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Strip Tease

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Comment posted by FolkloreBrony deleted Jan 31st, 2021

Rated M for magic kindergarten

Just so you’re aware, it is possible to leave something you don’t enjoy without being toxic about it!

Comment posted by FolkloreBrony deleted Jan 31st, 2021

this is a 10/10 bruh moment.

Comment posted by Galaxy of Equestria deleted Jan 31st, 2021

Amazing that Celestia was able to leave Twilight's memories intact but still manage to improve her friendship capabilities. Well, she may have inadvertently made Twilight develop a diaper fetish, but eh, at least it's a side effect we're all happy with.

That was adorable and funny at the same time. Always knew that twilight would stay tiny and whatnot.

Twilight was pretending to be a teacher and was telling the plushies what to do! She wasn’t treating them nicely like friends, but more like subordinates!

To a certain extent though that is good. Especially early Twilight was very good in mobilizing her friends to do something.

cute but twilight being so angry, kind of startled me

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