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Fluttershy is not cut out for being in the modeling career. That much is certain. She both gave to and received an apology from Rarity over the whole incident, but it still hasn't calmed her nerves. So many ponies saw her in a different light, and very publicly. Now she sits at a donut shop, waiting for her day to get worse.

But perhaps, it's simply the beginning of something hopeful?

(Cover art by Whitediamonds!)

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That is in fact a correct reaction to the story.

Great ending, huh?


Much obliged. I wrote it 20 minutes ago and half dead.

Where I am it's literally 2:27 am and i'll probably stay up till sun rise

Wut. All of my wut.

I'm half-tempted to just leave and not come back after that whiplash of an ending.

...oh fine, have your bloody upvote.

"Rocks fall, everyone dies."

WHOOOOOOO BOIIIIIII this is a great shitpost if I've ever seen one. Especially that ending. I've had quite a few of those moments in my own adventures being a DM.

Other than that, great story to be honest. Would've preferred a proper ending but hell, the ending I got was hilarious.

>Reads most of story
This is really good so far!
>Everyone dies!
>The end


Very happy for the upvote.

And don't worry, there's much more where that ending came from.


Would you have preferred "it was all a dream"?

I have pledged to provide only the lowest quality shitposts, thank you very much.

Thank you for enjoying it! I know a proper ending would've been better, but I refuse to be predictable. Besides, I wrote the whole thing purely for that ending.


Better than leaving it incomplete for seven years, no?

It was all a dream would've been a very lazy copout if I could be honest. The ending we got was way better.

You earned my follow though dude, definitely gonna wait for more.


My ideal ending would've been Cthulhu coming in an stealing Shy's kiss, but I already used him in something else.

Followed? I don't think you know what you're in for, buddy. My followers have been known to suffer from dementia, anxiety, insanity, and too much laughing.

I actually am working on something more low-key, though. So there's that.

Luna was drunk.
Has trouble aiming the moon in the sky.
Smashes it into Equestria.
Moonrocks fall, everybody dies.


Would be less abrupt than this.

"Rocks fall, everyone dies" old D&D trope but still funny lol


A D&D thing? I've never played, so I wouldn't know. I just thought it'd be funny. At least to me.

Worth it if it pisses off readers.

Yea lol. Its an old trope for when the players are beinging unbearable and the dungeon master/game master (DM/GM) finally gets pissed enough to fuck with the party lol


Sounds like every multiplayer game of Civ I've ever had.

I've played D&D for awhile amd when you get a good group its so much better. And some of the best games are when it goes way off the rails and takes some big roundabout way to beating the BBEG


Srsly tho why a rock? Where'd it come from?


The Land Of Convenience. It's my favorite vacation spot.

Today I came back from playing a great ol round of DSA (that is german for "Das schwarze Auge" or "the black eye" in german/english a tabletop rpg game with pen and paper like D&D).
And this last sentence was so much like our last round there its not even funny xD

Honestly considering equestria is the land of friendship and magic I am not that surprised a rock happened to kill them despite them being in a building.
Very funi indeed

He placed his eyebrow upon a higher y-axis value than the rest of his face.

You couldn't just say he raised an eyebrow? Same thing less words.

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