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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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What's this?! A Bendy fic with no smut?! That dog won't hunt Monseigneur!

In ages past, hungary predators would find themselves with a much smaller penis after killing and eating a pony.

Damn, did not know Hungarians were that savage.

Typo. Fixing soon.

Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

This was a beyond adorably sweet and spicly fun story with some awesomely fine lore I hope there more with him getting a herd.

I feel like everyday I read one of your fics, I stray further from god.

Who knows. I might make a bonus chapter. Give Twilight some hyper-dick-loving by her human friend at least.

Well, some of my works are fairly clean. Sometimes.

Crack fic aside, that is actually a really sinister defense mechanism/spell. :twilightoops:

Adorable, sexy, and funny.

It is somewhat grimdark if you think about it. You can't be mean to a pony, otherwise, your dick gets smaller. And the only cure is nice to them and beg to be forgiven.

Maybe, not necessarily. This story is somewhat wholesome in some ways.

I'd just avoid them by becoming a recluse who spends all his time alone and avoids social interaction.

...Oh 😧

Bendy #11 · May 31st · · ·

Beating them with the friend zone. XD

"It's Friendship Fertilizer, a defensive magical spell inside all ponies. It's been with us even before we evolved sapience. In ages past, hungry predators would find themselves with a much smaller penis after killing and eating a pony. And if they continue to be aggressive towards ponies, their penis will shrivel up into almost nothing eventually. This will make it very difficult for them to pass on their genes as a consequence. However, if they befriend ponies they will be rewarded with having a much larger penis."

... That will learn em! :trixieshiftleft:

You agree with someone being cruel to ponies should get a smaller penis?

*<>* I only know of one writer who could write a story where anon is more dong than man by the end and that's Bendy
11/10 . Needs sequel with Princesses fat booty's galore

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