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In a botched attempt at creating large-scale wormholes, Twilight Sparkle finds herself in an extremely strange and hostile space.

Or rather, lack of a space. And she isn't alone.

(SCP-3001 is one of my favorites for just how depressing and disturbing it is, and I felt compelled to do something with it. SCP-3001 was written by "OZ Ouroboros". You can find the SCP itself here, and the SCP wiki here. Cover art was drawn by u/Hydronteu, which you can find here.)

(Now with a glorious audio reading by Skijaramaz/Tone Shift, which you can find here!)

(Reviewed by PresentPerfect!)

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Had always wondered what a good ending for 3001 would be. Thanks for delivering it so well.

One began 'singing' in an absurdly high voice. " Do re mi- "

Dorime lol

Great story, loved the good ending for 3001, one of my favourites

If you ever want an idea for another scp story i highly recommend you check out scp 1730


Thank you for the comment! I always loved 3001 for being a place, not just another spoopy monster. And I did want Scranton to finally be free from his torment, one way or another.


Thank you!

1730 is "What Happened to Site 13", correct?

This is really good. The only issue I have is that SCP-3001 was only given an SCP designation after Scranton (or what remained of him) escaped. They didn’t know what it was before then, so he probably wouldn’t call it 3001.

Yeah that seems right, considering that they seem to find new anomalies all the time and they aren't found in any specific chronological order. Scranton wouldn't have called it SCP-3001.

This was a surprisingly good read. Kinda makes me want more content, but this is fine

Who wants to see a sequel?



Fixed all the instances I saw. I called it 3001 in-story to make it more convenient, but yeah, makes sense he wouldn't call it that. I think you'll like the changes better.


Funny you say that, because I did have something planned for 2317...


Not sure what that would look like for this, besides more characters ending up in 3001. And I can only really see that going two ways: they escape and good ending, or they don't and... y'know. Not much to work with.

How about emphasizing about what happens to scranton and twilight after they escape.


That could really just go in a bonus chapter, honestly. No need for a new story.

How quaint that I just read SCP-3001


Definitely one of the creepiest out there, IMO. Places or events are much scarier than beings.

This was a beautiful melding of genres. I have read MLP:ScP stories before (One on their wiki is about the Ponies coming through the opening created by the Bookends that make books reality to ask the interns to stop putting fanfics in there since it messes with their world), but this was the best blending I have seen so far. Well done 🙂


Thank you very much! I love both SCP and FiM (as you could imagine), and I thought 3001 could be an interesting space for a crossover.

Plus I was kinda tired of every SCP crossover here being Containment Breach, so, y'know.

Holy crud, thank y'all for the support on this! I honestly never expected an SCP/MLP crossover with a less well-known SCP from an amateur writer to get popular, let alone featured!

Clever idea, good performance, but Discord would be the better candidate for the 05.

—05-M, the M stands for Misreading


I could imagine Cozy Glow trying to manipulate her way onto the 05. :rainbowlaugh:

I liked it. Sometimes its nice to get a... happier ending, then we see in some SCPs.


Scranton suffers for, what, nearly six years in the canon version? I figured he deserved to be happy- or as happy as you can be in the Foundation.

I doubt he's ever going near anything with the word "reality", though.

Oh, sorry, lemme put this straight. You were trying to say O5, not 05.
The 05 Council is a GoI in Chinese branch of very few known facts. They are hostile towards the foundation and will create or cause anomalous events. They're also known for intruding and tampering with foundation database, usually to add sarcastic or commentary messages in all articles related to them.
For more information, see here.

Well, we did need to correct the author on a typo, but do we really need to beat around the bush for so long? Now we look silly.

—05-O, the O stands for Obviousness

Maybe one that shows the after effects? if you believe the "Scranton Theory" involving The Old Man...imagine a Twilight Sparkle version!

Great story with a beautiful ending. Of course an MLP crossover would give a wholesome ending to an SCP story (using the power of Friendship no less). Now I’m imagining Scranton explaining how he was saved with the help of a magical little purple pony. :rainbowlaugh:


Given the kinds of things the Foundation works with, the strangest part of Scranton's story would be how he described Twilight as "adorable." :rainbowwild:

Not without precedent though. One of the fan favorites is 999, who’s an ambulatory gelatinous ball of love and antidepressants.


Like a goo monster you would find on Sesame Street.

Me, Initially: Hey, this reminds me of that one Scranton SCP.

Later: oh

Take your upvote, glad to see that guy finally get a happy ending.

If anything you should do another chapter with them recovering and them seeing their friends and such.
Great stuff.





Ight mates, you got a bonus chapter, though it could also be considered the actual ending or an epilogue or something. :twilightsmile:

I'll be working on something else now, though I'm hoping it'll be just as entertaining as Red Little Reality. Thank y'all for the support!

would Twilight be considered an SCP in this context?:rainbowhuh:


Probably. And considering all her magic and her intellect, I imagine "Keter" would be a fitting object class.

Good luck to the Foundation for containing her, though. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeeeaaa i'm not gonna hold my breath on that one:pinkiecrazy:

yeah, unfortunately, i'd actually have to give to the Foundation on that one. While she has magic on her side and teleportation, The SCP Foundation has access to many anomalies that they can use to assist in containment. Twilight in the initial few encounters will absolutely have the advantage, and her intellect is nothing to scoff at, however, the SCP Foundation has lots of resources at their desposal, and many SCPs that can do considerable harm to the likes of Twilight. The SCP Foundation, despite it's cold and unforgiving nature, does have very cunning agents and researchers of its own. And when it really comes down to it, i don't think Twilight is prepared for the SCP foundation has to offer, both physically and mentally.

That's if they decide to actually contain her. Considering her nature as being from another universe/dimension/what have you, as well as her help in rescuing Scranton, they're more likely to attempt sharing knowledge and peace rather than immediately jumping to SCP mode. They're not the GOC after all.

hurrhurr I'm definitely not enjoying the fuck out of this.

Let's me toy with the idea that despite all of the amiability at the end, we all know the Foundation loves to secure anomalies



Makes me wish I had the creativity and/or motivation for a longer series of this. :raritycry:

Would Twilight really be considered the SCP or would her entire dimension technically be considered the SCP? Actually I know the SCP foundation can be cold at times, but their are instances of them being on good terms with Certain SCP’s, and really trying to capture twilight would be more trouble then it would be worth unless they want to invite conflict with equestria.

At least she's basically self-containing, as a friend to a researcher :twilightsheepish:
Probably anyway :trollestia:

Really enjoyed this, you are correct to be proud of your work on this one. Nice job!

Thank you for this. Honestly 3001 is the most depressing scp ive ever read since "where the dragons went" and it nice to see Scranton get a break. Especially considering i that in one cannon he becomes 106.




I really hope the SCP foundation doesn't try to contain or attack Twilight just because she's not human. If she's planning on just going back to her own dimension, then there should be no reason for the Foundation to keep her from doing so.

Personally, from one scp fan to another i just wanna say fantastic story. Personally i would love to see it continue, perhaps you could do a sequel where the 05 council agrees to set up a foundation site in equestria to not only to help better their understanding and to protect equestria from some of its larger threats. Personally it would just be enough to see what would happen if you put discord, pinkie, and dr bright in the same room and see what happens.

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