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is there people deficated to disliking this series? its so odd how theres always a quick burst of em when you post.

I always wonder the same. Not that I think I'm a super great writer, but a number of my fics have gotten downvote bombed when first released, and on three separate occasions most of my fics got a downvote at around the same time.

My guess is some people dislike the fetishes/subject matter I sometimes cover, plus I follow a bunch of divisive writers?

This is bananas lol. I mean man this shit will ruin relationships and friendships for sure. I KNOW Rarity will forgive Spike. She will forgive him right now. He didn't do this because he wanted to hurt her or anything he was tricked. Hell honestly.... he was raped by Discord. When you have sex with someone you don't want to against your will or by deception it is rape. And that is what happen. You can't blame the victim in it. If Shy sticks up for Discord she WILL lose friends in this. He raped Spike and tried to rape Rarity. There is no, 'oh he is a good guy' after this at least in my eyes.

Yeah, definitely tried to make Discord more selfish in this one since I felt I had him hold back too much in the last fic. Spike was certainly abused, and while Discord might not see his actions as a big deal, some fallout will certainly be coming!

Sighs............Farewell Discord ...farewell...maybe one day.....

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