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I'm a proud brony who reads stuff for a living. I also write darkfics & family-friendly stuff every-so-often. All I can say is, if you plan to read any of my content, happy horrors ;)


Expect delays · 3:22am May 13th, 2021

So, I've hit a bit of a writer's block on "Savior," and my brain is going to need time to properly brew up some ideas for the next chapter. Please be patient with me. On top of this story, my YouTube content, my non-pony work, and just life in general, it's not easy to manage, and I'd rather have well-written work than rushed asf garbage. Until it is updated with a new chapter, enjoy what is already posted, because it's going to be awhile. Sorry, but that's life and how my brain chooses to

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The Survey series finale is in progress! · 2:51am Jan 23rd, 2021

So, it's been awhile since I touched on this series that has yet to be concluded, and I'm happy to say that it's finally happening. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I've started the official draft. I've written about three handwritten pages of a very rough draft to get an idea of how I want to conclude this series and have ideas of how it will happen. There's no doubting it, it's going to be a long finale that will probably be cut into parts to save people time, but I'm working to make it both

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My new stuff [ADULTS ONLY] · 10:15pm Dec 21st, 2020

So, I've been trying out the erotica genre, and have even started my own series called "Tales from Hell's Pub." Here's a bit of a sample of what I've been working on over the past month or so.

Breaking the Rules Audiobook demo [18+ ONLY]

Full version can be purchased here [$5 via credit or debit card]: https://gumroad.com/l/SaPvE
Prequel to this series can be found here [$5 via credit or debit card]: https://gumroad.com/l/HYamru

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Inky Hearts is dead · 6:18pm Nov 15th, 2020

I'm making this post to announce that I am no longer part of the MLP fandom. It's out of my own choice regarding recent events. Don't freak out though, THIS DOESN'T MEAN I'VE COMPLETELY ABANDONED PONY. I simple don't wish to reside in the fandom anymore. I love the show, and always will, and I will continue to produce content. You don't have to be in a fandom to love the stories that the authors provide, and that's how it's going to go from here on. So, does this mean I'm done with making MLP

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Coming this Halloween/Nightmare Night! · 3:27pm Oct 21st, 2020

When Sunset Shimmer, the current protege of Princess Celestia, proposes to teach a young filly named Twilight Sparkle, she faces a test on her position on Canterlot society. Failure potential having fatal consequences.

Link to the video!

Art in thumbnail provided by Violarules, Lioru92, lil blue lynx, and Hocus Pocus.

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An update on the "A Pony's Tale" trilogy · 6:21pm Aug 13th, 2020

Earlier this year, I posted the first of the three "A Pony's Tale" stories, and I couldn't be more proud of myself, but now many are wondering where the next story is. I assure you, I'm working on it, but at the same time, I'm not sure when it will be complete. A good author takes their time in writing something of their craft, and considering the next story introduces a whole new world as much as characters that need story to them as much as explaining the new world and how it works, I

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A Pony's Tale: Equestria's Fall Audiobook Demo · 4:52pm Feb 14th, 2020

I've released a demo that's consisted of the full first chapter of the story to give a hint as to what the story is based around, and what people interested can expect in the full version. I've also lowered the pricetag to $10 to be more budget-friendly. Go give the demo a listen, and if you are interested in getting the full version, follow the link in the description!

Thank you for your time, and happy horrors, until the next time!


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A Pony's Tale: Equestria's Fall full audiobook in the works! · 8:50pm Jan 12th, 2020

So, yeah... it's been a long while since I posted a blog, but that's mainly because I'm more focused on my readings, and of course, writing spoopy stories for all of you! Now, with that out of the way, onto the topic of the blog.

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Month of Macabre 2018: Reading #1 · 6:41pm Oct 10th, 2018

Weeks after the events of "the Wheel of Choice," Twilight returns to confront Chrysalis one last time, seeking the truth. What she learns, will be more than she could've ever been prepared for.

Chrysalis's Revenge: End Game [MLP Grimdark Reading]

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Probably my most twisted/clever story is finally complete! · 5:25am Jun 25th, 2017