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Mares of many talents often find themselves in sticky situations. In Rarity's case, she must hold true to the promise she gave to Princess Twilight Sparkle. It never occurred to her that she may be required to forcibly defend her position as the princess' companion, but it's of little consequence. A promise is a promise, is it not?

This story was written for Monochromatic's RariTwi Bomb! Master list of content HERE, and Cynewulf's contribution HERE

Cover art is by the talented and dedicated lilfunkman, to whom I owe many thanks.

Shoutouts as well to MrNumbers, Undome Tinwe, AppleTank and a few too many others for their advice and feedback!

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Comments ( 13 )

This is an incredible aesthetic you've created. Not once in a million years would I ever imagine Rarity dancing with Twilight while also dueling for her honor at the same time, but now that you've written it, I can't imagine them doing anything else. Beautiful story, and a wonderful display of Rarity at her finest.

Please add a romance tag to this it needs to be there, this feels like a romantic situation between Rarity and Twilight what with Rarity defending Twilights honor.

Fantastic job! I know you were struggling with the right way to write this fight on Mono's Discord, but you should be proud of the outcome.

The story itself is a ton of fun, and manages to include a sword fight for Twilight's honor, dancing lessons, and dancing while sword fighting, so it can't be bad.

Well done! I love the way you've woven the dance to the fight and how quickly Twilight gets into helping. Could always use a little more moony eyes between the two, but solid work!

This got me thinking and it genuinely shocks me that I cannot think of a single swordfight while ballroom dancing in all of the swashbuckling classics. Its so tone perfect I can just imagine Errol Flynn fencing with a villainous Basil Rathbone while twirling a lovestruck heroine in his off hand. Bravo!

I'll admit the action could use a bit more bulking out in terms of detail, but the central idea is perfect.

Fencing, Fighting, True Love, What's not to like?

I do like a swashbuckling Rarity.

This is gonna bother the hell out of me, but there's at least one movie where folks are wearing ballroom attire and the two men are secret fighting with swords with no one noticing.

They rotate an are forced to disengage and when close they swing again.

But I enjoyed the story. Especially the part where twi knew rarity wanted to go, but wanted to be invited and not barge in.

Thanks for reading! If you catch the name of that movie I'd love to see it! When I wrote this I had no real reference in mind, but I also figured I was doing something that had been done before.

So I re-read the story again, I can't help but enjoy this literal whirlwind romance.

Author Interviewer

Sword fighting while dancing? XD It's too much! I love it!

Simply having one or the other would not have been dramatic enough, you see! It was an absolute blast to write. I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

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