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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Dedicated to Matt11. Proofread by Smity91 on FanFiction.net, and proofread and edited by deadpansnarker on FiMFiction.)

When one is the child of daring adventurers like Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood, it's natural to aspire to be just like them. At least, that's what Scootaloo thinks. Her parents aren't afraid of anything, and neither is she.

Well, except for one thing. A fearsome, frightening creature that lurks not in some far off jungle or forest, but right in the foal's own bathroom: The potty monster. And they say it eats foals.

When Scootaloo decides she's finally sick of being scared of the porcelain beast, she embarks on a daring crusade to conquer her fear once and for all. If her parents can tame such a great beast then so can she, right?

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Didn't I see this story before?

Snap & Mane don't really seem to get a lot of attention. Though, from what I read, the Aunts get some very mixed reactions.

I think, for most, they saw Scootaloo as an orphan. Having her parents just sort of 'pop in' during the final season may have come off as a 'quick fix'. Especially since we were only informed in "The Last Crusade" that Dash, Rarity, and others have been coming by to make sure Scootaloo is okay at the house by, presumably, being alone.

I think you captured the spirit of the parents and how Scootaloo would've always wanted to be like them in your story here. It also shows why Scoot is such a tomboy. She wants to emulate her amazing parents! This can also give way to why she does what she does with her scooter and also why she is so taken by Rainbow Dash. RD is like having mom and dad around when they are not.

The 'Daring Do' daydream / imagination sequences were wonderful! They truly give a young mind a good shout. There's nothing quite like a vivid and powerful imagination.

It is interesting to think on how, likely, we won't learn anything more about Scoot prior to the conclusion of the series. It means we must assume her Aunts are going to be around all the time to take care of her along with how she's, from what I can tell, the first in the trio to really show a strong 'teenage rebel' side. The way she went after Dash in "The wash Outs" and how she was in regard to her parents wanting her to move show she is not afraid of authority figures.

9856741 Is this what you're thinking of?

I really think I have read a story about scootaloo and the potty before.

9857432 Well, is the linked story the one you're thinking of?

Which linked story? I can t see no links.

9859286 You can't?

Well, does "Scootaloo v.s. The Toilet" ring any bells?

This is so adorable. Baby Scoots imagination is cute!

9863675 A child's imagination is a truly wonderful thing.

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