• Published 2nd Apr 2021
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Savior - Sparrow9642

After being saved from assured death, Twilight Sparkle is opened up to a whole new life.

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An Elite Move

Sunset's eyes slowly peeked open to the sight of the hotel room, the television still on but in standby mode due to inactivity. However, something else caught Sunset's attention that made her panic; a warmth against her body, nude under the sheets. However, upon turning her head and seeing Twilight's head lying across her lower chest, she calmed, recollecting the entirety of the previous night.

Strangely, she wasn't sure how to feel about it, but in reality she had enjoyed every second of it, and even in that moment, she was happy to feel Twilight's warmth around her cold body.

She was confused and lost on how she wanted to feel about the whole thing. It was wrong; vampires and humans should never have done what she had done in the entirety of time and history. It felt like a crime. An offense. A disturbance of nature. But despite it seeming like a problem or crime against nature, she didn't care.

She felt normal, happy, and alive.

She was thrilled to be in that bed with Twilight and feeling a warmth she had never experienced in her life as a cold and dead being.

"Guess that lady wasn't crazy after all," she spoke lowly, not wanting to disturb Twilight's slumber. "When we go back today, I should apologize."

Gently and carefully, Sunset moved out of the sheets. Her motions had caused Twilight to stir, rolling her body to the opposite side of the bed and emanating low moans and breaths. Sunset smiled at Twilight's soft sounds as she worked on getting herself dressed fully, then grabbed the key card to the room.

She had started to work towards the door, but stopped upon a sudden thought, turning back to Twilight, snoozing peacefully. While she was hesitant, Sunset just threw her doubts out the window, worked her way back to the bed, and gently pecked Twilight on the side of her head with her cold lips, blushing severely.

"I'll be back soon," she spoke softly, returning back to the door, opening it, and closing it tight upon entering the one of many corridors of the hotel.

With some help from posted directions on the walls and fellow guests of the hotel, Sunset eventually found herself in the lobby where she immediately caught the smell of breakfast. She didn't care for the smell due to her strict diet of blood, but that didn't stop her from approaching the massive display of many breakfast dishes.


French toast.


Many different cereals.


It was all there, and given Sunset had been watching Twilight for awhile, she knew what she had preferred for breakfast.

"I mean, it's a start," she thought to herself.

She approached the breakfast buffet and grabbed a plate, stacking it with three pancakes, a couple apples, some syrup packets, and a glass of orange juice; a proper and healthy breakfast for her girlfriend upstairs.

Given her abilities as a vampire, she managed to carry the entree back to the room with ease, opening the door and walking into the cool and wide room. She grabbed the provided mini-table for the plate balance in her right palm, and gently placed the serving on the flat surface of the mini-table.

Sunset decided to make it a surprise, wanting to be the best girlfriend she could be. She approached the bed and gently leaned down towards Twilight's open ear.

"Hey," she whispered gently.

Twilight expressed a smile with her eyes still shut, ruffling in the sheets until she was flat on her back. She opened her eyes to Sunset and sleepily replied.

"Hi," she returned in the same way Sunset had delivered.

Sunset held her smile, leaning down and pecking Twilight on the lips, her cold embrace mixing with Twilight's warmth like Yin and Yang's eternal rhythm. It was a quick embrace, but passionate enough to satisfy both of them as Sunset pulled away.

"I've got a surprise for you," Sunset teased.

Twilight held her smile, uttering a soft and cute "hmm?"

Sunset followed up, grabbing the mini-table from the foot of the bed and presenting it to Twilight.

"Sunset, you didn't have to do that," Twilight commented.

"Well, too late, sweetheart," Sunset joked, setting the dish down on Twilight's lap.

Twilight giggled, looking up at Sunset with a blush and wide smile.

"This is so sweet. Thank you," Twilight said lowly.

"It's all out of love," Sunset assured. "Plus, I think it's only fair I repay you with something after taking some of your literal life supply."

Twilight only continued to smile, to which Sunset returned with a smile of her own, watching as her love eyed the plate.

Sunset grew curious.

"Is something wrong?" Sunset questioned.

"Not at all," Twilight assured. "It's just that… you chose the perfect combination of things I prefer for breakfast. How did you know?"

Sunset felt her smile fade. She was afraid of this question.

"Well, I have a confession to make," Sunset stated, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

Twilight's smile shifted to a grin of curiosity and confusion.

"Alright then," Twilight assured.

Letting out a long breath, Sunset started to speak.

"Before all of this, my mother and I had suspected that the royals of my kind were planning to pull genocide against your kind; an action that we had seen as a crime, and according to our peace treaty with the humans, was a crime. One that could lead to a massive war.

We were right."

Twilight's face fell to shock as Sunset continued to explain.

"About one week before our first meet at the party, a team my mom had formed in secret had started to notice a disturbance amongst your kind; murders and disappearances made to look like human-caused crimes, but those against the royals could read between the lines.

Slowly but surely, the royals were sending a message to a secret group that exists among your own people; the Judges of the Bane. A message intending to spark a rising of chaos and literal Hell on Earth. My mother and I intended to stop the madness before it began, by taking out those meaning to start it.

Our peace with your kind is a very frayed line, but normally if we just stay in line and follow the conditions forged in the treaty that two of our greatest vampire lords willingly agreed to, that line will remain uncrossed. The royals clearly don't want peace anymore, so they're trying to force everyone into a battle that the majority can't win."

"But why?" Twilight asked. "Why would anyone want chaos intentionally?"

"Because that's what they live for," Sunset confirmed. "After my mom was killed, the team she had formed went silent, and it's only a matter of time before all of the killings start again. The only reason they've gone quiet is because of what happened that night when you unintentionally met me.

However, before I get to that, back to how I knew your breakfast choice. Part of how this all came to be is the fact that my mom's team members were tasked with watching certain areas; I was one of them, and given my more advanced abilities, I was tasked with watching areas like your school, seeing it is practically a blood buffet.

That's how I met you for the first time."

Twilight was surprisingly intrigued with Sunset's explanation, but upon the mentioning of Sunset's last comment, her eyes bulged.

"It wasn't out of interest at first; Voltere was the one that had taken interest in you, so I had to watch you more than anyone else for your safety. However, while watching you, I grew unexpectedly attracted to you, despite what I am, and that attraction I suppose led me to breaking the rules I was supposed to follow.

I saw you leave that night, and while I wasn't even supposed to even go anywhere that night, I knew that Voltere was going to make his move, so I just dropped everything and flew after you. You know the majority of what already happened, except the aftermath.

I had intended to only blind him that night, not kill him in any way, but the snob fought me in our flight to the point of where he lost his grip with me, falling to his demise at the force of a raging train. Completely beyond my power to prevent in time, and, in the end, nearly cost me my own life."

Twilight shivered at the memory of seeing the news the following day after being attacked by Voltere; a train crash that had been a gory scene of carnage had occurred the previous night, and while she had an assumption that it had something to do with her encounter with Voltere, she didn't know it actually was directly linked.

She looked at Sunset, noticing her cheery demeanor had died down to something more emotional, and she could see why; it can't be an easy task to eliminate your own kind, despite your thoughts and their intentions.

"I'm sorry everything came to be like this, Sunset," Twilight sympathized. "It sounds like your lifestyle is a very difficult one to live in happily, but over the days we've been on this journey together, I've seen you change dramatically."

Sunset's gaze met Twilight's instantly upon that comment.

"You've grown stronger, warmer, and open to the world outside your own, and while humans and vampires will always be natural enemies, it doesn't matter to me; I know that you've made me happier than I've been in a long time, and that is a feeling that will never go away."

Twilight sat up, placing her right hand on Sunset's cheek, quickly being met with the cold touch of Sunset's own, pressing Twilight's warmth deeper into her icy flesh. A smile slowly started to form as Twilight finished.

"I'm happy you're here and for all you've done to keep me safe, and please know that I'd never take back any of the moments we've shared in the past days. They were some of the best days of my life, and I only want to make more memories with you."

Sunset blushed as mild tears escaped her eyes.

"You really are something special, Twilight Sparkle," she stated nicely. "If only every human could be more like you, then things like this wouldn't even be a problem."

"It's what I do," Twilight replied jokingly.

Sunset giggled at the joking as she got up and turned away from Twilight.

"Eat up," Sunset commanded nicely. "I'm going to run back and get your new and improved wardrobe from Charlotte. After that, we need to get moving. We've stayed here too long, and with Molsken closing in, it's best we cover a lot of ground before sunset tonight."

"Okay, but in return, I want you to shower before you go," Twilight proposed. "After last night, it's best you get that "scent" off of you, otherwise people are going to… you know…

Sunset giggled again.

"Good point," she agreed. "It would be nice to not smell like sweat and a hot mess."

Twilight giggled at Sunset's own joking, staring in satisfaction as Sunset stripped herself down to nothing but her bare skin.

She licked her lips at the sight.

Sunset blushed with a devious smile grazing her lips, blowing Twilight a kiss as a way of teasing her, then turning into the bathroom and shutting the door.

Once the sight of Sunset was no longer visible to Twilight's vision, she rolled her eyes with a smile and proceeded to delve into her morning gift from Sunset. A gift she ate as if she were starving, and unintentionally ended up making a mess with the maple syrup, staining her upper chest and the bed sheet dressing her body mildly.

"Looks like I'm going to need to shower after all," she confirmed to herself, making her way out of the sheets and towards the bathroom door.

The cool air of the room meeting her flesh only heightened her excitement as she entered the steamy room and shut the door behind her, meeting Sunset under the barrage of hot water not long after.

Given Twilight's wound from Sunset's fangs was still fresh enough to act like a beacon for their enemies, Sunset had taken the task of driving back to Ashley's to retrieve her unpaid-for wardrobe. She had made sure to check she had her wallet with her twice before leaving Twilight, feeling it's presence against her ass as she pulled up to the front of the store.

The OPEN neon sign in the main front window was enough of an assurance that she wasn't too early or wasting energy on walking up to a closed store, so she got out of the vehicle, leaving it running. This trip wouldn't take her very long, and she needed to stop for gas anyways before she and Twilight moved onto their next unknown destination.

The familiar bell chime rang upon opening the door, and Charlotte's attention spiked at the recognition of Sunset, expressing a smile that beamed from ear to ear.

"So glad to see you're okay, deary!" she greeted with sincerity. "You gave your friend and I quite the scare!"

Sunset sighed and did her best to smile.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that, as much as the way I acted prior," Sunset kindly gestured.

Charlotte continued to hold her smile.

"No need to apologize! I shouldn't have been so nosy about something so personal! If anyone needs to apologize, it's me!"

Sunset waved her hand in a way of dismissal, finally managing to express a true smile. Charlotte's smile changed to a grin of confusion upon the gesture, but Sunset eased her confusion with her next set of words.

"You opened my eyes; there's no apology necessary for that. Besides, you were right. Only on my hospital bed last night, not knowing if I was going to live or die from whatever rotten food I ate prior to coming here, did I realize just how deeply I cared for Twilight. If it weren't for her actions, I'd probably be dead right now.

The fact that she was there by my side, up to the point of when the doctor's managed to flush out whatever caused my fall, made me realize that she loved me, and, despite my dumbfound blindness, I loved her as well."

Charlotte paused, but eventually a smile creeped onto her face. She simply nodded at the words stated by Sunset and patted her on the shoulder.

"I'm glad I could help you find the happiness you were blind to, and I really do hope you two end up a happy couple in the future. Just take time to smell the roses every now and then," Charlotte advised.

Sunset caught the message clearly and just nodded in agreement.

"Now, let's get your love's new and improved wardrobe all paid for and loaded up!"

"Right," Sunset agreed, following Charlotte towards the back of the store where a giant stack of many different types of clothes were in wait for purchase.

The total added up to $452.18, to which Sunset answered with a nice handful of five Benjamin's. Given how naturally curious Charlotte was, Sunset was surprised that she didn't question her on where and how she got this amount of money from. It relieved her, seeing the hospital story was hard enough to come up with on the spot.

The less she had to explain, the better.

It took a few trips, but eventually, the car was loaded up with Twilight's new clothes, and to that, Sunset sighed in relief, closing the trunk. Charlotte greeted her one last time, and to Sunset's surprise, it had been nothing close to a goodbye.

"I almost forgot! Not long after you and your girlfriend left, someone came by asking for you!" Charlotte informed.

Sunset felt her skin shiver at the comment, knowing that it wasn't good news. She also knew it implied that Molsken was closer to them than she would've liked, and that meant that getting out of town wasn't going to go easy.

"Did you tell them anything?" Sunset trembled.

"Seeing I had no idea who they were or their implications, I just told them that I hadn't seen you or the other girl," Charlotte answered. "Why? Is someone looking for you?"

"I suppose you could say that, but maybe I'm not the specific "Sunset" they're looking for. However, just for better clarification, what did they look like?" Sunset asked, turning to face Charlotte.

Charlotte assembled a posture that reflected heavy thought, taking a moment to reflect on last night's customers.

"I can't remember very clearly, but they should be visible on the surveillance cameras," she clarified.

"Mind if I take a look?" Sunset asked. "I fear it's my ex-boyfriend who's out to kill my girlfriend. He's one nasty case of jealousy, and I'd prefer he doesn't even know where I am."

"Oh my," Charlotte said, putting her hands over her mouth. "Be my guest. Just give me a moment to get the footage backed up to the proper time last night."

"Thank you," Sunset finished, waiting for Charlotte to make her way back into the store.

Once she was out of sight, Sunset broke.

"Shit!" she cussed under her breath. "Molsken is closer than I thought, meaning more than likely that he has eyes on me right now!"

She took a moment to focus her senses on the surrounding area, eyeing every rooftop, person, and examining every sound from beyond a human's natural ability. She heard birds, wind, and even caught the sound of chatter in an airplane flying high across the sky. Nothing close to a vampire.

"He's brought out the elites of his roster," she clarified to herself. "We won't get out of town without being swarmed and attacked. That's a death wish if we even try, so we need to somehow find a way out undetected."

She took a moment to think, rationalizing the best way to go about somehow getting out of this mess.

"If I know Molsken well, his intent is not to kill us, only to use others to hunt us down and bring us back to him. He's not a pounce and attack kind of hunter; he's patient and clever, and only when he gets what he wants, will he even try killing his prey. Personal or not."

Her thoughts were interrupted by Charlotte, the bell chime of the door breaking her focus.

"I've got the footage," she clarified simply.

Sunset nodded, making her way back into the building and following Charlotte to the farthest room in the back of the store. A single monitor was on, depicting a shot of a tall figure at the front desk of the store at about 11:45 P.M the night prior.

Sunset instantly recognized the tall figure, knowing her assumptions were now true.

"Is that him?" Charlotte asked with worry in her voice.

"Yep, that's my ex," she lied, dreading the miraculous escape she was going to have to pull in order to keep Twilight and herself out of Molsken's clutches.

The drive back to the hotel had been a stressful task, Sunset having to multitask on listening for any approaching enemies while keeping her eyes on the road. She had one advantage against Molsken's spies, sticking to crowded highways to avoid any surprise attacks, knowing these elites wouldn't dare give themselves up to mortals.

She still hadn't taken any chances, parking the vehicle in an area where it was hidden well, and taking a heavily obscure route back to the hotel's back entrance. In the end, she had probably walked a good mile or so back from the car's parked area, but in doing so, had avoided any encounters.

She took the elevator back to the room and quickly made haste through the empty halls, opening the door and shutting it quickly. The action had startled Twilight, sitting on the end of the bed closest to the door with a look of worry on her face.

"What's going on?" Twilight asked with worry. "Did something happen?"

"I'm afraid so, Twilight," Sunset replied, worry staining her own tone. "We're in danger, and getting out of town just got nearly impossible."

Twilight gulped.

"What do you mean? Did you run into them?" Twilight asked.

Sunset immediately grew confused, not expecting that answer from Twilight. Who was she referring to?

"Run into who?" Sunset questioned, scratching her head.

"The police," Twilight answered.

Sunset grew more confused, to which Twilight caught onto.

"You don't know, do you?" Twilight questioned.

"Know what?" Sunset replied.

Twilight didn't answer, only pointed to the muted and paused flat screen TV. It was tuned to the morning news, and upon seeing the picture of Twilight in the left corner of the screen, Sunset felt her skin shiver.

Twilight picked up the remote, unmuted the TV, and resumed the program.

"In today's news we have a report of a missing girl who is a suspect of the attempted murder of Bella Thompson. The report was filed yesterday, after the girl had been missing for three days as of today. Her name is Twilight Sparkle; she's 17 years old, stands around 5 ft 8 inches tall, and has long violet hair with two small streaks of pink and a lighter purple in it.

She is most likely travelling in her regular vehicle with the license plate as displayed on the screen. If you have seen this vehicle, please inform the police immediately. She's not considered armed and dangerous, but Canterlot City police are advising to use caution upon approach.

If you have seen her, you are advised to call the police immediately, so that proper actions may be taken.

Rosa Parks, LIVE18 NEWS."

"You've got to be kidding me," Sunset huffed, holding her hands on her head. "Just when I thought our situation couldn't get any worse."

"Why? What's going on aside from this?" Twilight asked.

Sunset turned to meet Twilight's gaze, still holding her head with her cold hands.

"Molsken has taken the initiative to send his top elites to collect us, and they're already on our trail," Sunset informed. "One came looking for me at Ashley's last night."

"Can't we just outrun them?" Twilight questioned. "We've managed to do so already, so what makes them any different from the others?"

"We had the advantage by distance, but now that they're here, that advantage is out the window. Plus, these are ruthless hunters that are excellent at tracking and succeeding. They can track anything from just a speck of blood or even a single footprint.

My injury was intended to buy time for his ace hunters to catch up. Clever bastard."

Twilight didn't argue. She knew Sunset was dead serious, so she just tried assisting in finding someway to outwit these aces in the field of tracking.

"So, what do we do?" Twilight asked.

"I don't know," Sunset replied in defeat. "Molsken has played his cards well here. He's essentially made it to where we can't leave, considering the road out of town is not a crowded one, otherwise this would be simple to counter. Now, it's a matter of either acting or waiting for Molsken to come and take us away. That's the way Molsken has always liked to hunt."

Twilight could see that Sunset was down for the count, so she took the initiative to come up with something. Everything had a weakness, so all she had to do was find it and use it to her advantage. Then there was the issue with police, which made things harder, but not impossible. The police were only looking for her, not Sunset, so all she had to do was fool the police and the elites enough to get out of range of things like cameras and civilization.

Her brain spiked upon devising a plan that just might solve the problem.

"I got it!" Twilight said confidently, catching Sunset's attention. "You said that these elites wouldn't attack crowded places, right?!"

"Right?" Sunset clarified in confusion.

"Well, then all we need to do is fool them with a diversion. One that would cause them to lose our trail, specifically me."

Sunset raised an eyebrow.

"Where are you going with this?" Sunset questioned.

"It's simple. The police are looking for my car, so if you took my car and travelled the highway routes, these "elites" would have no choice but to follow my car. That would buy me time to get to a town nearby, while you take care of the elites."

"Twilight, elites are of a different caliber of my combat skills. I couldn't handle all of them on my own."

Twilight only nodded.

"I know, and that's why I'm going to need to know what weakens vampires, because we're going shopping for two things; ingredients for a vampire repellent and hair dye."