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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!


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If there isn't going to be box-stealth, I'll be very disappointed!

My comment in the author's notes (for anyone interested in upvoting or downvoting it here).

Well, I didn’t expect this! Clopficsinthecomments wanted me to write the author’s notes as thanks for editing, suggested changes and serving as a sounding board for ideas. What better gift for the guy who loves comments than the Comment of Comments?

I posted one of my traditional, ‘too long; didn’t read’ commentary posts on the old version of this story and to put it simply, this wasn’t my thing and I wasn’t sure I’d be a good fit for editing it. What can I say? This story really grew on me.

Hell, I like this many times more than his last story, Strapping In, for just how much plot is in this story. As far as this chapter, even in the old version, I thought the opening in the desert was a fantastic way to kick things off. The gangsters have a lot of great dialogue between each other but one surprising character stood head and shoulders above the rest. One character who personified the dark elements that, I’ll admit, were a huge turnoff for me.

Dusk Wing: Bringer of Cuckholding.

Setting aside how truly depressing this sex scene was to read, Dusk Wing was an absolute delight in every other way. I started imagining how I’d write her into one of my stories immediately because nothing like her exists in my headcanon. She’s an absolute cunt and probably wrecks indoor plumbing with her taco shits (I love that joke even if Cloppy is embarrassed for ever writing it) but the thought of her getting knocked up repeatedly by a brainwashed Stalwart… well maybe I’m not such a saint after all…

Maybe to some degree, I actually do enjoy non-con. Or at the very least, I can when presented well. Cloppy, you evil bastard!

From America with Love,

AJ Aficionado, Editor.

So I'm to gather from the description that it's finished and you'll be releasing it over time? I remember the original upload and was really looking forward to it. Glad it's back.

That's correct! We'll be rolling out the story over the course of weeks, most likely. It's a biggun.

*Nervously considers re-writing a particular section of Lyra's story*

Do you have a date that the entire thing should be uploaded? I'm a bingewatch on Netflix guy more than a Saturday morning cartoon guy.

!Remindme 29 years

Read story to grandkids

definitely a strong start. Good set-up to exactly the kind of criminals this story is going to feature.

“Comedy” “Non-Con” umm ok.

You know I’ll admit I did my own type of fic thing with AI dungeon if you believe it, even using the start that can be found on Derpi.

Of course as someone who doesn’t like mind control I went the more dark and normal route of “they just don’t like it”

If anyone is curious I might link it, maybe others too as I have a lot of them based on some pictures on Derpi, but they are crude and need so, so much work as it’s mostly done from an AI and an amateur totally not a writer like me. I haven’t really posted much, after the few on did on a 4chan thread that went nowhere if you can find it from a couple months ago, because some feature oc’s that I might need premession for.

Sorry this wasn’t meant as “look at me” just the thought came to mind as I remembers putting a fic to those same pics too, it’s even called mission flailed funnily enough but was only 4000 words in the end so I’m still looking forward to this even if it does go into mindbreak and mind control situations if nothing for just how you describe the second pic that I had issues mapping out.


“Comedy” “Non-Con” umm ok.

Dark comedy is a thing.

Oh boi, it's out! Time to read :3

Ah, I've been looking forward to this rewrite for a while now. Glad to see you beginning to release it. Off to a great start.

The pic at 1572552 got deleted from Derpibooru, but you can still find it at 1245620 on Twibooru.

Glad to see Duskie hasn't been toned down at all - that was my biggest concern here, really, but she's still her perfect little cinnamon roll self.

The edits definitely let the entire thing flow more smoothly while still letting all the sharp fun beats of the original draft stand out, props to both of you!

And Clover finally got a name, after all this time! (And Tough got his changed, but that's an improvement.) Looking forward to both of them actually getting to do anything soon.

Quantum is great, especially with the edits. Very effective cold distant sexy dominance, with a fun edge of mystery. Anypony who doesn't hold illusions about how evil they are is good. Plus he was 'made'? Like, literally in some form? :thinking:

Blackheart's still her cute fragile moral self, extremely cool when she's trying, and a lot of fun to have someone in the scene capable of calibrating the darkness. A lot of edgy fics (not specifically calling this one, even for as hard as this chapter goes) miss out on that - revelling too much their awful acts with ponies divided only into shameless perpetrators and broken victims that the real impact and flavor of the taboo gets lost, but this keeps it fun. I'm definitely a bit hoping she gets a taste of her own medicine at some point when she veers into jeopardizing the mission, though.

Yes$$sss I'm about to get off work I can't wait to read this!

Fuck yes! I was waiting for you to finish this. I assumed you never would as you went off on a journey for the rocket pone, which just didn't catch my fancy.

Please tell me Dusk dies brutally later in the story.

I don’t know how to use derpibooru, how do I use these numbers to find those images?

Do not do this, lol.
Thanks! It is most definitely a set up chapter that spiralled into a whole clop scene.

They only let you check three boxes of several.

While personally I don't feel like the non con is the primary focus of the story, I know it's a big enough element to ppl that it is one of the ones I had to check.

The middle chapters are definitely comedy.

And it is of course, porn-y as hell.

Hence the three selected tags.

Oh also, didn't even check the old posts. I'll have to update them, I'm pretty sure they are still on DB.

Lovely comment, and really shows me that the editing work and the rewrite really was noticed!

It was very fun giving these characters a little more depth and cleaning so much of their original dialogue, easier to write too!

Glad you're enjoying so far.

She may get her own spin off series: 'Cooking with Dusky' on HGTV

Dusk is the best thing about this story. God bless her; she is a perfect cunt.

So, yeah, Dusk wing's got to die. Sure, I bet she's got a tragic yet misplaced anger about her parents dying. But, any sympathy I had, or ever will have, is gone in this first chapter. (Good job on making me hate her, BTW) So, I'll follow this up to the end. And, if I could ask a favor, please make her death as painful as possible.

This seems pretty interesting already. Keep it up.

You also might not want one of “those” situations again with the non-con tag.

Every Derpibooru image is identified by a number, so to directly go to any image, type the URL "https://derpibooru.org/images/<your number here>"

Thanks for helping out! Always surprises me how many people may not know!

Man no matter what you put up from nazi's to heisting you write the holy texts of clopfics thanks for this my friend .

Image 1572552 was deleted, what was there?

Awesome can't wait for more

Yeah, I'm really not into femdom or malesub, so...eh. Hopefully future chapters will feature femsub/maledom instead, and will actually be worth reading.

Oh, and I hope the guy's family understands that he was faithful to them until the last - he was forced to take the love poison against his will, and therefore lost his faithfulness against his will. He even tried to fight through the poison, to keep his marriage and family intact.

The guard never stopped loving his family. He's a victim, just as much as his wife - if not even more so, since he was poisoned and used, unlike her.
He should not be punished for things he did after being poisoned and compromised; he remained stout and faithful and loyal to the end.

What a holy and great example of a clopfic, cant help but agree with the previous comments, you rocking it. I really enjoyed reading it, especially the femdom part was a very juicy, wonderful change. This was totally worth the wait, amazing as always how you combine lewds with juicy details but aswell a flourishing story all around it with a good lead up. Great work!


Don't worry you'll see more of stalwart! And there will be plenty of maledom!

Why thank you!

Glad to have that positive feedback, looking forward to delivering more and more, chapter by chapter!

The first and last derpi images you linked are the same, just a heads up

Well I felt a bit sad yet humored at the same time with what happened with Stalwart.



Also you understand that any spy story worth it's salt has Ninjas as well right? I mean c'mon man that's Spy Story 101!

AJ Afficianado

You, uh... misspelled my name there, Chief...


But thanks for the plug. :heart:

calling this potion and magic dont work on the human and the criminals are annoyed about it but lyra is extatic

An interesting prediction! Not sure if that's what's gonna happen though :)

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