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Curvaceous big booty Spike? You have my attention.

“ Perfection .” Button whispered in Ribbon’s ear, turning back to his assignment.

Puss! Come over here and I will show you what an awesome perfection body looks like! :rainbowdetermined2:
Rainbow, darling. I am glad to hear you are trying to show off your femininity. But I afraid your charm might fall flat on the spot. :duck:

This was so good and with two of my favorite characters I'm sold.

His slender upper body that sported some perky bumps upon his chest ... tight black jeans that looked as if they were struggling to hold the immense curvature of his broad hips and straining against the sizable bulge in the front.

Stupid straight people...you finally stop killing gay people, and the first thing you do is ruin gay porn by filling it up with boobs and giant butts.

I like my boys to be cute and feminine.

There comes a point, though, at which they fail to be boys.

If they still have a penis, they're still a boy.

No, they're futa with extra steps.

Well we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Idk how, but you managed to make the description of Spike's body hotter than the sex itself.
Bravo, sir. Bravo.

To be clear, this is going to have more chapters right?

So conflict by the girly look (mostly the unnecessary addition of tits on a dragon without this being Anthro) but, got to say, love the idea of, Fizzlepop, being the boss, and Spike's "Mistress". :trollestia:

This is a unique pairing that is also interesting to see.
Good job!:moustache:

When's the next chapter? :applecry:

Glad to see this story update!

So far I'm really enjoying this erotica.

Well written, not to much, not to little. I look forward to seeing more.

Must truly thank the timing of this chapter, had a 6 hour drive and had my phone read it for majority of the trip.

Anything you liked in particular?

mhmmmm... I would have to say, that I am really enjoying the lack of understanding and complete wonder that Spike is experiencing with the new environment. The first few chapters do a good job explaining where Spike is in terms of the beginning of the story, what he does for a living and what kind of relationship he has with his boss and coworkers during and after work. We don't get to see how our main dragon fully got to where he is, but we get enough details here and there to get an idea. The interactions before the party feel more fluid because we are looking at characters whom 'in terms of your story' would have known each other and interacted with each other for a good amount of time. I like how were not experiencing the beginning of the story, but instead are witnessing the transition from one aspect of the character's life into a new one. 'Private Party' is the invite, 'King's Court' is the peak behind the curtain before the main show and 'Initial Impressions' is the opening act. We are the audience and so is Spike, we have an idea how things work and where they could go, however we are unsure of what we would or should do. The way that Spike interacts with the new things around him feels very much like how I 'personally' would find myself in placed in his position, confused, ignorant, and in awe. If I had to point to a few things that I enjoyed outside of Spike's interactions via physical and spoken, than perhaps I would have to say that I like the demonstration of the first party game as well as the part with 'the twins'. I was waiting for the part where Spike would attempt a round of the game in question, cause up to that point there was a lot of teasing, however, thinking over the chapter more, I don't think the way he's currently written would volunteer right away. Not everyone is a social princess and thinking more about it, I don't think Spike is either. He likes attention, but he doesn't like being the spot light. In that I can relate. I'm also enjoying how your letting the chapters/scenes take it slow enough to be fleshed out. It really paints a picture of what's going on and is pretty easy to keep track of what's going on. In short, keep doing what your doing.

Insightful to know I seem to be getting things right as that's the general idea I'm putting down.
Your engagement is appreciated.

I'm glad this story is getting updates, it really is fantastically written. Very well done! :heart:

Button Press sighed, then stopping his work for a moment as there was a ping from the lift down the hall, glancing over his shoulder to the noise. “So why no big tech and massive push, you ask? Because us being on even hoofing with everyone else means we won’t be fucking stupid and blow them up. That would mean no more of these interesting advances like the SMIDs, no more innovation from the rest of the world, and no more of your ‘interwebs’.” He then looked at his mug of coffee that was nearly empty. “And no more of my delightfully ambrosial Equinisi-grown coffee bean imports, wouldn’t that be a shame? But alas my friend, as enlightening as this conversation has been to the state of your intelligence we have work to be getting on with, and our wonderous maiden of the office has arrived to brighten our otherwise gloomy day.”

What he described is stagnation, and that's precisely why we end up with characters like Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra. This is why I believe the concept of kings and queens is fundamentally flawed. Whether they're controlling stagnation or not, it's still stagnation. Evolution requires conflict, challenges, and overcoming adversity. Controlling these elements is like tying a noose around your neck and waiting for something to kick the chair from under you. But, perhaps, this might be a bit too political for a clop story.

There are only two types of Spike fanfics. He's either a beefy top turbo chad harem hero....or a subby femboy with a really REALLY large posterior lol

Strangely, those are also almost all of Spike fanarts out there too - minus Barb fanarts.

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