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I'm a proud brony who reads stuff for a living. I also write darkfics & family-friendly stuff every-so-often. All I can say is, if you plan to read any of my content, happy horrors ;)


After being saved from a vampiric overlord at a party, Twilight Sparkle is put in danger by her savior, Sunset Shimmer, an ancient and beautiful vampire girl. Against all odds, Sunset vows to protect Twilight at all costs, and in this vow, a bond is forged between the two. A bond that may end up being unbreakable and eternal.

Full audiobook here: https://sparrow9642.bandcamp.com/album/savior-mlp-eqg-audiobook

Cover art done by Tomiku: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hxsCzueF8N1aeguEfZfqA

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Sparrow back at it with unique and cool stories :raritystarry:

The Best Recommendation Ever

you have my interest.

you have my attention.

That’s an adorable chapter great job. I can’t wait to see what happens next :twilightsheepish:

Hmmm... Okay this seems fun.

Revealing, in more than one way. And though she can move in the day at least she doesn't sparkle or I'd have to walk from this. I enjoy almost anything with these two in it.

The tension just keeps rising and rising.

Still, it was nice to see Twi and Sunny have a tender moment with each other. After all, having something to fight for makes you fight that much harder.

And scissors. Gonna need a new do too. This is the point you start asking if your genius friend can hotwire a car.

Exactly. That's mainly why I included it :twilightsmile:

Twilight is so ready and hearing hair dye makes me wonder hows shes going to change her look

nice work on all chapters so far:twilightsmile:

Demon mode. Going to be hungry after a burst like that.

Hope Grandma has a snack stash.

Glad they made it out alive. Still, Sunset going demon mode is concerning. Hopefully its an at will power vs. something more damning.

Glad to hear from you again, friend

The story is so intense 😃 can’t wait to read what happens next Great Job

Because I ran out of room and focused the main characters of importance.

One of us, one of us. Figured that might come up eventually. It is a curse to an immortal to outlive your loved ones.

dang the story is so intense

twilights parents...... nah fuck them.

they can stay thinking that their daughter is a wanted criminal on the run, or dead.

Enjoyable. If you make a sequel it should probably address the fallout dealing with Twilight's family.

I plan to add enhancements to it, which means I'll address that part of it. I just need to get some energy back after writing all that I did lol

I added something new to help clear up that factor 🙂
Hope it helps to make the ending somewhat better!

Fixed! I honestly didn't think that over before posting, because my brain and energy was dead by then after writing over 6k words

So… no vampire TF? 🦇

instant dislike!
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