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Just someone who may like Rarity a bit too much.

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Arzoo #1 · May 1st · · 2 ·

Italics are for internal monologue, when a character is literally speaking in their mind. Not for everything that isn't audible dialogue.

Several professional authors use italics for whispers or when a character mutters under their breath. There is nothing wrong with using italics for inaudible dialogue.

Comment posted by inconspicuous_brony deleted May 14th
Arzoo #4 · May 1st · · 1 ·

If you'd read the story you'd have noticed that they used it for EVERYTHING that wasn't dialogue. That's my point.

Arzoo #5 · May 1st · · 1 ·

How did you proofread this and not notice?

This is my first fic, I'm still learning. I was going to stop italicizing everything for my next fic.

Arzoo #7 · May 1st · · 1 ·

That's fine. Pointing out a problem was not meant to be an attack.

He did notice but it was already too far along in the editing process to go back and un-italicize everything, who knows maybe one day ill go back and fix it.

Comment posted by inconspicuous_brony deleted May 1st

Was going to say a comment saying basically the same thing but you beat me to it.

I tend to check the comments first for spoilers on new stories as a way to avoid some of the really bad ones and the way your first statement was written allowed it to be misinterpreted. Thank you for clarifying.

Arzoo #12 · May 1st · · 1 ·


I assume this was made with some word processor. Just CTRL-A to select all text, and CTRL-I to set it all italic, then once more to make none of it italic. I doubt there's more than a line or two that should actually be italicized.

The issue has been rectified, is it up to your liking now? :)

Arzoo #14 · May 1st · · 1 ·

My eyes no longer bleed looking at it, thanks.

Can you make more facesitting in your fics

Me and him plan on it. Lots of it.

Nice, can't wait for it.

Will make a note of that!

Good stuff! :raritywink:

Mix-up #21 · May 2nd · · ·

Well this was a fun read glade to see there will be more to come of this, good luck

Much appreciated! Believe me there is a lot more to come!

Excellent 1st story keep up the good work and I give this story a 10 out of 14 .
I will rank it hiyer ones you have ritan more

Haha, thanks! I hope you'll be pleased when the next one comes out!

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