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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Well, that is quite a surprise by you

Er, pretty silly like most of my stories.

Do you think this story has some good clop potential?

I actually meant featuring virgins.

And I think it could be

I may seek out editors/co writer to improve it at some point. But I will get the story done before I seek help.

How dare I cuck Princess Celestia like that. 😤😤😤

“What is thy bidding, my fat big sexy love.” you asked in a deep Darth Vader-like voice.

“There is a great disturbance in the Friendship.” came Princess Celestia’s soft, angelic voice.

“I have felt it.”

“The bearers of the Elements of Harmony have a new enemy. Their virginity.”

Why use a Star Wars based quote?.

Because I found it personally amusing.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh. Oh, this is exquisite in embracing its own ridiculousness. I look forward to seeing how far you push the cheese.

Should be hot in some regards. Even if he has a cartoonishly large penis.

God himself has touched upon the ground in human form. The ponies can only pray that they will make his mighty scepter release his godly seed into their mortal flesh.

Your cock slowly began to rise to attention

Me to my pp: [Softly] Don't


Hope you enjoy this story.

Heresy! XD

My mind is telling me no
But my body, my body's telling me yes

Well, the mane six are going to get some nice loving.

I'm loving this so far and hope there's more(no rush).

Got a good few words down. And have iamgoku with me.

“Because they are not alicorns. Anyone who wielded the Elements of Harmony will become an alicorn if they lose their virginity. This has not happened yet, thus they are still virgins.”

I-I, I fucking can't :rainbowlaugh:

I thought this was gonna be a shitpost but no, its a fucking shitpedestal... you made my day.

5 out of fucking five

10/10 Bendy.

Between your legs lay your currently flaccid cock, which stood about 20 inches long at least and about 6 inches thick. Your balls were heavy and meaty, about the size of american footballs.



That's way over average. Even for the standard equine, which is an upward maximum of 16(18?) inches...

But then again we are talking about a magically inhanced cock here (shrug)

And that's while he is flaccid. Realistically he will kill them, but I am not trying to be realistic here.

You think this human is going to smash their virginity into smithereens?


Big human with massive dick this time.

Бенди ты как всегда в своем стиле. Больше тысячи слов, но мне было смешно! Я думал ты уже продолжение опубликовал. Да и у этой истории есть потенциал, только как комедийное порно. Что касается романтики: пока что нет ответа. Надо больше текста. Googl transl.

Google translate helped me understand you somewhat.

This is a silly story. I am getting help with it for the next chapter. Not really a good romance story, but it could be funny with just how cheesy and how big his dick is.

I'm now imagining American football shaped testicles and I'm so mad at you for putting that into my head. :trixieshiftleft:

Good luck having blood going to both heads.

That's a bingo! ...That's how you say that right? "That's a bingo"?

Sorry about that.

Magic. Snort snort.

A big bingo?

I was referencing Inglourious Basterds

Ah. I didn't get the reference.

Changing to soccer balls.

Huh, mixing metaphysics with over-the-top body proportions and human-on-pony action. You truly never cease to amaze.

Thanks. It's a rare kind of clopfic. How many clopfics do you see where a human has a building sized cock put into a little mare without hurting her at the same time?

None that I can recall so you have that rare distinction

good lord hahaha, you need serious help friend but lets hope you never get it or stuff like this might cease to exist. best regards, darkbroney666

I'll try not to get help to become boring normie.

The story is very tender I think. Even with him with a super cock.

Maybe I'm just a confused boomer but I've got to ask. Are you taking the piss? Your writing has looked like this since you started over 200 stories ago.

Err. I am trying to go back to writing what I used to be like in the past.

But yes, I do take the piss a lot.

I know. Such a Big PP.

Bravo sir, bravo! I salute to you for creating this masterpiece of fiction. Truly man will never make something as good as this ever again. Yes, this is the peak of our humanity. After our passing, aliens will take a look at this story and see how truly cultured and advanced as a species we were. God bless you. Amen.

In the words of another user on another story...

"My fleshsnake must have eaten an inanimate carbon rod, because by the time I finished reading this, it was standing upright like a totem pole where the top is the tip of a penis and the rest is the shaft of a penis. I swear, I had to beat the thing into submission before it gutstabbed me like some kind of bayonet on a gun that fired cum instead of bullets. Thankfully, its turgidity waned and I am safe, but for how long, I don't know. It may only be a matter of time before my ranch cannon turns traitor again and tries to end my life. For now, I sleep with one eye open." - WhatDidIJustRead

Hopefully said aliens will write their own stories where a human with a massive cock gives the Mane Six tender love like they deserve.

Good. So, you really found this clopfic good? Did each of the Mane Six get their moment to shine?

They would be fools not to do so. Of course it won't come close to the perfection written here.

wow these clopfics are rare

A human with super big dick? Or mane six clopfic?

Er. Who knows?

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