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Sunset Shimmer was too late. Before she could convince Wallflower Blush to release her friend's memories, they were lost forever. As she confronts Wallflower, and takes the Memory Stone for herself, she contemplates what she must do... and realizes, maybe she's not worth being remembered.

And now it's time for Wallflower to stop her from making a horrible mistake.

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Comments ( 18 )

Is that formatting at the end right? looks a bit funky.

So the rock cranked all the way around to making her unnoticeable? Well it's better than being dead...

I adore this. For real, oh my god this is like my ideal kind of story. You're my hero.

Oh my:fluttershyouch:
P.S. I like this:pinkiehappy:

We’ll hat was sad and cute

I wish I could write half this good in a half hour! Well-done!

Such a bittersweet ending, indeed.

Man, that last part of Sunset is so epic. Forgiving someone who doesn't deserve it is one of the most powerful things someone can do.

How the heck is Twilight supposed to know that Sunset is from Equestria? Her memory is supposed to be erased!

Wanderer D

10144133 they just don't remember most details. If you notice they remember there was someone there, that Wallflower had done something for some reason, etc. They just don't remember who it was or what they felt about her.

Ugh. Another reason why I hate everything after Friendship Games. Midnight was the last great villain.

Everything else was just fucking wasted on useless and uninteresting characters.

Wanderer D

10144354 Right. Well, good luck in life.

I'm actually doing great in life, so.

A very good story with a bittersweet ending. Bravo!

I loved this story. I'd love to see you run with it a little because the ending is really juicy.

That said, there is something that I am curious about. Did Sunset find a second memory stone or was the first one not actually broken?

Wanderer D

10147967 I guess I should have clarified that in the story, but the broken one is a fake.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Jun 16th, 2020

I’m confused about a lot of this. Also, is there gonna be a sequel?

I give this story a 0 out 0 that's for not letting me submit my story

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