a love potion or something to prevent him from getting instantly murdered.

"Fluttershy, it feels like my coque and balls are about to explode into chunky salsa"

Too bad Twilight and Gimmer are science brains right now. All they would have to do is have a sit down with both Anon and Fluttershy and spell this out to them. Flutters would be mortified and ashamed in learning her simple plan to engage him, nearly harmed her "Count" instead.

“It sounds great,” Starlight said, covering a yawn with a hand. “Hey, how about for lunch we cook something with apples in it?”


“Why not? If we make a meal out of them we can feed Fluttershy, so we’ll kill two birds with one stone. Besides, for some reason, I’ve been really craving them.”


Italics tag didn't close.

Damn the cliff hangers are for real in this fic

"Fluttershy WINS! Carnality!"


Need to fix this tag; a little of the Chapter is in italics.

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