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Trick Question

Being against evil doesn't make you good.


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Well this is gender-bendy and all kinds of fun! Thank you!

This was an awesome story, always love sissyfication, malesub stuff, that is so hot for me. I hope you will do more of those in the future.

I actually have another story much like this one I've been working on for a while. It's kind of like this turned up to eleven, plus some rather extreme body modification. Don't know when I'll finish it, but if you're okay with the extreme modding you'd love it. (This is the first strictly-porn story I've written for Fimfiction, and my ability to finish it was manely due to my participation in Jingleclop.)

great I will be looking forward to reading it, and I love body modifications can't wait to see how it will all turn wrong for them.:pinkiehappy:

A rare scenario, and it aligns with my interests so well (femdom with submissive males is already great, but two such submissive males being sissified and enjoying each other is amazing). And well written too. Thank you, and if you're considering writing something similar in the future, please do. :twilightsmile:

Being bi, I'm sensitive to bi erasure, but it's just a short description and I don't think it will be perceived as a verdict on the existence of bisexuality. Saying "gay" is a little less awkward than "believes he is attracted to other stallions", and in the story both words get used.

Starlight chuckled wryly. "I dunno, Caddy. I don't really like trigger

I think most are rubbed the wrong way simply reading the word. Can't say I am thrilled.

Perhaps try being a tad more flowery? Like: Filth?

(Yet I like the overall message that it's nothing like it if you take care. That's what earns a gold star.

Overall fun story!

I'm sorry for the offense, but I'm actually surprised by that perspective. For me it's not a dirty word because it's the most neutral way to describe the kink without using a more graphic word (and it's the word people in the kink scene in general always use), plus it's even the name of a type of music that matured around the 1950's.

(Okay, I just love taking any opportunity to play that wonderful song.) :twilightsheepish:

"This isn't some weird kind of thing where you're going to make me watch you and Shining Armor do, er... you-know-what, is it?"

Now I'm hoping for this in a sequel.

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