• Published 2nd Apr 2021
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Savior - Sparrow9642

After being saved from assured death, Twilight Sparkle is opened up to a whole new life.

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WARNING: This chapter contains some hints of mild sexual content, but nothing adult. If you can handle mild descriptions of women's clothing and hints of nudity, proceed. If not, click away, because you will be offended.

A sudden stop is what awoke Twilight from her short slumber. It took her a minute to recollect all of the events of the past hours, nearly jumping at the sight of Sunset in the driver seat, but calmed her nerves quickly once she knew she wasn't in danger. She had been somewhat-forced into her current position, that was true, but the fact she was still alive said enough that Sunset had no malicious intent in this whole matter.

She glanced at her stereo for the time, the neon numbers spelling out 6:36 A.M, and stretched her limbs before saying anything.

"Where are we?" Twilight asked groggily.

Sunset responded by killing the engine and turning to Twilight with a calm expression.

"Quick pit stop," Sunset said quickly. "If you want to live, we're going to have to find a way to coat your scent, otherwise we're both easy prey."

"My scent?" Twilight replied in confusion. "I'm sorry if I smell bad, but when you get hijacked to a hospital and somewhere else by a complete stranger, you don't exactly have time to freshen up! You smell no better, Ms. Firehair!"

Sunset only grunted in annoyance.

"That's the problem. You don't smell bad. You're practically a beacon for the monster who is tracking you."

Twilight only raised an eyebrow, to which Sunset only let out a long sigh.

"I'm only going to state this for the record, seeing I know that you'll try to run. If I wanted to kill or hurt you, you wouldn't have even made it to the hospital that night at the party."

Twilight's eyes went wide from that statement as Sunset continued.

"Keep that in mind the entire time we're here, and stay close."

With that, Sunset opened the driver door and got out of the car. Twilight hesitantly followed, stepping out into a large parking lot and shutting her car door. One turn of her head confirmed where they were, a giant neon sign spelling out HALMART engulfing Twilight's vision. It was a large supercenter that sold almost everything, but Twilight had normally only shopped at this particular place for three things; food, clothes, and make-up. She wasn't one for the many other products sold there.

"I suggest you put that hood up and keep it up," Sunset advised, referring to Twilight's hoodie that she had dressed herself with before driving off with Officer Dickson.

Twilight was surprised to see that Sunset had done a mild wardrobe change, now dressed in a standard grey hoodie with her hair pulled up into a ponytail.

"You want to keep your identity hid as much as possible against your assailant; they aren't stupid enough to not look at camera footage as a tracking method."

"May I ask who exactly is tracking me?" Twilight asked with slight sternness.

"When we're safe I'll tell you," Sunset responded sternly. "For now, it's best we get this over with. Now, hood up."

Twilight grunted with irritation, but she listened and put her hood up, tightening it with all of her hair tucked inside.

With their identities somewhat concealed, the two young women made their way from the parking lot to the sliding door entrance of the supermarket, walking in with ease. They were greeted by the many sounds of distant chatter, beeps of checkout scanners, and the tunes of whatever station was playing through the store's speakers as Sunset hastily rushed to where she could see the aisles and read what they each contained. She specifically was looking for the perfume section, and it didn't take long for her to spot it, being just a few aisles down to her right.

She double-checked that Twilight was with her before rushing off anywhere else, being relieved that Twilight had listened, and this pit stop wasn't going to end up a goose chase. Now aware that her accomplice was with her, she led Twilight the preferred aisle, the pungent lingering essence of mixed perfumes making it evident enough.

"Pick as many as you want, but make sure it's damn strong," Sunset commanded.

Twilight wasn't sure how to take Sunset's words, hesitating before speaking.

"Any of them? You are paying, right?" Twilight questioned.

"Yes. Don't worry, I can cover the funds, Twilight. Now, start grabbing," Sunset assured. "Just be absolutely sure that they are strong. Very strong."

"Well, okay then," Twilight finished with hesitation.

Twilight had no particular favorite perfume, seeing she didn't normally wear it, and as she eyed the shelves of various women fragrances, all she could focus on were the price tags.




The $100 one was a bundle pack labelled "Her Choice," which made Twilight restore faith in marketing. Nobody should have to pay that much for any fancy spray that probably smelled terrible.

Twilight focused again and just started grabbing a variety of different perfumes from the shelves. She stopped at ten and held the separate scented boxes against her chest, to which Sunset assisted, taking half of the luggage.

"Alright, let's checkout and get out of here," Sunset commanded, and Twilight nodded in return.

The two found the closest self-checkout aisle near and quickly scanned each item, the end price coming to $412.67. Twilight's eyes bulged at the end number, but Sunset didn't share the same reaction, having stated that she could handle the funds. And she did; she pulled out a black leather wallet from her back pocket of her jeans and pulled out an insane clump of Benjamins.

She counted out five, placing them in the machine and stuffing the rest back into the pocket of the wallet. She slipped her wallet back into her back pocket, creating a bulge off the surface of her left buttock, and grabbed the bag containing Twilight's scented goodies, urging Twilight to follow.

"Don't you want your change?" Twilight asked, still standing at the machine awaiting the deserved change to be given.

Sunset approached Twilight with a serious look, a look that made Twilight gulp heavily.

"Money is the least of my worries, Twilight," Sunset stated calmly. "Soon it'll be one of yours too. Now, let's go."

Twilight just listened, not wanting to make a scene. She heard the many coins collapsing to the floor from the slots of the self-checkout machine as she came to the exit with Sunset, stopping unexpectedly and pulling out one of her purchases.

"Here," Sunset said, handing Twilight a small black box labelled with a neon pink cursive W. "Cover your scent before we go back out there. Better safe than sorry."

Twilight didn't object and just slipped open the box, pulling out the rectangular bottle and spraying herself down with two sprays. Sunset sighed in annoyance as a response.

"Give me the bottle," Sunset commanded with irritation.

Twilight handed the bottle to Sunset, quickly removing the brass lid and drowning Twilight with a barrage of sprays. Twilight quickly closed her eyes in panic, coughing from the suffocating smell. Sunset coated her from head to toe, and after about twenty sprays, finally stopped. Twilight continued to cough as Sunset swatted away the fumes towards the ceiling, relieving Twilight somewhat of the smell.

"A bit of a warning next time?!" Twilight snapped.

Sunset chuckled in response.

"Now you know what I mean when I say "cover your scent." Just remember, and you won't need a warning."

Twilight growled as a way of showing she wasn't finding Sunset's antics funny or helpful, her arms crossed and foot tapping.

"You'll get over it," Sunset stated. "Now, let's get out of here. The sooner we're out of town the better chance we have of having the advantage and more time to plan."

Twilight hesitantly followed, exiting the store with Sunset. Sunset did a quick ground check for any danger and was relieved to not find any setbacks.

"All clear," Sunset confirmed, quickly leading Twilight back to the car, unlocking the metal trap, and once inside, shedding her body of the hoodie, tossing it into the back seat of Twilight's vehicle.

Underneath the attire, Sunset wore a hot pink T-shirt that blended well with her other attire, but that's not what caught Twilight's eye; peeking from Sunset's right sleeve was what looked like a tattoo of some kind of phrase written in a bizarre language. A language Twilight didn't even recognize despite all of her studies of different cultures and languages.

Sunset caught Twilight staring and quickly addressed what it was, shutting her door.

"It's nothing. Just a mistake from my past," she clarified, slipping on her jacket and hiding the marks once again.

Sunset hadn't necessarily told a lie; it was a blemish that represented the biggest mistake of her entire life, and after what had happened recently, made it even more disgusting to look at. That's the main reason that she normally wore her jacket, not wanting to see her past mistakes reflect in her eyes.

She remained silent as she ignited the car to life and pulled out of the massive parking lot onto the main highway. Twilight decided not to question anything about the supposed tattoo, and after slipping off her hoodie, she sat back in her seat and allowed the ambience of the car's rumbling engine to take her back to sleep.

The long drive had come to a halt far outside of Canterlot City, the surroundings only being woodlands on both sides of the road. Sunset wasn't sure where she was going, but she knew that one way to get a major lead on Molsken and whoever else was behind this was to get out of the area that they normally prefer to hunt. That was the reason she had rushed Twilight so much; from what she had overheard in the woods and knowing how the royals work, she knew there wasn't much time before Molsken's plan would go into motion.

Considering her keen senses hadn't caught any head or tail of Molsken or any of his weasels, she knew that she had beaten the odds, but knew that she couldn't make any mistakes from hereon. Sunlight peered through the windshield, but Sunset wasn't worried. Unlike the casual vampire tales of sunlight being one of a vampire's greatest weakness, it was rubbish to the vampires of reality.

However, the warm feeling of the sun caressing her soft flesh made her wince, because she normally avoided the daylight, staying indoors doing other things. As her mother had taught her, she was strongest at night, so day seemed like a nuisance to Sunset.

She glanced over at Twilight, still asleep and snoring lightly; this was a good opportunity to find some breakfast while still keeping her true identity hidden from Twilight. Carefully, she opened the car door slowly, hoping that the rusty latches didn't decide to sing out their usual songs. Luckily, she succeeded, closing the door with the same amount of care and turning to the mass of forestry accompanied by the sounds of the usual ecosystem of woodlands.

She decided to wander a little deeper past where the car was currently rested, both to avoid any chance of Twilight seeing her, and to get a better feel for her senses. She navigated deep enough to where she was out of Twilight's sight and turned her focus to her surroundings.

She checked all directions, up until she found herself a meal of her own; a healthy doe wandering amongst the foliage. Twilight's breakfast would be easy; a couple of eggs resting in a nest would be an easy find. Without any further hesitation, Sunset charged, finding the doe with ease and breaking the neck with no more than a simple tug. The animal yelped at first but eventually fell limp in Sunset's grip, allowing her to feast with ease. She wasn't necessarily hungry; her hunger was mainly over stress and desire for relief, and as her silvery fangs sunk deep into the rough flesh of the mammal. Her relief was met, sucking the irony crimson liquid down like a milkshake.

At least it was calm, up until the animal jumped into a sudden set of spasms, causing Sunset to jump and blood to splatter everywhere. The majority of it ended up on Sunset, her clothes soaked in dark red and face and hair soaked with splats of the thick liquid. Sunset looked like she had committed a murder, which wasn't a total lie in this case.

That didn't matter to Sunset though; the main problem that had caused her to panic, was the fact that she was covered in blood. How the hell was she going to explain this to Twilight?

"Shit!" she cussed aloud.

With her frustrations somewhat calmed in just one outburst, she resorted to calming down and finding a way out of her current predicament. The last thing she needed to do was panic.

"Calm down, Sunset," she said to herself with a long sigh. "More than likely there's a river or stream nearby. Just wash it off and it'll be fine."

This wasn't her first predicament with a bloody oopsie; she'd only reacted the way she had because of the stress she was under, along with the fact she was currently in the process of protecting her own species's worst enemy from a horrid fate. It was a lot of pressure on her wellbeing.

Now, with a plan in mind, she turned her senses in search of a nearby stream, river, or spring. It didn't take long at all, finding a shallow one not far from her current position, and quickly dashed in the direction of the water source. It took less than a second to meet the spring, proceeding to taking off her clothes. Sunset wasn't worried about any intrusions, seeing the spring was hid well within the forest.

A light breeze tickled her skin as she tested the water with her toes, finding the water surprisingly decent, and not ice cold. She delved her body into the water, allowing her nerves to finally come to a compromise with the water temperature. Her naked body reacted with a mild set of shivers, but after settling in the water for a good minute, she had adapted with ease.

She dunked her head beneath the water, running her hands through her hair violently, free of the blood. The clear water glew a mild tinge of red as she rid her body of the thick liquid that she called food, feeling relaxed from the water's embrace with her body. It was probably the most bliss she'd felt in over a week, before the royals had turned her life into a living hell on Earth. A bliss that captivated her to just take a moment to relax.

She listened, and in the time she spent in that spring, she had thought over many things, the main one being her attitude towards Twilight. If she was ever going to earn any shred of trust from Twilight, she needed to stop acting like a drill sergeant and open up more about the situation. The only problem was that she didn't want to have to reveal to Twilight her TRUE identity if it wasn't necessary. She still had no clue why she was even saving her from Molsken, and was putting her life on the line for a damn mortal.

"You have no idea what you are doing, Sunset," she chastised to herself. "But, we're here and doing this, so something's gotta give to make even ground possible."

With the blood off of her bare body, she proceeded out of the cool water and back up onto the dry ground. She didn't have a towel, so she just allowed the sun to dry her off in the time of soaking her clothes in the water, vigorously scrubbing away the blood of her meal. With her strength, the liquid was off and ridden of in no time, and while the majority of her body was dry, her thick fiery hair was still mildly wet. To fix that, she wringed her fiery locks over and over until it was dry enough, then proceeded to putting her clean attire back on.

She was dressed in less than five minutes, and resorted to listening for nearby birds. Once again, it wasn't long before she found a non-vacant nest and made haste on getting her accomplice a healthy breakfast.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Twilight objected in absolute arrogance. "I've been here alone for a fucking hour! Do you have any idea what it's like waking up in the middle of nowhere alone!?"

Sunset walked past the thickets of the woods, up to the car, and straight to Twilight. She didn't say anything and just reached into a pocket of her jacket, pulling out two speckled eggs and placing them in Twilight's hands.

"Yes," Sunset responded, then walked past Twilight. She turned her head back in the direction of Twilight's gaze with a sympathetic look on her face. "I'll make a fire. I need to talk to you about a lot of things anyways."

Her voice was low and somewhat-sorrowful, causing Twilight to become heavily confused. Her anger over the abandonment in the middle of wherever they were dissipated as she found a nearby rock with a flat surface, and with Sunset's assistance, carried it to the homemade fire pit that Sunset had assembled and ignited with two sticks. Less to say, Twilight was impressed.

They placed the rock gently into the middle of the pit, hoping the flames would be able to heat the rock like a gas stove. They tested it first with a live leaf from a tree, knowing it wouldn't get eaten to a crisp by the flames. The two allowed the flames time to heat the rock to temperature, taking time to talk in their free time. Something both of them needed, especially Sunset.

Twilight was the first to say something.

"So, "Sunset" was it, what do you need to talk to me about?" Twilight said with a tinge of irritation.

Sunset let out a long sigh amongst the heat of their makeshift stovetop, continuing to stare into the flickering flames.

"Let's just start from the beginning," she started. "The night you were attacked, I was nearby. I saw that creep follow your friend's car to the party, and I found his actions abnormal to say the least. I decided to just stay low profile and monitor his actions closely. Once he knocked you out, that's when I had had enough and used your mace to temporarily weaken him."

"So, you're some kind of superhero?" Twilight said sarcastically. "Why didn't you just call the police, and how did you know about my mace?!"

"The truth is that I'd been watching him for awhile, which meant I had to watch you closely, otherwise my cover would've been blown," she lied.

Twilight continued to hold the same face, to which Sunset wanted to cuss at fiercely, knowing Twilight was reading right through her terrible lies.

"Look, despite what happened in my past, nobody is that interested in me, and I have never used my mace, except for that one night," Twilight claimed with clear confidence, standing up with her fists clenched. "If you continue lying to me, despite all you've done for me, I'll have no reason to trust you one bit!"

"But I am telling you the truth!" Sunset attempted to plead, failing miserably.

Twilight didn't budge on the desperate attempt by Sunset and began storming back to the car, her sneakers crushing the various foliage with might. Sunset stood up, chasing after her and knowing what she needed to say to sway Twilight.

"Where are you going?!" Sunset yelled.

"Home!" Twilight yelled back.

"You don't even know where we are! You'll get lost or run out of gas trying to get home!"

"I'll take my chances!"

Twilight was already at the driver door, and Sunset was running out of options. She had tried her hardest to keep things civil, but now it was clear she'd been left with no choice.

"Do you really wanna know the truth?!" Sunset offered in annoyance.

Twilight didn't seize her process of getting into the car, but did answer Sunset.


Left with no choice, Sunset took in a long breath then burst out the answer in quick succession.

"I'm a vampire and the guy that attacked you that night was too!" Sunset confessed.

Twilight didn't buy it, chuckling sarcastically at the answer.

"Wow. First you're a superhero, and now you're a mythological creature? You really are something special, Sunset. If that's even your real name."

"I can prove it," Sunset claimed.

"No! I've heard enough bullshit for one day! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be ta-

Her words stopped immediately upon the sight of Sunset, now with her wings spread out wide enough to shade the entire area. She remain airborne as Twilight's face fell from irritated to shocked, and now, to fear. Sunset caught the shift in Twilight's expression and quickly attempted to calm the situation.

"Despite what your kind's literature has told you, not all vam-

Her attempt was an absolute fail upon a shriek from Twilight that echoed throughout the massive forest and her dashing like prey being chased in the opposite direction. Sunset could only sigh in defeat, knowing it was pointless to go after her; she wouldn't listen and would only run faster. That didn't mean she'd given up though, turning her ear in Twilight's direction and listening closely.

Twilight navigated through the thick woods frantically, her emotions a mess, sobs escaping her, and her adrenaline on overdrive. All she could think of was running, hiding, and getting away from the creature she had always assumed a work of fiction. Her tears glistened in the rays of sunlight that peeked through the trees as she continued to navigate the thick vegetation with a few trips and falls, her thoughts racing with the sentence "why me" on loop.

She felt betrayed, scared, and foolish. First, a guy tries to kill her, then she becomes a suspect of a murder she didn't commit, and lastly, she's foolish enough to let herself get kidnapped by a murderous creature for slaughter. What the hell was she thinking!? She just wanted to go home, lock herself in her bedroom, and never come out again, but instead, here she was out in the middle of nowhere, running for her life.

At that point, she didn't care if she got snatched by a bear trap, fell into a ditch, or even got eaten by said animal.

Upon an abrupt stop to her run, hitting something sturdy and rough, her wish became reality; despite hitting her head hard off the ground, she could make out what she had run into, and immediately, her fear escalated even higher; standing high above her in an angry state was a massive Grizzly Bear.

Her head pounded like a drum, making her ability to focus accordingly nearly impossible. What she could see though, was the beast rising on its hind legs, growling down at her in a display of dominance. Unable to concentrate or get up, Twilight did the only thing that came to her mind; she screamed as loud as she could.

Sunset almost immediately caught the cry of Twilight's voice and didn't waste a second, dashing to the area as fast as lightning. The bear had started to pounce down towards Twilight, up until Sunset had seized the movement with a good elbow to its jugular, and a kick to the abdomen that sent it back an estimated forty yards, five trees breaking in half like fragile glass upon the creature's impact with them.

Twilight was still cowering on the ground when Sunset had turned back to her, still a little delusional from her impact with the ground. Sunset simply held out a hand to help her up, not showing any forceful actions towards Twilight as a way to prove she wasn't going to harm her. Twilight cowered at first, but with a little patience and allowing Twilight to move at her own pace, she eventually succeeded, pulling her up from the forest floor.

Twilight didn't seem to want to run, nor did she show fear towards Sunset. If anything, despite her head hurting, she was baffled from what she'd just seen Sunset perform. In two blows, she had taken down a Grizzly Bear; one of the most lethal animals on the planet. Not to mention, she had kicked it back nearly half the length of a football field, and the force had been so devastating that it had broken trees in half as if they were fragile. It was amazing and intimidating.

Instead of wasting time walking back, Sunset just dashed back to their "campsite" with Twilight on her back, the phenomenon causing Twilight to grow even more amazed as she got off of Sunset's back.

"You okay to stand on your own?" Sunset asked. "You took a pretty nasty fall."

"Yeah, I'll be okay," she replied, placing her feet on the ground and returning to the firepit.

Her steps were slightly off, but steady enough to where Sunset didn't have to assist. The two took their respective spots around the fire, ready to have a more civil conversation. Twilight was the first to speak again.

"Look, I'm…

"Stop, Twilight," Sunset interrupted. "You don't owe me any apologies. I'm the one who needs to apologize."


"I've done nothing but told you lies and forced you to do things. I've been a terrible help in this whole thing."

"What are you talking about? You've helped me more than I have you. You saved me at the party, took the liberty to keep me safe from some monster, and now, you saved me from getting killed by a bear. I practically owe you my life at this point."

"But, I could've been better than I was. I was a bossy bitch that treated you terribly. You don't owe me anything except a middle finger, Twilight."

Twilight giggled at that, a smile breaking her lips for the first time in Sunset's company.

"You may not be wrong about that, but I also know that you were only doing those things to protect me from… Well, the cat's kinda out of the bag now, so…

Sunset giggled as a response, turning to Twilight.

"Thanks Twilight," Sunset said sweetly. "I promise that I'll make a better effort to not be so bossy and forceful."

"And I'll try to be more nice and make an effort to be less paranoid of your real identity," Twilight followed.

Both girls smiled and hugged, up until Twilight jumped at a sudden unexpected discovery; Sunset's body was as cold as ice.

"How can you be so cold in this weather?!" Twilight exclaimed unintentionally.

Sunset pulled back, rubbing the back of her neck and a light blush grazing her face.

"Sorry, that's a vampire thing," Sunset replied sheepishly.

Twilight's eyes went wide with confusion and shock.

"That'll definitely take some getting used to," she stated.

Sunset only chuckled sheepishly, her chuckles being broken by a sudden painful grunt from Twilight. Her right hand met the side of her head, massaging her temple and expressing a painful gesture.

"You okay?" Sunset asked.

"My head is pounding," Twilight replied. "Perhaps I hit the ground harder than I thought."

Sunset thought of a way to potentially help Twilight, seeing heat wasn't helping. A solution immediately popped into her head as she stood up from the ground.

"Come on, I know how we can cure your headache," Sunset assured.

Twilight only looked up at her with a raised eyebrow.

"What are you proposing?" Twilight questioned.

Sunset only held out a hand.

"Just trust me."

"Naked?! Is that really necessary?!" Twilight complained. "Why can't I just wear my bra and underwear like a swimming suit?!"

"If you prefer a wet change of clothes to dress back into, go ahead and do that, but if you want the best experience, you need to go all the way," Sunset replied.

Twilight pouted in defeat, her body only covered by her bra and underwear in the mass of trees and vegetation. Sunset was leaning against a tree just admiring the beauty of the natural body of water, tempted to shed her own attire and go a second round.

"Fine, but I'm not going any further with you watching me!" she pouted in defeat.

She pointed to a nearby tall rock resting on the shoreline, and like an owner addresses their pet, motioned her over to the spot by violently lashing her arm downward with her index finger pointing.

"Fair enough," Sunset surrendered, walking over to the desired spot. "Even if we do share the same anatomy."

"Sunset!" Twilight gasped.

"I'm kidding. I promise, no peeking until you tell me it's okay to look," Sunset confirmed.

Twilight rolled her eyes at the joke then walked away towards the shoreline to strip further. Not long after, a set of grunts and growls erupted from Twilight, immediately raising Sunset's curiosity, but she just allowed Twilight her privacy as requested.

The complaints continued for another minute, up until Sunset decided to intervene on the predicament.

"Everything okay?" Sunset asked.

"It's fine," Twilight said between breaths. "This bra just likes to give me trouble sometimes."

The grunts continued, so Sunset kept conversation.

"Do you need help? I swear Twilight, I'm not interested in catching sight of your… you know… "things."

"No no! I got this," Twilight insisted.

Another minute passed, and no progress had been made. Sunset just sat in wait for the obvious outcome, hearing tiredness begin to come over Twilight. Another minute and another, and another, and another.

Twilight finally surrendered to her stubborn attire.

"Sunset?" Twilight called in defeat

"Yes?" Sunset answered mockingly.

"A little help please?" Twilight surrendered.

Sunset stood from her spot and walked out to find Twilight tangled up and stuck. Sunset had to do all she could to contain her laughter, nearly losing it upon first sight. She stood Twilight back up on her feet and took hold of where her bra strap clipped together, immediately noticing the issue.

"No wonder you struggle with this one, your clip is all contorted," Sunset explained.

"I'm aware of that," Twilight confirmed. "It's been that way for awhile."

"Why don't you just go buy a new one?" Sunset questioned. "That would be easier than whatever you've got going on here."

"I'm not exactly carrying around a credit card or clumps of one-hundred dollar bills," Twilight confessed. "I rarely get the chance to shop for myself."

Sunset rolled her eyes, already having a solution to this issue.

"That settles it then. Next town we end up in, you're going shopping for some new clothes," Sunset proposed, loosening the clip and watching it break apart to reveal Twilight's back.

Twilight caught the bra with her arm, still holding the cups against her chest.

"There we go," Sunset clarified. "Now, I'll just head back over to my little rock so you can undress the rest of yourself."

"Thank you very much," Twilight stated, waiting for Sunset to take her seat, then she slipped off her underwear and stepped forward into the cool water.

The coolness immediately made Twilight’s skin shiver mildly, calming after adapting to the temperature. She had taken her time before going in fully, especially when the spring’s surface had reached just below her hips, which had caused her to wince and yell out a high pitched yelp that made Sunset snicker in secrecy. Eventually, Twilight just delved into the water, wanting to just get it over with, and upon her official full dunk into the spring, she yelped again upon surfacing. This time, Sunset couldn’t contain her laughter.

Twilight didn’t share the same reaction.

“Urgh! Shut up!” she exclaimed in mild anger.

Sunset quickly contained her laughter.

“Sorry,” Sunset said through residual chuckles. “Something tells me that you don’t swim much. I’ve seen reactions to cold water, but your’s was well… something else.”

Twilight calmed her anger, allowing her body to become attune to the water. She kept her body hidden underneath the water, with only her head afloat for both privacy and common knowledge reasons.

“Well, I used to… when I was a kid,” Twilight confessed, letting out a sigh. “When my life was… better. More jovial.”

Sunset winced at that. This was something that she hadn’t expected to come out of Twilight.

“What do you mean?” Sunset questioned with a hint of sympathy.

Twilight hesitated before answering, a frown forming in the process.

“Nothing. Forget it,” Twilight concluded, a hint of sadness in her voice.

Sunset didn’t argue, not wanting to cause any sort of trouble. Instead, she just changed the subject to something similar but relevant enough.

“Hey, remember the thing you saw on my arm?” Sunset asked.

“Yeah. What about it?” Twilight responded.

“Well, I didn’t necessarily lie when I said it was a mistake from my past,” Sunset assured.

Twilight winced, allowing Sunset to continue. Sunset followed.

“The mark is a symbol that only “special” vampires earn. It was gifted to me by the royals of my kind, back when I didn’t know any better about what I was getting myself into.”

Sunset paused briefly, taking in a long breath.

“I was a little shit, thinking I was unstoppable, and for awhile I was, but as the saying goes, everyone meets their match. Despite my advanced abilities, I was eventually beaten by the most spoiled brat of my race, Molsken. The monster that is after you, and the brother of the guy that attacked you at the party. My intervention nearly cost me my life, because meddling in the royals business is a fatal crime.”

“How did you escape death?” Twilight questioned.

Sunset nearly lost her breath, remembering the night her mother was coldly taken out of her life by those bastards.

“My mother… she sacrificed herself for me…

Twilight instantly jumped in horror at that, covering her mouth with both of her hands.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry, Sunset,” Twilight sympathized. “If I would’ve-

“No. It’s okay, Twilight,” Sunset assured. “You can’t hold onto the grief of the past. You need to hold onto what you can still do. The past is impossible to change. Therefore, you need to focus on fixing the present and future.”

Twilight wasn’t very sure how to feel about that, even if Sunset was technically correct about the logic. She decided to just take the opportunity to turn the conversation from the grim truth she had just been informed about to something less grim.

“I honestly have felt like I have no life ever since my parents decided to work full time,” Twilight confessed. “It feels like I’m alone, and the only thing I have to accompany me is my collection of books. It’s the same each and every day, and while I was fine with it at first, after a month, it just got to the point of where I became numb to life in general. A life I don’t want to have.”

“Have you told your parents about how you feel?” Sunset questioned.

“I’ve never gotten the chance,” Twilight confessed, a sadness audible in her voice. “I would’ve in the hospital if it weren’t for the fact I was jacked up on morphine and stressed out from all that had happened at the party. Any other time, it’s just me, school, and home.”

Sunset expressed a look of sorrow, her biggest desire at that moment to give Twilight a big hug. It was official that she had unlocked a part of Twilight that wasn’t normally revealed, giving her hope that she had managed to do what she had aimed for in thought in the spring that morning.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Twilight,” Sunset said sympathetically.

Twilight lowered her head to where her mouth was delved under the water’s surface, blowing bubbles as a way of expressing her sadness.

“But trust me when I say that you’ve got a ton to live for, and I’m going to do all I can to keep you safe from Molsken and the rest of his cohorts.”

Twilight rose her mouth from under the water.

“Can I ask you something, Sunset?” Twilight asked.

“Sure,” Sunset simply replied.

“Why me?” Twilight asked.

Sunset was confused, raising an eyebrow at the question.

“What do you mean?” Sunset questioned in confusion.

“What’s so special about me that would make you, an immortal ancient vampire with immoral abilities beyond your kind, want to save me? It doesn’t seem to make sense logically, seeing humans are the mortal enemy of your kind.”

Sunset was afraid that that question would eventually come up, seeing the answer was still unclear. She refused to just lie to her again, so she thought deeply about what may have led her here, especially after merely escaping death.

“Well, if I’m being honest, I actually don’t know exactly why,” Sunset confessed. “Maybe it’s to settle a score with Molsken once and for all, my past self making reckless decisions, or perhaps… my mother telling me something. Whatever the reason, I can say one thing Twilight, I’m happy to have chosen to deceive my own kind, because I don’t know what it is, but there’s something special about you.”

That comment had caused Twilight’s face to develop a blush, not even expecting that to have ever come out of Sunset’s mouth. She was an immortal being with crazy strength, speed, and senses; she was merely a 17 year old girl that had nothing special to offer or show, so she had no idea if Sunset had drunk some funky blood or was being serious.

“You give me wayyyy too much credit,” Twilight said with a chuckle. “Only thing I’m good at is being a nerd and bookworm.”

Sunset chuckled in return.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Sunset claimed. “Perhaps your specialty hasn’t shown itself yet. You know now that my senses are more sensitive than any other animal on your planet, so you know it’s not a coincidence if my senses pick up something about you that is special.”

Twilight couldn’t argue with that, knowing full well that arguing with an otherworldly creature was useless and impossible to outmatch. She decided to play along, lying back in the water.

“What sort of “specialty” are you sensing inside of me, if your senses are able to determine that?” Twilight asked.

“They aren’t,” Sunset confirmed. “All I know is that you are indeed special.”

Twilight smiled, feeling warm inside. It was a feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Thanks Sunset,” Twilight said warmly. “While our first meets weren’t the best, I’m glad to be here with you too. Despite what I said earlier, this whole mission to save me has made me feel more alive than I’ve felt in years. For once, that numbness has disappeared, and I have you to thank for that.”

Sunset blushed and strangely, she found herself shedding a tear. Something she hadn’t even anticipated, but didn’t see it as something weak or disgusting. It actually felt good to cry happy tears, given the past week of nothing but dread. She had been taught her whole life that mortals were nothing but killers that wouldn’t hesitate to end her kinds’ lives, and while Twilight had run at first, she eventually grew to trust Sunset like a friend. Now, they were conversing like normal friends at a lunch table.

“Friend” was the key term that made Sunset feel like a sun had grown in her body, seeing every friend she had ever had, aside from her mother and father, were nothing but treacherous asses that used her for her abilities. It was part of how she got tricked into getting stuck with the mark on her arm for the rest of her life. Twilight felt real. She wasn’t using her or tricking her; she was being open about her most personal thoughts and wasn’t just shrugging aside Sunset’s like they weren’t important. She was listening and understanding, despite what she was in full reality.

She wiped away her tears and responded with simple words.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she said with a smile. “How’s your head?”

“Much better,” Twilight responded happily. “I think talking and getting things off my chest really helped, though the pain most likely will return.”

“True,” Sunset agreed. “Why don’t we get ready to get moving? We need to cover a lot of ground, because Molsken has most likely caught on and will be moving at night, so we need to move during the day. Not to mention, we need to refuel the car, and don’t think I haven’t forgotten about taking you on a shopping trip for some new clothes.”

Her last set of words came out playfully, to which Twilight giggled at.

“Alright, but before we go…

Twilight fell silent amongst the calm of the spring, causing Sunset to wince in wonder, keeping her promise not to peek at her in the nude. Her calm was cut by a sudden splash of cold water, reacting with a surprised yelp and turning to where Twilight swam afloat laughing like a maniac.

“Twilight!” Sunset exclaimed, quickly covering her eyes.

“Awww, what’s the matter, vampire girl? Afraid of a mortal’s “features?”

Sunset slowly uncovered her eyes, only to be met with another barrage of cold water. She quickly got the message Twilight was sending, smiling deviously.

“Oh, that is SO it!” Sunset said, proceeding to take off her clothes.

Twilight panicked, getting a head start to the opposite side of the spring, but Sunset found her quickly, splashing her with an equal amount of the spring’s water.

“Ahhh! Sunset!” Twilight yelled while trying to dodge Sunset’s attacks.

An onset of giggles from both of them filled the ambience of the forest as they continued to engage in the most serious water war ever recorded in history.