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Sugar Moonlight is jealous of Cloudpuff, for reasons best known to herself. However, her jealously brings to light a very real danger, one that will cause Maretime Bay to descend into chaos once it, and the efforts to contain it, are unleashed.

Written for the Generation 5 Bingo Contest.

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Comment posted by Sombcord Evilian deleted Nov 1st, 2021

Why isn't there a sci-fi tag?

Not yet, at least. Tags added as needed.

A very interesting start. Excited to find out what's next!!

Liked, added to G5 folder, and tracked!

Don't forget to hit the track button so you don't miss any updates,

Ooh, another awesome chapter!!

I appreciate the support.

What is the cover art?

It's from the tabletop game Battletech.

Oh my Celestia! Is this what I think it is! Is it a Sugar Moonlight Featured story?! Wow I think this is the first of its kind! Wait nope it is the first o its kind! You seriously don't know how happy I am to be finding a story with her in it. I have gotten quite attached to her while writing my own story featuring her and I figured it was the only one, but actually finding one makes me so happy, I can't even!:pinkiehappy:

Thank You so much for writing this! :heart:

This is going no where but my favorites!:rainbowkiss:
(Over-Dramatic? You Know It!:raritywink:)

Thanks for reading! This was written for the G5 bingo contest, and she was one of my elements.

Still love the fic and the usage of Moonlight!
And anytime buddy!:twilightsmile:

What Mechs do you like? I’m partial to the Highlander 732 and the Bargest. None of the players around here like quads. :applecry:

Mad Cat MkII and Fafnirs are high on my list.

I see no reason for this to fail spectacularly. :ajsmug:

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