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Ancient artifacts litter Equestria, and those ponies that stumble upon them tend to find their lives forever changed in turn. Rarity, already a defender of the realm, thinks she's seen it all already, but when she takes a few students to the Dragonlands for a project, they come across a hidden part of Equestria's long-lost history that might yet impact the future of the world.

A spiritual entry into Shrink Laureate's Season 10 Bingo Contest!

(Cover art pending)

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Some people find travelling by train to be relaxing, Rarity among them. However, on her way to the Vanhoover Mountain Range, she finds herself lost in her own mind more often than not. The only thing that pulls her away is the music that accompanies her dinners. More accurately, the musician.

Proofread by Sigma

This story is just one of the many stops on the Monorail! The event's theme is "trains". For a full list of content, click here! This is the seventh stop, but be sure to check out the others! The previous stop was Ruminations, by Fillyfoolish. You're more than welcome to write your own addition; the only requirement is rail transport as a major plot element or location. Have fun!

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Couples, friends, and individuals all have some moments they treasure without much ceremony. This is a collection of intimate moments and memories throughout Equestria and beyond.

This is an anthology and/or dumping ground for little drabbles and pieces more focused on capturing a snapshot rather than telling a long, involved story. Rating may increase to Teen if a future addition requires it, and updates will occur as new content becomes available regardless of a "completed" tag.

Working In: A pair of workaholics know just how to make the most of their busy schedules, and aren't afraid of a few late nights. (Rarity, Twilight Sparkle)

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Understanding the mysteries of the universe has always interested both Twilight Sparkles. However, only one of them will get the chance to do so while chatting amicably with a creature that brought Equestria to its knees.
May contain trace amounts of linear algebra.

This story was written for Equimorto as a part of 2019's Jinglemas event!
Official Jinglemas Group!

Cover art coming soon!

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Mares of many talents often find themselves in sticky situations. In Rarity's case, she must hold true to the promise she gave to Princess Twilight Sparkle. It never occurred to her that she may be required to forcibly defend her position as the princess' companion, but it's of little consequence. A promise is a promise, is it not?

This story was written for Monochromatic's RariTwi Bomb! Master list of content HERE, and Cynewulf's contribution HERE

Cover art is by the talented and dedicated lilfunkman, to whom I owe many thanks.

Shoutouts as well to MrNumbers, Undome Tinwe, AppleTank and a few too many others for their advice and feedback!

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Sunset Shimmer knows she deserves worse than Fluttershy. She knows Fluttershy deserves the world. They have each other, though, which they both want to think is enough. That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, and six weeks can be an awfully long time...

A submission to Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings, whose name I strongly believe should be "Sunset Shimmer Summer Shipping Contest"

Shoutout to Lex, fourths, and the associated server for providing feedback throughout the writing process!
Cover art edited by me, vectors found at the links below. If anyone knows of a better way to provide credit, let me know!
Fluttershy Vector
Front Sunset Vector
Back Sunset Vector

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Even the best athletes have hobbies, and the best hobbies are the ones you share with friends. The question is, which friends? These are the things Rainbow Dash ponders as she makes her way towards a choice that could irrevocably change her life, for better or for worse.

A gift for the lovely fourths and associated parties.
Wing base by Floralisole on DA.
Chapter art by digif.

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You'd best be wary of the sorts you meet in Manehattan, the saying goes. Sweetie Drops never got the memo, and now that may just cost her valuable time in fulfilling her most important task... to ensure the safety of Equestria.

With her new tagalong, Special Agent Sweetie Drops must race against time to stop the evil Doctor from unleashing the beasts of Tartarus.

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